The Daily Show’s Redskins Ambush


Here’s the theory behind this episode: if you disagree with the virtuous, unassailable position of the proudly politically correct, you don’t deserve to be treated with honesty, fairness, or respect. This is essentially the same attitude displayed by partisan hit-blogs, conservative talk radio, and Debby Wasserman Schultz. In the case at hand, Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” decided that anyone who hadn’t caved to the victim-mongering over the Washington Redskins name should be embarrassed and mistreated on TV, and that their smug, young , knee-jerk progressive audience would enjoy the spectacle.

And yes, this is among the reasons why I, despite appreciating Stewart and Colbert’s skills from a technical viewpoint, don’t watch Comedy Central any more. (The other reason is this.)

The Washington Post tells the tale:

The four die-hard Redskins fans thought the opportunity was as golden as the vintage helmets of their favorite football team: “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” wanted them to appear on the Comedy Central program to defend the team’s name, which has been under relentless attack. The Redskins Nation citizens eagerly signed up, most of them knowing that they might be mocked in their interview with correspondent Jason Jones. But several hours into the Sept. 13 taping of the yet-to-air episode, the fans, all from Virginia, said they were suddenly confronted by a larger group of Native American activists — all of whom were in on the showdown prearranged by “The Daily Show”…”The Native Americans who confronted the Redskins fans — including Amanda Blackhorse, the lead plaintiff in the case that stripped the Redskins of their trademark protections this year and is being appealed — said in interviews that they marched into the room and accused the fans of backing a racist mascot.”

The Post report confirms that the Redskins fans were deceived, and that it was a pre-planned ambush. The producers of the segment were asked how it would work, and they intentionally misled the fans while secretly arranging for the Native American activists to make their entrance mid segment, indignation blazing. “Going up against Amanda Blackhorse? It’s like playing football and they’re going to have (Redskins quarterback )RGIII,” one of the ambushed Redslins supporters said “I am just an average fan. These are activists who have media training and talking points.” Of course. You don’t think Comedy Central would risk a fair debate do you? After all, in a fair debate, the anti-Redskins fanatics would lose.

Later the mistreated fans asked that they be cut from the segment before it aired, and were told that Comedy Central “can’t destroy any releases and we have consent to air everything we shot.” This is the lying part of the episode. If the fans were misled and did not grant consent with full disclosure of what they were consenting to, I think some well placed lawyer communications would work wonders. The Comedy Central disinformation is a tactic to stop the fans from seeking legal assistance.

There is no excuse for this. The issue itself is beyond stupid and manufactured For “The Daily Show” to treat normal, rational football fans, who appropriately don’t see what business it is of fringe group Native Americans, grandstanding pundits and Harry Reid to tell them what they can call the home team they love, like they are members of the American Nazi Party is indecent and cruel.

Find a really good lawyer, guys.

And Go Redskins.


7 thoughts on “The Daily Show’s Redskins Ambush

  1. To me the most offensive issue facing native Americans is that people like Amanda Blackhorse want to focus on some mascot while many are forced to live in real poverty in their isolated enclaves provided through treaties with the Indian nations by the people of the United States. They turn their backs on real problems, instead focusing on purely innocuous mascots because they are incapable or unwilling to reduce the poverty of most native Americans living within the boundaries of the Indian nation setoffs. These Indian leaders are exploiting the masses to live very well and retaining power by virtue of some archaic system of tradition.

    I wonder how funny it would be to have Comedy Central do their shtick on a traditional Indian reservation with all the poverty as a backdrop.

  2. I’m still remembering the time when Stanford University pulled off this stunt. All they did from changing their Indians mascot was to get their mascot canned… an actual Indian who performed an authentic war dance on the sidelines.

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