Ethics Quote Of The Day: Joan Tarshis, Alleged Bill Cosby Victim


“I know he’s an icon. So is Bill Clinton.”

-Latest Cosby accuser Joan Tarshis, now a publicist and journalist, who wrote a detailed account of  being sexual assaulted  by Bill Cosby, when she was a teen, for the Web site Hollywood Elsewhere, replying to a question on CNN this morning about why anyone should believe her when she impugns the character of “an icon.”


10 thoughts on “Ethics Quote Of The Day: Joan Tarshis, Alleged Bill Cosby Victim

  1. “Of course I told no one.”’

    Why “Of course”? I can think of lots of reasons and none of them are very flattering to Joan Tarshis. The list starts with “Because it never happened”>

  2. Being raped can be considered to be a very shameful act — especially for the time. I wish she had come forward before now, but that doesn’t make the allegations untrue.

  3. There may be a peripheral — visual — factor in favoring conclusions like Dragin’s which would be mitigated by a picture of Ms. Tarshis as a teen. (or not …)

  4. How can anyone, in this society these days, differentiate the rapists from the gold-diggers – or the predators from the prey? There is just too much narcissism going on all around to expect any truth or justice anymore.

    • Evidence is how you tell them apart. This is why strict rules for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of evidence to all parties is so important. This is why police interrogations should all be videotaped. This is why defense attorneys should have equal access to evidence as the prosecutors. This is also why people who make false police reports or false allegations should be severely punished. This is why we all should push back against ‘secret’ police license plate-reader databases, ‘secret’ police surveillance of random cell phones using drones or aircraft, ‘secret’ cellphone location databases, etc. The people who control the ‘secret’ control the evidence. Evidence controlled like by one party can’t be trusted.

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