KABOOM! or Unethical Quote of The Month? You Decide…I Can’t, Because My Head Just Exploded All Over The Christmas Tree


“I actually think that it’s probably in its day-to-day interactions less racially divided.”

—President Obama on National Public Radio, giving his assessment of race relations in the U.S. today compared to when he was elected in 2008.

It’s kind of pretty, really.

That explosion (see Kaboom!) was based—I’m guessing now, since I don’t control when my brain blows—-on my shock that the President actually could be President and believe that, as well as not be aware how deluded he appears to assert such something so contrary to evident reality. Is he really that estranged from what is happening in the country he leads? Frightening. Is he really incapable of comprehending the single biggest, most damaging, most unexpected and most dangerous failing of his entire administration? Pathetic. Does he not watch TV? Read blogs? Does he exist in a separate, narcissist parallel reality where everything is as he wills it to be? Wow.

I know that the networks he watches and the newspapers he reads didn’t report them for the most part, but every poll shows that the public overwhelmingly believes that race relations have worsened. You can dispute the value and accuracy of polls with considerable justification, but these are the kinds of polls most likely to be accurate. How plausible is it that race relations, defined as how the races feel about each other and how they are getting along, could improve with the public believing they have worsened? Here’s polls from Pew, Gallup (“The percentage of Americans naming “race relations” or “racism” as the most important problem in the U.S. has climbed dramatically to 13%, the highest figure Gallup has recorded since a finding of 15% in 1992, in the midst of the Rodney King verdict.”), NBC, IDB ( “By an almost 3-1 margin, Americans say race relations have worsened under the man who was supposed to usher in a golden era of “post-racial” relations.”), Bloomberg, and Politico, and there are many others, all with the same message. Moreover, all of them were taken before the ‘killer racist cops ‘ campaign by Sharpton  and his cohorts culminated in the assassination of two police officers by a deranged African American seeking to take “two of theirs for one of ours.” Let’s see a show of hands: how many think race relations have improved in the last two weeks?

Other than the President, that is.

In October, long-time African-American Congressman and civil rights leader Rep. Elijah Cummings told “Face the Nation” that 85% of blacks believe that the Secret Service would protect a white President better than it does Obama. How much worse could race relations be?

Is President Obama deluded, or is he lying? If he is deluded, it is, as I said above, frightening. We are being led by a man who refuses to process information that doesn’t confirm his own excessively high view of his abilities. I almost think that it would be more comforting to believe he is lying, were this not such and insulting and stupid lie, if that’s what it is. Who believes this? How can someone believe this? How gullible and dumb does our President think we are?

Time to vote:


4 thoughts on “KABOOM! or Unethical Quote of The Month? You Decide…I Can’t, Because My Head Just Exploded All Over The Christmas Tree

  1. Remember, both he and his supporters truly believe his economic recovery policies have really benefitted the average working class American.

    Pure denial of facts

    • That claim, however, at least has some stats to cherrypick, and the economy is finally picking up, because no slump can last forever. There is no positive fact to support his race relations blindness, is there?

  2. For the fanatic ideologue and power seeker, deeds and words based on an honest appraisal of fact is not possible. The entire basis of the leftist movement is an elaborate web of falsehoods, as it must be in order for the cause to survive public scrutiny. When truth ceases to be an absolute value and those who endorse this notion- as do Obama and his minions- are in high places of power, a nation risks being sucked dry of its soul by the spider who dwells in that webwork.

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