Unethical Clinton Quote Of The Week: Hillary Clinton

“I have said repeatedly: I want those emails out. Nobody has a bigger interest in getting them released than I do…[A]nything that [the State Department] might do to expedite that process, I heartily support.”

—Hillary Clinton, lying her head off and, as usual, assuming nobody will notice,but, to be fair, being funnier than usual.

I’m sorry…is there a typo in that headline? Is my description overly arch? There answers are “no” and “yes, but I can’t stand much more of this.”

I think we are at the point where Clinton’s campaign has become a national ethics, integrity and intelligence test for the media, pundits, your friends and family members, and especially for Clinton supporters. For the Clintons, it’s a matter of how gutsy they can get in saying ridiculous things they know are ridiculous and expecting everyone to shrug it off…except those bad conservatives, Republicans and Clinton haters, of course. You can recognize them by the fact that they don’t shrug those statements off with a smile and a “That’s our Bill!” or “Don’t talk to my brain about the election, I’m voting with my vagina!”

The tipping point for me came a long time ago, but for anyone late to the party and capable of fair thought, it should at least have occurred when Bill Clinton justified his continued acceptance of obscene speaking fees (from likely corporate supplicants for U.S. favors and bounty after his wife becomes President) by saying “I gotta pay the bills!” This is just rubbing the public’s face in Clinton’s shamelessness, greed and corruption, and expecting everyone to like it.

Do you like it? If so, I’m disgusted with you.

The quote above by Hillary was just as outrageous; it just wasn’t quite as funny. (I’m saying that analytically: I am no longer capable of laughing at this kind of stuff from either Bill or Hillary, and I find my friends’ willingness to tolerate it tragic and diminishing.) To appreciate just how outrageous, you have to understand that it comes in the wake of the State Department announcing that it would take at least until January of 2016 to release the official emails that Hillary Clinton had to hand over because she used her own personal email server while Secretary of State in violation of government policies, including her own agency’s. (These weren’t all the e-mails, you’ll recall. She decided which she wanted the nation to see, and destroyed many thousands of them that she didn’t want to be seen, just in time to stop them from being subpoenaed.)

As State explained  in excruciating  detail, the process will take a long time because (other than the fact that the current leadership of the State Department doesn’t especially want those e-mails released either) “the Department received the 55,000 pages in paper form. The documents were provided in twelve bankers’ boxes (approximately 24” x 15” x 10 ¼” in size) with labels placed on the outside of the boxes that corresponded approximately to the time frame of the documents within a given box.”

Tech Dirt, which is not a political site and certainly not an ideological one, is falling all over itself guffawing about this and Clinton’s response to it:

“You know what would have expedited the release? First, using the State Department’s own email system while you were Secretary of State, so this wouldn’t have even been an issue. And, second, when all of this became an issue handing over the emails in electronic form, rather than in printed form in a bunch of boxes. [T] he way that Clinton has handled this whole thing is really ridiculous. Who the hell thinks it’s a good idea to print out 55,000 pages of records that were original electronic unless you’re trying to hide stuff and make life difficult for those going through it?…”

So there’s the test: let’s see how the news media, James Carville, Lanny Davis, the Clintons, and all their defenders, true-believers, zombie supporters and voting vaginas answer that conundrum. I’m sure they’ll have an answer. Maybe Bill will make another joke about it.

And this, I remind you, is just the beginning. The audacious Hillary Clinton plan to achieve power is clearly to not bother hiding her dishonesty, cynicism and untrustworthiness, since her supporters are already thoroughly corrupted, and to force the uncorrupted into clinical insanity by being as transparent about how unethical she is without actually admitting it. There is more than a year of this to come. I know I’m checking out homes for the bewildered now. It’s best to plan for these life changes.

Oh..I should mention that not everyone is amused, uninterested, or slipping into madness. After the State Department’s explanation and Clinton’s joke, the judge in the case, Judge Rudolph Contreras issued an order telling the State Department that waiting until January of next year was unacceptable, and commanding the State Department to set a renewed schedule with rolling releases every 60 days:

As stated on the record at today’s status conference, Defendant shall file a notice to the Court on or before May 26, 2015, that includes the following: (1) a new production schedule for the Secretary Clinton e-mails that accounts for rolling production and updates from counsel every 60 days, (2) a proposed deadline for production of the Secretary Clinton e-mails relating to Benghazi, and (3) a proposed order that encapsulates the parties’ agreement on the narrowing of Plaintiff’s request concerning searches for records beyond the Secretary Clinton e-mails. SO ORDERED. Signed by Judge Rudolph Contreras.

For me, this is all academic. I’m sure I’ll be weaving baskets long before it’s resolved.

12 thoughts on “Unethical Clinton Quote Of The Week: Hillary Clinton

  1. Why hasn’t the judge been asked to order the emails be delivered to State electronically. Or better yet, why not order the server to be made available to State?

  2. And where’s the DOJ? Oh, I forgot, back in Baltimore even though they’ve already fixed the PD there. I forgot.

  3. And great photo. All that’s lacking are a big carrot and a floppy bunny ears hair band. “Aaaa, what’s up, Doc?”

  4. The entire State Department (along with- it appears- the rest of the executive branch) has been thoroughly Clintonized in its outlook and means of doing business. By protecting Hillary, they are essentially protecting themselves, for they are no better than she. And, if she becomes president, they will continue to enjoy their cushy, high profile jobs with the knowledge that she will protect them in turn, it then being in HER self-interest to do so. A license to steal and kill.

  5. Maybe I’m missing something up here in the land of ice and snow…. Is Hillary really a viable candidate still? Is it a matter of poor competition? Aside from Bernie Sanders, I haven`t heard of another serious D contender.

    • My position is that she is not a viable candidate, a qualified candidate, a competent candidate or an excusable candidate, but that Democrats have deluded themselves otherwise, and corrupted themselves in the process.

      • Unfortunately, she’s the default setting for a huge number of voters. She’s super viable, probably inevitable. Which makes me ill. Eight more years of the Snopes come (back) to D.C. “and this time they’re serious! Watch them pay the bills!” Ugh. And then there will be Chelsea as heir apparent. Won’t that be great. The first man will manage a hedge fund from the executive residence.

  6. When she made that comment, I immediately had to turn off my alarm clock – it went berserk. The neighbor’s dog had a canine meltdown, too, because of the noise. After I reassembled the bloody, broken clock, I just shook my head. CNN played her ‘press conference’ over and over again, declaring that Hillary Clinton finally broke her silence after 38 days of campaigning. Then, I watched the actual ‘press conference’. I was perplexed. I thought breaking her silence actually meant answering press corps questions, not dressing down Ed Henry from Fox because he had the temerity to ask her a question. She didn’t answer his questions or any other real questions, for that matter. So, where and when and how did she finally break her silence? I must have missed it.

    Turning back to her comments, though, I had to marvel at how deftly she shifted the media’s attention on this matter. Didn’t she create the problem by having an unprotected, non-government issued and controlled computer system/server on which she maintained her emails? Didn’t she and her legal staff unilaterally and unceremoniously determine what, if any, emails should and would be released? Didn’t she delete somewhere close to 30,000 irrelevant and unimportant emails? Now, she wants to produce her documents forthwith and has always said she supports releasing all of the non-privileged or confidential emails immediately, that she has the biggest interest in getting the information out to the public. She stated it emphatically, almost Elizabeth-Warren-breathlessly. And the media capitulated. Simply unbelievable.


  7. Considering how hard is it to clean out my email, there is no reason that printing should have been necessary. I hear many branches of the government do business electronically and are familiar with searching and organizing masses of emails, like NSA and FBI. Screwing up at the original place bothers me far less than this kind of cover up and handwaving and denial. Even if we got every surviving email, I can’t trust it any more. I wish more acceptable Dems would challenge her.

  8. It’s a safe bet that if she is “ready to release emails” that only means her legions of loyalist Lefties have scrubbed what is going to be released to be clean of all incriminating content…

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