A Naked Teacher Principle Application That Nobody Will Disagree With! At Least I Hope Not…

...especially with her new boobs....

…especially with her new boobs….

Amazingly, this is the first bona fide sighting this year of the Naked Teacher Principle, an Ethics Alarms standard, and it is, as Hazel used to say, “a doozy.” (Yes, I will continue to try to educate younger readers in the finer points of Sixties pop culture no matter how obscure the reference is. Look up Ted Key, Shirley Booth, Don DeFore, and The Saturday Evening Post, my children…)

Since it has been so long, here is the NTP:

The Naked Teacher Principle: The Principle states that a secondary school teacher or administrator (or other role model for children) who allows pictures of himself or herself to be widely publicized, as on the web, showing the teacher naked or engaging in sexually provocative poses, cannot complain when he or she is dismissed by the school as a result. The original formulation of the NTP can be found here. It has had many tweaks and variations since, which can be found here.

Now hold on to your hats, public school fans. Here is the recent story that it governs:

In Newport News, Virginia, Melissa Kidd, 34, is in the process of being investigated for criminal charges, though her teaching days have already ended. The police received a report that a teacher at Woodside High School had showed students “obscene photographs.” That would be Melissa, who is looking at possible charges for the crime of  “Indecent Liberties w/ Child by Person in a Supervisory Role.” Three high school students—two are 18, one is 16— told police that Kidd, who was either feeling proud and frisky, or just trying to educate the students in modern cosmetic surgery advances, “showed them before and after photographs of her breast augmentation, which displayed her nude and exposed breasts.”

The students told police that the photos were on Kidd’s iPhone and that she showed the images to them at school. They also reported that she displayed snapshots of, uh, other areas that had not been enhanced. She apparently felt they didn’t need to be.

When high school officials learned about the police investigation, they placed Kidd on administrative leave without pay, and  she soon resigned her position. She taught in the “Career & Technical Education” department. To be fair, those photos might be relevant to some careers.

Just think: if she had been a regular reader of Ethics Alarms and had absorbed the NTP, she might be teaching still. Now if you want to make the case that this isn’t really an instance of the Naked Teacher Principle because the photos were not  “widely publicized,” what makes you think all the students who saw the photos reported it?

Facts: The Smoking Gun

7 thoughts on “A Naked Teacher Principle Application That Nobody Will Disagree With! At Least I Hope Not…

    • Quick, tell me what needs to be said that isn’t obvious. I’m serious. He molested a kid, it never came out. We have no evidence that he did so again. He was apparently being extorted; he didn’t have the guts to defuse the situation by making his crime (SOL has run) public.

      OK, never mind, that helped. I figured it out myself. Thanks for the nudge.

      • More “allegations” have surfaced. It may have been more than one. I’m surprised he paid that amount of hush money 30 years after the fact.

        For me, the most interesting piece is that he went into politics AFTER this conduct occurred. Heck, I am freaked out about footage that I know exists from my crazy college/law school party days to ever run for office. And that’s just me acting like a drunken idiot!

        • If it’s any consolation, I spent a lot of my time in the first two years of college trying to find the upper limit of a human bodies capacity to absorb beer. It wasn’t until after a tour in the Army, several dead-end jobs and a failed marriage that I actually returned to college and became a serious student.

  1. I miss when 18 year olds were already done with school and considered adults. Note I am not saying the teacher wasn’t reprehensible as we don’t know how many underage she’s been bragging to or for how many years.

    • It still doesn’t matter. If a college professor did that, it would also be reprehensible and grounds for firing even thought the students are all adults.

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