Tragic, Corrupted, Complicit Camille Cosby

Camile Cosby: author, psychologist, corrupt accomplice to a sexual predator

Camile Cosby: author, psychologist, corrupt accomplice to a sexual predator

Apparently Bill Cosby’s wife Camille is telling confidantes that she believes all the woman drugged by her husband consented to sex, and that he is being unfairly treated by the news media as well as being unfairly accused by…what is it now, 40 women? I haven’t checked in the last few days.

She also admits that she always knew about her husband’s “infidelities,” and accepted them. Translation: she accepted creature comforts, status and money to enable her husband’s wrongdoing.

That this is a very old, ugly tradition that includes mothers who allow their husbands to sexually abuse their children, and even more horrific examples where wives look the other way while husbands kidnap and murder. In Mrs. Cosby’s case, she has made a deal with the devil, accepting the benefits of a spouse’s wealth and celebrity in exchange for placing her conscience in deep freeze. She has been covering up for her husband, lying by her silence, and sometimes lying out loud, as when she said last year , “He is the man you thought you knew.”

Did you think you knew that that the man who played Cliff Huxstable and wrote books about ethics cheated on his wife and had sex with young women under the influence of the drugs that he gave them? Well, actually I did: maybe Camille was referring to me.

Camille Crosby allowed and enabled Bill to engage in these activities, which were wrong no matter how they are interpreted:

1.  40 women or so, without any connection to each other, have stated in public that they did not consent to sex with Bill, to be drugged, or both.  If Camille believes her husband’s denials, especially since he has cheated on their marriage for decades while portraying himself falsely to the public, she is doing so against all reason and logic. He’s a liar. She knows it; he has lied to her. Why would she not believe 40 victims’ stories over the liar she knows?

2. If the women voluntarily took a drug that reduced their ability to reject sexual advances and did not consent fully to sex beforehand, it was still rape.

3. The women’s consent to sex was coerced anyway, if there was consent. Cosby was powerful, and the women knew it. He could hurt the women professionally. They refused his proffered drugs and sex at great risk.

4. Even if they were not raped, the women are still victims. The best anyone can say for Bill Cosby is that he abused his power as a mentor and employer and the women’s trust, engaged in flagrant sexual harassment, misrepresented himself to the world, betrayed the values that he preached, behaved abysmally as a role model and undermined important causes that he had undertaken the responsibility of supporting.

Camille Crosby could have put a stop to all of it. She could have told Bill that his drug and sex sessions must stop, or she would divorce him and expose his hypocrisy to the world. She should have done that, too, even if one believes, and I certainly don’t, that she really believes the Cos was engaging in consensual casting-couch sex.  She enabled his lies in exchange for money and comfort, and she is still playing the role of chief accomplice.

Maybe she’ll run for President.

17 thoughts on “Tragic, Corrupted, Complicit Camille Cosby

  1. Well she’d make a great running mate for Hillary. A black woman defending her man against “unjust accusations”. Haven’t we been here before?

    • “Haven’t we been here before?”

      Oh, yes. Not just in the punch-line of the post (“Maybe she’ll run for President”) but in the wider view … please set the first seven words in bold, italics & blazing color …: “this is a very old, ugly tradition that includes mothers who allow their husbands to sexually abuse their children, and even more horrific examples ….”

  2. Hill and Camille. Brilliant. I’m ready! Campaign theme song: Lyle Lovett’s cover of “Stand by Your Man.” Bill and Cos on the loose in the White House. It will cinch up the black vote, the only thing Hill’s worried about in maintaining the Obama coalition, so called. Brilliant.

  3. “he is being unfairly treated by the news media as well as being unfairly accused”
    Every word of this article discussing Camille Cosby’s complicity to her husband’s actions could have been written about Bill & Hillary!

  4. Even before this latest comment by Camille, I had trouble drumming up any sympathy for her knowing she had to be aware to some degree–and probably a great degree–of Bill’s activities. Your article/opinion completely describes my–and, I’m sure many other–peoples’ thoughts/feelings. In brief, you nailed it, Jack!

  5. You just lost me as a reader. I don’t like Cosby and wish a much better alternative would win. And as an ethics professor I read your stuff daily. But you have become a one note Cosby basher and compromised your disinterest. So long

  6. Hahaha. Well, when I was younger we used to jokingly say “I gotta go drop off the Cosbys at the municipal pool” as a semi-racist expression for using the toilet. Bill has earned a lifetime membership at the pool.

  7. Looking at the press coverage, I am wondering what a Venn diagram of the people who support Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, and Roman Polanski would look like. I get the impression there would be a lot of overlap with Clinton and Polanski, but little with either of those and Cosby. I think such a diagram of people who condemn the three would have a large overlap of all three.

  8. I never knew about this. She knew about all this for FORTY YEARS and not only remained silent, but now tries to vindicate it? I can only think that she decided the trouble of divorce and a resultant lower standard of living wouldn’t be worth it.

  9. Camille is an ignoramus. She said ‘ America taught him to hate’ when a Ukranian immigrant murdered her son, little knowing and caring less that the Eastern Bloc hates blacks more than your average KKK member.

  10. Didn’t a “friend” drop by Cosby’s mansion with his date and then disappeared as did Camille. Cosby then drugged and raped the girl.

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