Unethical Headline Of The Month: The Hill

“Cecil the lion’s killer donated to Romney”

Yup. This really was the headline, and the story under it really had nothing more valuable to offer.

You know what? I’m willing to bet that at least one of those Planned Parenthood execs caught on video talking about crunching unborn baby skulls donated to Barack Obama’s campaign. Or have given money to Hillary’s campaign.

Or have bought Barbra Streisand CDs. Or like cheese.

What possible relevance to anything is this jerk’s political donation record from three years ago? What does this headline mean? Is Romney a lion-killer? Is the Republican Party now implicated in Cecil’s death? How is this conceivably news, since only an imbecile would see any relationship between the two acts: giving to a political campaign and shooting a beloved lion?

It is interesting, I suppose, that The Hill employs at least two imbeciles: the one who wrote this piece, and the editor who didn’t toss it in the trash.

Now if Cecil the lion had donated to Romney, THAT would have been news.

20 thoughts on “Unethical Headline Of The Month: The Hill

  1. But, but… Jack, doesn’t that mean that The Dentist had moral support in his career of faunacide and the delionization of Africa from Mitt Romney? Might it well not be that, in appreciation for his support of Republican Racism, Romney bought him that gun and ammunition with the further admonition to go to Africa, kill an old lion for a trophy and then proceed to devastate the local population as far as his bandoliers permitted? This DD is a butcher in the tradition of Timothy McVeigh- a savage Republican who prowls the land in search of innocent victims. Now- what more reason do you need to vote for Hillary??

  2. That bastard!
    I’ll bet he bought things at WalMart, ate food from Chik-fil-A, has items in his home from Hobby Lobby, watched Bristol Palin on dancing with the stars, and orders books from Amazon. He probably watches Fox news and listens to Rush Limbaugh. In the next few weeks we’ll find out he doesn’t believe in man caused global warming, has a HUGE carbon footprint and got marginal grades in sociology.
    Once you become notable as an evil person you must be proven to be conservative. Makes it easier to hate the right.
    Sorry Neil A Dorr (not your real name) I just can’t help myself.

  3. You know, when I first read the headline, my mind picked out a very silly interpretation: that the lion-killer himself was donated to the Romney campaign. Now wouldn’t THAT make for a news story?

    • hehe, that’s how I read the headline as well. But it is well known that I have a warped mind….

      Actually, I think the campaign was not involved (election’s been over for 3 years). The killer was just donated to Mitt.

    • I thought the same thing reading that headline. The intended interpretation–that the lion killer donated money to Romney, and that this is somehow newsworthy–escaped me completely, perhaps because it is even more ridiculous.

        • I just don’t even understand the mind of someone who read the story of Cecil, and thought, “Ooh, I wonder what political party his killer belongs to!” Who is that much of a partisan hack?

          I thought Trump was the nadir of our political discourse and national ethics, but this story is honestly more offensive to me, as it’s a) written by someone apparently on “my side” (a fellow liberal), and b) way more sinister, as I bet a lot of people will read the headline and not see anything wrong with it; it will only validate their (IMO, deserved) Romney hate, and they won’t really give much critical thought to the actual ethics of the story.

          • This is going to sound extremely jaded, and it is, but I was waiting for that story to appear.
            The view, particularly (but not exclusively) on the left, is that politics define who you are. You cannot be a evil and a Democrat, so the author was just confirming the obvious and important principle that Democrats are good and Republicans are bloodthirsty, gun-toting bitter-clinging lion-killers. From the right, Democrats are duplicitous flesh-peddlers bent on killing your baby in the womb.
            This country is starting to remind me of the old Star Trek episode,“Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” depicting an alien race black on one side of their bodies and white on the other that fought themselves to complete extinction — because one race was black on the left side and the other was black on the right.
            Maybe I’ll watch that one again tonight. Disturbing episode, and evergreen, it seems.

          • I think that this is routine behavior now, part of the press procedure with any deadly incident. It’s like academics adding conservative/tea party to any study they do to see if it will turn up any difference that can be construed against them negatively.

  4. Pretty routine, actually, if you’re a lefty. Despicable behavior=Republican. Liberal=all that is good and decent in the world.

  5. NPR had a story about “robots” that use algorithms to dig through huge amounts of data, such as FEC filings, and write English prose out of the data. The computers even look for “surprising” bits of data in the reports to make the headline…

    This is headline is so bad though that not even a computer glitch could have written it.

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