Update And Addendum To “The New York Times’ Unethical Headline (And Fake News)”


Following up on a theme:

Today’s center, above the fold, headline on the New York Times front page:

Migrants Hide, Fearing Capture On “Any Corner”

Emotional message sent: Poor, innocent immigrants whose only crime is being born in another country are trembling in fear as they are subjected to a police state style round-up evoking Nazi Germany, in a demonstration of nationalistic, xenophobic hate!  And that is exactly the message the headline is intended to send.  There is no mention of “illegal” in the headline, despite the fact that if legal migrants are in fear of “capture,” it is only because they have been reading the recent misleading headlines in the New York Times. The statement that migrants are hiding and fearing capture is deceptive and untrue. It begins…

No going to church, no going to the store. No doctor’s appointments for some, no school for others. No driving, period — not when a broken taillight could deliver the driver to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

It is happening in the Central Valley of California, where undocumented immigrants pick the fields for survival wages but are keeping their children home from school; on Staten Island, where fewer day laborers haunt street corners in search of work; in West Phoenix’s Isaac School District, where 13 Latino students have dropped out in the past two weeks; and in the horse country of northern New Jersey, where one of the many undocumented grooms who muck out the stables is thinking of moving back to Honduras….

The word “illegally” makes its first appearance in paragraph three, 121 words into the article. The news story—again, this is the front page, and it is presented as news— is written to be read against a background of mournful violins. Poor, poor beset upon, persecuted migrants! The Times’ assignment of villains follows…

“For Mr. Trump’s supporters and longtime advocates of stricter immigration enforcement, they are a welcome move toward restoring law and order to a system that they say offered no deterrent to entering the country illegally. Undocumented immigrants, in their view, have filled jobs that belong to Americans, drained public resources and skipped the line for visas on which others waited for years.”

Wait…what does the Times mean  by”they say  offered no deterrent to entering the country illegally”? There has been no deterrent to entering the country illegally. There are currently even incentives to enter the country, such as setting up one’s children to be “Dreamers.” By adding the last sentence, phrased in pejorative terms, the Times neatly buries the only relevant issue. Illegal immigrants are illegal, that’s all. It doesn’t matter if they smell like roses,  walk old ladies across the street and work like Trojans 24/7 to send money back home to their starving parents, and go about life in the U.S. without so much as spitting on the sidewalk. They are here illegally.  They should fear arrest and deportation.  Allowing them to avoid such fear eliminates any deterrent to enter the country illegally. They have no right to be here.  They have no right to be free of the threat of arrest. They violated U.S. immigration laws. Violating laws have to have consequences, or there is no rule of law.

Simple as that.

Here is what an ethical law-breaker does to avoid this fear of “capture.” He or she goes to authorities, admits the wrongdoing, and is accountable. No fear of “capture” then! No more reason to hide! Hiding to avoid the law is the act of a bad citizen, as well as a bad aspiring citizen.

Is it too much to expect the mainstream news media to convey the basic facts of law and reality, without soaking them in propaganda, emotion and deception?


13 thoughts on “Update And Addendum To “The New York Times’ Unethical Headline (And Fake News)”

  1. What do these people not get that “improper entry” into the USA is a misdemeanor and subject to incarceration and a fine? Even if you are not a hardcore felon, this law applies to you!

        • No, the left just hates the country they live in, especially when they aren’t the ones who can rule the roost. As for those who sneak in, I don’t see too many of them attempting to become genuine Americans after they get here. They cluster together in enclaves where no English is spoken, try to keep local law enforcement away, shelter those who DO out and out hate this country and do things like San Bernardino and Boston and Chattanooga, and occasionally raise those who do things like Orlando. Meantime they squeeze the system for every dime in benefits they can.

          • What the fuck are you on about? None of the attacks you mention–not San Bernardino, not Boston, not Orlando, not Chattanooga–were committed by people who “snuck in” to this country. Your other generalizations are boring and not worth addressing.

        • Wow, Chris your thinking is so warped that when you think you are being sarcastic, you actually speak the truth. Now this may just be a legend, but ask Odysseus how well destroying your enemies within works. I’m sure he would say that it works out really well. What couldn’t be done in nine years, he accomplished in a few days with his Trojan horse. I would venture to say that you slipped and admitted a progressive tactic. To me it’s common knowledge that he best way to destroy you enemy is within. So tell me, how many countries have you destroyed with that tactic?

          Also if this isn’t a reply to Chris’s statement “Yeah, I often sneak into and attempt to live in countries I hate,” then Word Press isn’t working for me.

  2. I would cancel my subscription to the NYT,but at this point it’s the best way to keep track of the lies, disinformation, and the campaign against the Trump Administration. Any iota of journalistic ethics they may have possessed in the past are out the window now, because or in spite of all their nefarious efforts, Hillary LOST, and they just can’t stand it..

  3. This is a little off the subject but related…

    The Washington Post had this article yesterday: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/02/22/this-is-not-trumps-america-passengers-rejoice-when-man-accused-of-racism-kicked-off-flight/?utm_term=.cab2d8ab5681&wpisrc=nl_most-draw10&wpmm=1

    The headline reads:
    ‘This is not Trump’s America!’: Passengers rejoice when man accused of racism is kicked off flight

    The headline is obviously anti-Trump and suggests that Trump is somehow involved in what the story is about. The article on the other hand is about a boorish and offensive individual on on a commercial airline who makes rude and bigoted comments to “foreign” appearing fellow passengers. Bad behavior no question. However, this individual made no reference to his own personal political party affiliation or his views of President Trump.

    But the story goes on to involve a second unidentified person who interjects “This is not Trump’s America”. This is shown in the article as a video recording. In the video, this comment by the second individual is met with apparent popular approval from other passengers on the same plane.

    Curiously, the first offending party made no reference to Trump, but the second person interjected Trump into the confrontation based on what appears to be similarly bad and bigoted behavior, that being a unwavering personal conviction that Trump is a “racist” or a “xenophobe” or a “bigot” or whatever other pejorative that might come to mind.

    The Washington Post has taken this incident and confrontation which, in my opinion, involved two individuals who BOTH exhibit inappropriate behavior and turned it into a headline that is obviously (to me at least) intended to smear Trump even though he was not on the plane, and not involved in any way at all.

    Although some may consider Trump “responsible” for the bad behavior of others just because of the tone of his rhetoric, I consider the Washington Post’s headline unfair and another example of “fake news” with the intent to diminish the Trump presidency.

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