Comment Of The Day I: “The “Transitioning” Female Wrestler: A Failure Of Ethics And Common Sense”


Jeff H, along with Tim LeVier and Glenn Logan, represents the longest commenting ethics observers on this site, their participation going back to the old Ethics Scoreboard. It is always a special pleasure to welcome one of them to a Comment of the Day honor, for, like all who venture into the comment wars, they have done a great deal to provide lively, perceptive and useful content here, and I am more grateful than I can express. (Jeff, a cartoonist, also contributed the drawing of Muhammad as cute Teddy Bear you will periodically see in the side header.

Here is Jeff H’s Comment of the Day on the post, “The “Transitioning” Female Wrestler: A Failure Of Ethics And Common Sense”:

OK. Here’s what I think:

I am the sort of person who thinks a person is whatever they feel they are inside. People like to talk about, ‘well, a transperson will never really be a woman” or whatever. I’ve not got much time for that. I ain’t got it in me to judge people for something like that. As I said to someone who was talking about the ‘perverts’ who dress like women, “Far as I care, I ain’t going to say you’re wrong. You are whatever you say you are. You say you’re a toaster, I’ll give you two pieces of bread.”

That also means that I think that a transperson should use the bathrooms they’re comfortable with. The notion that there are creeps purposely crossdressing to get into the ladies’ room seems basically fictitious. Even if it was true, unless it was to a gigantic density, I don’t see that as a legitimate reason to force them to use a bathroom they’re not comfortable with.

(It’s been going around, but there have been three Republican congressmen arrested for inappropriate conduct in men’s rooms, and they say no transpeople have been arrested for the same. I hope it doesn’t turn out that is HAS happened, but if it had… I think someone would have brought it up by now.)

So this is where I stand on the issue of the transgendered. I try to be as permissive and accepting as possible without being dismissively so. I’m not likely to budge on this, since most of the arguments against it seem similar to the anti-homosexual arguments most of us reject on sight.

Having said this… if Mack is really, in his heart of hearts, a male… then I don’t understand what possible pride he can take beating a bunch of girls at a sport when he’s ALSO taking performance-enhancing drugs. (Aside from everything else, I don’t really care if you have a legitimate reason to take steroids; I think you shouldn’t play competitive sports if you have to take them because they self-evidently give an unfair advantage.)

If I were in Mack’s position to either wrestle women or not wrestle at all, and I were certain that I was a male in my heart, I would choose the latter and not wrestle at all. The system should be changed to let a transitioning youth wrestle or play with their transitioned gender, but letting anyone who uses performance enhancing drugs play at this level is almost certainly inherently unfair to everyone else.

I believe Mack when he says he’s a boy… so he is basically a boy taking steroids and beating up a bunch of girls.

Shame on him.

8 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day I: “The “Transitioning” Female Wrestler: A Failure Of Ethics And Common Sense”

  1. I agree with 99% of this, but I wouldn’t say shame on Mack or any other underage, adolescent trying to figure out what to do in a world made of insane rules governed by adults.

    I am certain Mack is surrounded by people saying wrestle and that it supports transgenders in society and I am certain Mack hears a lot of don’t wrestle mingled with various bigoted statements.

    Mack is not an adult. The shame here is on the adults.

    • You know… There was a time in human history where because the life expectancy of a person was about 30 years, at 16, not only would you be considered an adult, you would probably be responsible for a kid or two yourself. Not exactly pertinent, just food for thought.

      But I hate these cop outs… “Don’t blame the kid, blame the adults!” (Except when the kid does something good, then look at how profound their actions are!) No. There is a certain amount of responsibility that comes naturally to the outcome of our actions. I can’t imagine a situation where I could have looked at Mack’s reflection in the mirror and could think that it would be appropriate to rag-doll girls in a wrestling ring. You think that he thinks that way because of the way he was raised? Fine. Irrelevant: He’s still doing it. It’s still wrong.

    • We teach boys younger than him to not bully or tease girls. But yeah, I can appreciate deciding to wrestle anyway being a perfectly forgivable decision made by any teenager.

  2. Great comment. One of my original thoughts on the issue was that Mack should have somewhere to compete, so why not compete where allowed? Further reflection though simply does not add up. Competing, especially at the high school level, is about facing your peers. His peers are male wrestlers, and if he is not permitted to compete in that arena, there is nothing to gain by dominating a bunch of girls.

    There is only one small possibility that makes the endeavor worthwhile – bringing attention to the busted system so that future athletes will not be put in this situation and clearer rules can be established going forward.

  3. I may be a political Neanderthal by today’s standards, but as I recall someone who was convinced that they were something that they were not (i.e “I’m Napoleon!”) might well wind up in a locked mental health facility if they proclaimed it too often. Granted, science has shown that occasionally people have an extra chromosome and these cases are problematic as far as competing in sports. Excluding such cases, anatomy should be the final determinant rather than feelings.

    • You aren’t just a political neanderthal, Wayne, you’re behind on the science. A simple Google search on the difference between sex and gender would prove helpful.

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