Unfair, Obviously Unfair, Scandalously Unfair. Why Are Athletic Organizations Allowing This? Why Are Women Tolerating It?

Over the weekend , powertlifter Mary Gregory, a biological man who identifies as a woman and thus is to be regarded as transgender,  set the Masters world records for women’s squat, women’s bench press, and women’s deadlift. Mary has testicles and a penis. Presumably all she would need to compete in a male weightlifting competition is a new name, and an announcement that the he turned she now identifies as a male again.

An exhilarated Mary wrote on Instagram,

“What a day, 9 for 9! Masters world squat record, open world bench record, masters world dl record, and masters world total record!” Mary Gregory posted on Instagram. Gregory thanked the Raw Powerlifting Federation. “As a transgender lifter I was unsure what to expect going into this meet and everyone – all the spotters, loaders, referees, staff, meet director, all made me welcome and treated me as just another female lifter- thank you!”

I’m happy for you, Mary. Your cheating was allowed. Be proud. You go…girl.

Former British Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies decided to speak the truth, and risk being tarred as a bigot, tweeting tweeting:

This is a trans woman a male body with male physiology setting a world record & winning a woman’s event in America in powerlifting. A woman with female biology cannot compete.. it’s a pointless unfair playing field.

Of course it is. If is also clear why organizations and women are allowing this Bizarro World Athletic Association development: it’s instersectionality, stupid! All leftist cant is linked, so women have to allow women’s sports to be destroyed for the greater good, or risk losing their Better Than Men Because We Care membership card.  Meanwhile, weak-kneed administrators who run sports organizations lack the courage and integrity to stand up the Relentless Woke, even at their most transparently absurd.

The more extreme  progressivism gets, the more it defies reality and common sense, the more stark the liberal base’s dilemma becomes. They have to choose between mandatory positions they know are wrong and even insane, and being branded as apostates by their own peer group. All cults work this way. Women’s sports are a fractal of a much greater problem.


36 thoughts on “Unfair, Obviously Unfair, Scandalously Unfair. Why Are Athletic Organizations Allowing This? Why Are Women Tolerating It?

  1. There’s a big difference between accepting all people as people, treating them with dignity and respect, and blinding embracing men as women/women as men. There are biological differences. The ‘party of science’ only embraces science when it benefits their party. Women’s sports are irreparably damaged as a result.

    • Whew! Nice one, Michael.

      Great post Jack. “[I]t’s instersectionality, stupid! (Nice James Carville reference!) All leftist cant is linked, so women have to allow women’s sports to be destroyed for the greater good, or risk losing their Better Than Men Because We Care membership card.” Incredibly astute and accurate.

  2. Why are athletic organizations allowing it? Because the penalty for not being “woke” is worse, in their minds and the minds of the people they associate with than watching sports become bastardized and normal women suffer.

    After all, are not transgendered people more of a minority than women? Of course they are, and as any white man can tell you, the majority must lose any conflict with that of an oppressed minority like the transgendered.

    Why are women tolerating it? Because failure to do so would get them ostracized from their society of peers, since the vast majority of women athletes have taken up the “woke” banner. Women’s athletics contains a comparatively high number of gays to the general population, so how could they possibly object and remain true to their beliefs about sexual politics? They are essentially hoist on their own petard.

    I find it amusing that women, at least the athletes, get a taste of my life. When they get tired of it, we may see a little more understanding of the price that being “woke” exacts in real life. I’m not holding my breath, though.

  3. Sports are dominated by academic institutions. Academic institutions are zombies of cultural Marxism. Who is going to object? This further destroys cultural institutions, so it furthers the goals of cultural Marxism. You didn’t see the Russians promoting the NRA on Facebook, did you? They were supporting Black Lives Matter.

    I find the whole transgender movement horrifying and amusing. I find it horrifying that we are willing to destroy the futures of children just to further the political aspirations of certain adults. I find it amusing that the movement that made this all possible, the gay rights movement, is set to suffer the most from it. Homosexuals are obsolete now, they are just transexuals who didn’t realize it or were not accepted by society. I can see a near future where ‘gay acceptance’ is banned just like ‘conversion therapy’ is now. I wonder if there will be a time when gay rights activists come to the conclusion that they were just cogs in the cultural Marxism wheel, useful for destabilize society, but ultimately expendable when the next phase rolled around.

    • I find this to be just desserts for the Gay community. They are no longer special, and are being abandoned by the party and ideology that once celebrated them.


  4. So, how does this ruling square with the Swiss-based Court of Arbitration for Sport decision that women (I guess that is cis-gender women identifying as women . . . ?) with elevated testosterone levels may not compete in certain competitions unless they haveundergone testosterone-suppressing treatments? This is the ruling in the case of Caster Semenya, as reported in the New York Times:

    The article states this: “Transgender athletes are no longer required to undergo reassignment surgery to participate in the Olympics. Those transitioning from female to male can compete without restriction” but “[a]thletes transitioning from male to female must declare that their gender identity is female and cannot rescind that declaration for a minimum of four years for sporting purposes. The athletes must also suppress their testosterone level below 10 nanomoles per liter for a year before becoming eligible for the Winter or Summer Games. The ruling in the Semenya case, though, is expected to prompt the I.O.C. to recommend that all Olympic sports adopt the more restrictive cutoff of five nanomoles per liter.”

    Doesn’t this ruling open the door to all kinds of chaos?


  5. So,, What were “Mary’s” numbers? How much did she lift in each instance? This might be a case of a mediocre male lifter who never got past the prelims who decided to compete elsewhere. The photo accompanying the post does not show the numbers on the plates, but if the larger are 45# each, with the little guys added in is not much over 300; not what one thinks of as a world-class lift for male competitors.

    This will end when real females (gay and straight) decide not to compete when this foolishness is taking place.

  6. Though Canada has now ruled that a father who refuses to acknowledge his daughter’s “transition” to boy is the equivalent of family violence, I still contend that anyone referring to someone by what they wish they were instead of by what they were is advancing and encouraging mental illness.

    “Mary” is not a “she”.

    The effects of humoring our teenagers’ deepest confusions during their most turbulent time of life will not manifest for years, decades even, but when it does, we’ll scratch our heads wondering what happened and we’ll never be able to fix the damage.

  7. I think we may be looking at the end of gendered athletics.

    It sounds hyperbolic, but if we can’t contend that people with penises should not be able to compete against women, then men will start competing against women. We see things like this all the time, and making no judgement on whether a trans person should be accommodated like this; For every good intentioned trans person that just wants to do their thing, there’s going to be a dozen assbags looking to game the system because they want their name on the leaderboard. And there is no way to differentiate.

    If athletic governance committees don’t create and follow some kind of standard that functionally keeps biological men and women in their own divisions, then people from the more physically able group are going to osmose into the less physically able divisions and clean house…. And more often than not, that means that women will get pushed out of sport.

    Thanks, progressives.

    • It’s only a matter of time before guys transitioning to women are going to enter the LPGA and the WNBA and women’s tennis. I’ve been saying for years that gendered sports are ridiculous. This will be a ridiculous unintended consequence of Title IX. Among other things.

    • Absolutely agree, HT. It will be a sad and sorry end to women’s athletics, I’m sorry to say. The only good thing about it is that it will rid us of these egotistical cheaters who are willing to win at any price. It will also rid us of the spineless, weak-kneed officials who so fear the ‘woke’ community.

  8. There is an easy fix to all of this — and you don’t even need “male” or “female” designations to avoid lawsuits. There can be the testosterone division (levels HAVE to be within a certain range), the estrogen division, and an “open” division (where anyone can compete regardless of estrogen or testosterone levels). You can call it whatever you want, but this is fair without insulting someone or forcing them to get a humiliating genitalia check before a race.

      • There’s value in seeing both genders (or all genders compete). We have different weight divisions for boxing because we know that we are seeing different skills at each weight level. Hormones are the same. A female gymnast almost always will outperform a male on balance beam, but the male will outperform her on rings. In other sports, hormone levels can be a handicap — like in weight lifting — but it sure is cool to see how much the female gold medalist can lift.

    • May be the best idea I’ve heard lately. I don’t like the idea of unisex sports, because I think women would eventually be pushed out altogether.

      • Sure they would. They should be reminded of that when women’s soccer, basketball and tennis players protest that they are being discriminated against because they don’t get paid as much. They don’t get paid as much because they aren’t as good—not even close. Using your weight class analogy, light-weights in boxing didn’t make as much in purses as the heavyweights.

        • Who is talking about equal pay? The more popular the sport or player — the higher the pay check. I have no qualms with that system. But we still let those lightweights compete, don’t we? And they still have a following. My solution is simple, elegant, and still allows for greater access to competitions. Not to mention — athletes have to submit to blood tests anyway, so there is no added inconvenience, cost, of controversy.

    • As in the case referenced above about the woman with naturally elevated testosterone levels, would suppressing testosterone for, say, one year before competing really be a big handicap?

      If I took something that suppressed my testosterone for the next year, but spent the last three years training for Olympic level weight lifting, wouldn’t I still have a really big advantage over someone who has never had testosterone levels as high as a man’s?

      • In other words, “You design the Rube Goldberg-like competitive regime, I’ll game it in a New York minute.” Amen. Better living through chemistry, brought to you initially by East Germany!

      • Not really. Certainly not enough to make a man perform at a woman’s level. The world is full of men who, because of disease or aging, have only a small fraction of the free testosterone level they had in their 20s and 30s, yet they still have much of their strength.

    • I love the idea of hormone-level divisions but the problem is they can be messed with. It’s not a good idea to mess with hormones except to medically correct problems, but that has never stopped people from hurting themselves, even permanently, for the glory of winning a physical competition.

  9. Jack-

    Don’t take this as a gotcha, I’m legitimately curious. What made you change your mind on this issue? Several years ago you were bad-dogging me in the comments for the views you hold now- you claimed back then that there was no reason [male-to-female trasnsgender athlete] Fallon Fox shouldn’t get to fight in Women’s UFC, because she lives as a female and had transition surgery. According to 2013 Jack, “I don’t believe that males have an unfair advantage at all. Many advantages in physical ability can be made up with skill, and that true of most professional sports.”

    Again, don’t take this as a gotcha. It was 5 years ago, opinions change, etc. etc. I’m just wondering what it was that finally pushed you to flip on this one.


    • I suspect that reality overtakes ideals, as it often does. In order to fix women’s sports, we have to destroy the ability of most women to compete. This is not sustainable, as it shifts the ideology of those who are great with progressive goals until it impacts THEIR daughter, wife, niece, or what have you.

      Once this path is open to discussion and rejection, a LOT of progressive ideals become so.

      The pendulum will swing back.

    • [I have tried to write a reply twice, and twice my PC crashed mid-comment So I’m now on my broken down netbook]

      No a gotcha at all, and thanks for raising that post (which is SIX years old, not five. Especially given the latest regarding Semaya Castor, whom I mentioned in that post, it’s clearly time to revisit it. I’ll give the topic a full post today, assuming my computer stops misbehaving. The short answer to your question is 1) Fox was the first trans competitor in a professional sport since Richards. The number of transgender individuals and procedures was tiny, 2) The recent phenomenon of biological males being allowed to compete as females, and females transitioning to males via hormone treatment still competing as women, hadn’t occurred. 3) We know more, and I know more.

  10. Sorry. This is a MAN. He’s done some bizarre things to his body, and even more bizarre things to his mind, but this is a MAN stomping all over women’s sports in utter callous self-obsession.
    There is NO such thing as a right to compete “as” whatever you want to call yourself. Whoever dreamed up that cockamamie “right” is delusional.
    The lamebrained two-dimensional pandering pop culture is always ready, hanky in hand and a ready quiver in the lower lip (any excuse to commend yourself on your gushing caring-ness), to laud and hail “courage”…a word that has come to mean demanding everything you want the way you want it absolutely on your own terms right now.
    Funny, once upon a time a thing called “self-denial” was counted as courage.
    People like this are feted and canonized overnight as “icons” because of the “risk” they are willing to take to assert who they really are (after, of course, all the hormones and operations and makeovers necessary to achieve this real self). Yet what never seems to compute to them is, if it really meant THAT much to become “the woman I’ve always really been inside”, wouldn’t it equally mean enough to, say, honorably exempt yourself from a sport that, presumably, you could never excel in as a man and are monstrously unfairly advantaged to compete in as a putative woman?
    In other words, where’s the COURAGE to walk away from the sport? The courage not merely to “risk” but to ADMIT that your top priority–transgendering–entails certain sacrifices, like abandoning your ego-driven need to be the best weight-lifter?
    I know, that’s a tough need to abandon, especially when “transgendering” seems like precisely the ticket TO the gold medal you could never get as a man….
    Such is the idiot mass culture’s two-bit notion of “courage.”

  11. Sparty’s plan has merit. That said, it should take notice of what pro football and baseball learned about enforcing the “performance enhancing substance” bans. As sure as a bear poops in the woods, someone (probably already doing it) will fire up their Gilbert chemistry set and come up with something to alter the levels of the hormones when tested. And then the testing will have to include a means of detecting the use of the “hiding” substances. Cheaters gotta cheat.

    Not that that is a reason not to do something.

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