Unethical Quote Of The Month (And STUPID Beyond Belief, As Usual): Joy Behar Of ABC’s “The View”

(Bear with me: This video will be relevant by the end, I promise..)

“If you’re going to take people’s guns away, wait until you get elected — then take the guns away. Don’t tell them ahead of time.”

“The View’s” panelist Joy Behar, commenting on Beto O’Rourke’s exit from the Democratic presidential nomination race after announcing that he advocated the confiscation of semi-automatic weapons.

I don’t even watch “The View,” and Joy Behar’s ignorant and strident vocal abuses of law, ethics and logic have still made it into many Ethics Alarms posts. Imagine if I actually watched the show regularly. The woman is astoundingly ignorant, and celebrates it, issuing loud and emphatic opinions that would be argued down in a competent 7th grade class (if there are such things), yet ABC gives her a public platform that is only responsibly reserved for, if not brilliant and knowledgeable pundits, at least ones that could win a game of Scrabble with a Dachshund puppy.

You know what her last featured howler was on Ethics Alarms? This: she asked, in reference to a President Trump tweet mocking Rep. Omar, “Why can’t he be brought up on charges of hate speech?Why can’t he be sued by the ACLU for hate speech? I don’t get it. How does he get away with this?”

Why? WHY, you incredibly ill-informed woman? Because there is no such crime as “hate speech.” Because the ACLU defends free speech, it doesn’t sue people for what they say. You don’t get it because you’re the most illiterate, ignorant pundit on television, maybe on television since its inception. He gets away with this because it’s the United States, and we have a Bill of Rights. Or as the late Sam Kinison would say,

This latest must be my favorite Joy cretinism. See, she’s a typical progressive totalitarian as well as a dolt. The way to get your agenda enacted is to lie to the public so they vote you into office based on false pretenses!  Sure, that’s the ticket! And not just any agenda, either—this isn’t like Barack Obama promising to be a unifying President who favored neither black not white. No, Joy wants candidates who plan on gutting individual rights to lie about their plans so citizens will go to the polls like lambs to the slaughter. Usually it’s villains that TV shows trying this trick, monsters like Hitler and Sideshow Bob. The View has a permanent panelist who endorses that route to power, openly, proudly.

She better watch out: Democrats don’t want her spilling the beans like that,

Of course, the strategy is impossible. To begin with it’s unconstitutional, but naturally Joy, having slept through school, doesn’t know this. Second, eventually people would find out that Beto’s Brownshirts were going door to door, and the results would not be pretty. These are just details, however: Joy just says whatever flotsam and jetsom  flots into her cranium, and does her level best to make View viewers as brick-stupid as she is.  Here are some other Joy highlights from past posts:

Speaking of Joe Biden’s habitual groping: “It’s a long way from smelling your hair to grabbing your hoo-ha… I don’t think it rises to the point we’ve been listening to like Harvey Weinstein and the rest of these people”

Justifying Democrats  manufacturing imaginary offenses by the President: “Because we’re desperate to get Trump out of office. That’s why.”

Explaining how the GOP can control the Senate when more votes were cast for Democrats in the House: “Because of gerrymandering!”

On the Senate Judiciary Committee in the Kavanaugh hearings: “These white men, old by the way, are not protecting women… They’re protecting a man who is probably guilty.”

Responding to Alan Dershowitz’s  criticism of Mitch Mconnell blocking the Merrick Garland nomination: “Well then how come Mitch McConnell is not in jail? That’s what I want to know.”

There are many more. Now, Joy has a right to be stupid, but she does not have a right to have a major network facilitating her making the public stupid. As I wrote here, I don’t advocate her being forced off the air by boycotts, in the manner that so-called liberals have tried to silence Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson. That’s censorship; that’s the Left’s MO in 2019. However, it is irresponsible for any network to package the clueless opinions of a woman with the intellect of a Pet Rock for public consumption. It’s like selling tainted food, or a car that keeps breaking down.

It is broadcast malpractice. She should be fired. She should have been fired years ago.

I even wrote a song about it. Sing the words to the music of “How do you solve a problem like Maria?”(from “The Sound of Music”) in the video above. I skipped the intro: it starts with the main theme.

Can’t The View Fire an Idiot Like Joy Behar?

Can’t the View fire an idiot like Joy Behar?

Why can’t they put that loudmouth in her place?

The View should protect the public from her nonsense

And wipe that smug expression off her face.

Many a thing you know they’d like to tell her

There is so much she doesn’t understand

But how can they make her read

Or research before a screed

You might as well try to lift a baby grand…

Oh, how do you fix an idiot like Joy Behar?

When will this moron finally be canned?

She is constantly confused

Ill-informed and so bemused

Hasn’t read the Constitution even once…

She’s predictable I guess

Since her values are a mess

She’s not clever! She’s not funny! She’s a dunce!

But Joy’s certain she is smart

And with gusto plays the part

Of the brave progressive warrior at work

Confrontational and loud,

She’s intolerant and proud

She’s embarrassing…let’s face it,

She’s a jerk.

Can’t the View fire an idiot like Joy Behar?

Why do they want to make their viewers dumb?

It’s so perverse inflicting her like they are…

Her opinions are like a drug that makes brains numb.

Many a thing you know you’d like to tell her

Millions of things she doesn’t know and more

But how do you make her stay

And listen to what you say

When her IQ is stuck at eighty-four?

Why can’t they fire an idiot like Joy Behar?

 Why won’t they show that imbecile the door?


Pointer: Steve Witherspoon

44 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Month (And STUPID Beyond Belief, As Usual): Joy Behar Of ABC’s “The View”

  1. I’ve long suspected that Behar’s middle name is Dunning-Kruger. There aren’t many people whose perception of their own intelligence is as far from their actual brainpower as Joy’s is.

  2. Brilliant! I love your song parodies!

    I saw that article a couple of days ago. I want to believe that there are Democrats out there who would explain how ridiculous a strategy that is and how Americans look to them to lead by example. Going high, indeed. I wonder if Mrs. Obama watches “The View”?

  3. Behar wrote a book called *The Great Gasbag* about Trump and the people who support him. I think it’s a more apt description of herself., Perhaps someone could write a biography about her with the title being *The Fool On The View*.

  4. Hi Jack,

    I wonder if you knew she’s a comedian?

    That’s her claim to fame. Stand up, etc.

    While I don’t like her or the show, AT ALL, I think it makes this AMAZING blog look ignorant when there’s no mention she’s a comedian and says a LOT of stuff about every subject with the same type of delivery.

    She is like many comics… insulting and hiding behind being a comic.

    Again, don’t like her or the show, and saw a clip on YouTube today… and reminded myself why I don’t watch.

    Did you know her background as a comedian?

    I fact they used to have a segment… “Joys comic corner” where she interviewed comedians and did skits.

    In context some of the lines quoted here make sense…

    • Yep. Behar is a comedian, all right. She leaves me in stitches, she does. And, because she gets the Jester’s Pass, she can say every dumb, ill-informed, uneducated thing she wants. So, I guess the Jester’s Pass relieves her of any consequence for looking like a fool.

      The thing is, she really believes the stupid things she says. She is belligerent, abusive, and arrogant.

      • I’m not saying it makes it ok. I quit watching the view years ago when they attacked any conservatives person.

        I regularly wrote from the shows website, reporting the rude comments and the worst offender BAck then was fired.

        I just want to make sure it’s known I LOVE THIS BLOG and it’s the ONLY voice I trust.

        J refer my left friends here weekly.

        I think Joy says ridiculous things and again, haven’t watched for years, except this morning a YouTube clip with Kim Kardashian and promoting Kanye West’s new album.

        Joy was kind and restrained talking to Kim but I saw some clips of political nature and thought “so sad… the sheep.”

        Take care

        • Comedians trying to be pundits almost never come off as anything other than jerks, i.e. that stupid “cockholster” comment.

          Hey, what poker game do mermaids play?

          Five COD draw! 😀

          Honk! Honk! Wocka! Wocka!

    • Of course I know she’s a comedian. Whoopi was once a respected comic and dramatic actress. Rosie O’Donnel was on the show, and she was almost always ugly and angry. But the ladies of the View are not there to do what made them famous. They are pundits. People care what they say because we have a sick celebrity culture: if you are famous, you must be smart. Read that extended quote from Joy–were you rolling on the floor? Were those jokes? Of course not. I’ve written a lot of comic material, skits, revues, parodies, sometimes for money. Does that mean I can credibly argue than an ethics post someone objects to is a joke? No. Behar doesn’t get the “clown nose on/ clown nose off” dodge. She as accountable for what she says as any other TV pundit.

      • I just hear her being sarcastic and saying those things not in a serious way. Though…
        She is leftist…

        She also made jokes about Hillary doing stuff to Bill, way out of line, and other stuff so I think she abd Whoopi’s and Rosie too said unfunny stuff butJoy has always been more shocking and sarcastic.

        That being said, it’s not defending her, I just think it’s part of her style AND I think it’s as irresponsible as the late night comics being wayyyyyy not funny when they say illegal things.

        Thanks for clarifying. I thought maybe you didn’t know and wanted to make sure.

        I understand and agree with most you said.
        Thanks again for all you do.

        I refer back here weekly to make sure I’ve not lost my mind.

    • MM

      Whether Behar was a standup comic in another life or not is irrelevant to her role on a show described as a morning show that discusses political issues from a women’s perspective not a comedy act.

      Whoppi Goldberg is also a comic but does not hide behind the comedian status when confronted on some of her totalitarian rants. What if the little corporal simply claimed he was just joking would/ should we believe him.

  5. Do people like this not understand that if any confiscation-by-force scheme didn’t result in a civil war that would put us into a second Dark Age, then nothing would? It’s doubtful we would have ever had a revolution had the British never marched on Concord to seize an important arms cache. We’re still at least 6 to 8 generations of leftist indoctrination away from that not being “the” line in the sand.

  6. Excellent “Maria” parody – worthy of some of the old Mad Magazine creations.
    Now, please do a Schiff-oriented “I’ve got a little list”! If anyone deserve is, it’s him!

    • Of course she’s an idiot, but I can’t possibly believe she actually believes half of what she says. She must have some inkling of what would happen if someone like Beto did what she proposes. She’s just one of the horde of Progressives who have shed all of their pretense because of the cover they receive from the MSM. They know they will never be called out by anybody or any organization they respect. But I do believe in their pea-sized brains this is what they would like to see happen. All they need is to gain back the power.
      They thought that they had it in the bag in 2016. Their vision of a Progressive utopia was within their grasp. Then the unthinkable happened. Now, on a daily basis, they demonstrate their hatred for Trump, and by association, all those who support him. Any attack is fair game because the ends just the means. For three years they belittled and mocked us; they called us white supremacists, homophobic/transphobic, racists.
      But now it is election time, and they will be asking us to vote them back into power so that all their political wet-dreams can be realized. Fortunately, every time she or Maher or Colbert or Beto or Warren or AOC or whomever on the uber-left utter nonsense like this, it’s another nail in the coffin that will keep them from winning in 2020. And that’s a good thing … perhaps even an ethical thing.

        • I know they WANT it to be so. I just have trouble believing that they think that by disparaging half the country will get them what they want. Are they really that deranged?

          • I just have trouble believing that they think that by disparaging half the country will get them what they want.

            In the last election Trump won by a sliver, didn’t he? If the Democrats had better managed their campaign and if they could have prepared for such a radical force as Trump turned out to be (disrupting the ways politics is conducted, as he did), America would likely not have this president. Trump and his team (I watched interviews of them) did not believe they would win — and then they did.

            Though it looks as if Trump has a better-than-average chance of winning in 2020, his win will only lead to greater polarization in the country (if the present conflicts are an indicator). If that is so then it is hard to predict where the situation will lead. Now, a low-simmering civil unrest by the *Resistance*. What is going to happen next? There seem to be no precedents.

            But in the long run — this is suggested by numerous who offer their opinion — the demographics is on the side of the Democrat Party. Again, the ‘base” that elected Trump succeeded because they blind-sided the Establishment. But it was a thin margin if the total population is considered.

            The polarity that is being established, and which has its roots in Marxist organizing techniques and the Marxist revolutionary praxis, has led to the conditions of the present in which there is clearly visible a deeply situated and highly resentful sentiment of anti-whiteness. But the white demographic is diminishing, not increasing, and if Trump’s political base remains a largely white base, as it certainly is, their power and influence will, with time, diminish.

            It seems to me there is a false-optimism among those who have come both to tolerate Trump and those who support him. It must be faced squarely (in my opinion) that what we now see among large segments of the present population, that is their Trump-hatred, is an indicator of where things will continue to go as the opposing demographic increases and as the present Trump-supporting (and white) demographic decreases.

            But with that said, it does seem to me that no one that I read or watch seems confident in predicting what the next stages will be. It is like there is an invisible wall there inhibiting *seeing* into the future.

            Even Sybil the Soothsayer is Silent!

    • Good idea. You would be amazed at how many parodies of Ko-Ko’s song Ive written, the first being when I played the role as a junior in high school. The big laugh line was “And that singer who sells orange juice but persecutes the fruits”—Pop Quiz: who was Ko-Ko referring to?

      • Anita Bryant?

        Unfortunately, Jack, your use of the word “fruits” in that way when you were 17 years old means that you must now be cancelled, your career ended, your life ruined. I wish it wasn’t so, but them’s the rules in 2019. You are obviously an unrepentant monster who is literally worse than Hitler.

        • Yes, I know. In those days, gays were just a theory: I thought I didn’t know any, I thought I had never met one. I thought “fruits” was lighter than the alternatives then in use, “fags,” “homos,’ and “queers.” “Gays” wasn’t even in common usage.

          It wasn’t until college, when I got to know, through theater, one of the best human beings I have ever met, and one of the gayest imaginable, that my education on this issue really began.

  7. Joy Behar’s stupidity is jaw-dropping, and they give this woman a soap-box to proclaim her bull shit to the world! Behar’s continued presence on the The View is a direct reflection of the morons producing the show and ABC.

    An Aside: Can you imagine how stupid the offspring would be if Behar hooked up with this moron who wants to imprison people because he thinks the free speech of those he opposes incites crimes against humanity…

    …we’d end up with more idiotic hive drones like the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    The kind of stupidity represented by Behar’s comment is becoming far too common place in our society, in circles of social justice advocates/warriors it’s expected to virtue signal regardless of how stupid it sounds. Gin up emotions of stupid people that are susceptible to emotional triggering. The ends justify the means.

    “Our apathetic 21st century society has allowed the golden rule, human respect, basic decency, logic, critical thinking, and civility to be crushed like a bug under the heavy intimidating boot of anti-social stupid people.”

    “It all boils down to this; you can’t fix stupid but you can stand side-by-side with other intelligent people and speak out against the emotional driven lunacy that stupid people are presenting as the only valid truth. If we continue to allow stupid people’s voices to be the only public voices that are being heard the stupid people will continue to think they’re right and they’ll suck in more stupid people into their irrational delusions.”

  8. Word on the street is that Pet Rocks are outraged by your slam on their intelligence, but other than that, two thumbs way up!! Is there a greatest hits/compilation album in the works?

    • I am not sure if Amy Robach is angry because ABC canned the story or because Ronin Farrow is getting accolades she thinks rightfully belong to her.

      This does bring to mind two questions (at the very least):

      1. Did ABC can the story because it involved Bill Clinton and would have a negative impact on Hillary’s campaign?

      2. Why did Amy Robach sit back and let ABC can the story? Why didn’t she shop it to other networks or outlets? Is there some kind of non-competition/non-disclosure of work product developed at ABC preventing her from doing so?


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