Comment Of The Day: The Betrayal And Ultimate Triumph Of Dorothy Seymour Wills”

The smartest –and most ethical—thing John and Paul ever did: agreeing to share credit for every song, no matter who wrote it.

On the topic of authors being reluctant or resistant to sharing authorship credits,I wrote in a replay in a comment to the post,

I have shared the authorship credits of several stage shows where I was the initiator and the creator of 75-95% or more. There are two shows, a drama and a musical, that have made substantial money without my sharing in any of it—one because I added co-authors out of respect for their non-authorship contributions, the other for which I got no credit at all despite making the alterations that made the difference between the show being a hit and a flop. My wife thinks I’m a sap and a patsy. No, I think sharing credit liberally is the right thing to do, and that generosity should be the rule, not the exception. And I will continue to do unto others what they should have done unto me, even if the others usually don’t.

Here is a different personal perspective on the issue, in mermaidmary99’s Comment of the Day on the post, “The Betrayal And Ultimate Triumph Of Dorothy Seymour Wills”:

I was a record producer in the early 1980’s. (Still am.)

In ones early 20’s it was unheard of to be a producer unless one was in the group. To be a woman in their early 20’s was shocking to most every man who would arrive to the studio to see me in charge. They often assumed my boss was coming.

The men were always respectful and helpful as I cut my teeth in those early days.

How did I get a job like that?

The label owner, who was a studio musician and had played with The Righteous Brothers and other acts, had heard 3 songs I wrote on an album (my boss chose them and was the producer) and loved them. He asked my boss who wrote them, and he said I had. (And that I assisted on production on those too) so the owner said. “have her write and produced the next record, this stuff is amazing!”

So along with my then boyfriend, I did.

Yes, later I was a mom and asked to produce for another label. (Women producers were still unheard of) and I accepted. I asked my husband to help.

I’ll never forget his reply.

He kindly declined saying. If he did, I’d not get the credit, They’d think, “Oh, she helped her husband and probably nagged for credit.”

I was hurt because I wanted him to share in it. He explained nicely again how it wouldn’t support my Dream. And he LOVED producing too .

I’ve often felt lucky he was so supportive, and reading this I realize how very fortunate I am to have had him by my side.

I’m glad this story is being told. This woman deserves credit and I can see why men would both want her to, and not.

Insecurity is abundant in all both sexes. So is security. Thankfully voices are speaking up.

I have been told lately I should as well, as woman producers are not as rare now at all.

Maybe I will make that Wiki page after all.


4 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: The Betrayal And Ultimate Triumph Of Dorothy Seymour Wills”

  1. “I was a record producer in the early 1980’s. (Still am.)”

    Wow … You’re stuck in time?
    If time moves on while a person stays in a certain time slot, is that a case of time travel?

    • hahahaha!!! That’s hilarious… especially when you attend a Music Trade show and see people still stuck in the 80’s. Usually men with Long hair, (now grey) who haven’t figured out we’re not there anymore. 😉 so your comment made me laugh.

  2. I also have always shared writing credits for songs. Even with Kids who wrote a line or in some cases an adult who suggested a word. 5% minimum.

    I have known that without their contribution, especially when I was stuck, I would not have been able to stand behind the song.

    I also wrote a children’s cartoon short (30 mins) and the “co-writers” contribution was about 10%. BUT, she showed up for every session with the story editor and tried. AND, her ideas, even the “bad” ones, were part of what would eventually spark something in me. Without her, the show would not have been the award winning “hit” it was. (that’s another story)

    Her last name started with a letter before mine so the first credit on the show was her name. I was often asked WHY?????

    Why not? My name appeared as Director, creator, actor, writer of all 9 songs, and more. it got tiring seeing it. I suppose i embarrass easily in that way, not sure why but my mom told me at 3 if too much attention or fuss was given when I did something cute, I would get shy. And I got a LOT of attention.

    I have also been credited by writers for what I thought was minimal.

    AND then, there are the people who want to sit and argue how it was all their idea… contribution, etc.

    They don’t collaborate often, and well… it’s important to be kind, no matter how talented one thinks one is.

    I can’t believe I made a second comment of the day!! And, I’m a woman!! hahahahhaha.

    oh by the way…

    I share my story often how MEN in the work place gave ME my opportunties with NO sexual stuff EVER involved. Not even a hint of it, and they were WHITE men!!!

    I don’t have the same victim experience many women do. I have often asked myself how come? And i think it was because my dad told me from an early age, “you can do whatever you want” and he took me fishing, at one year old, I worked with him along side his hobbies, and just never saw him treat my brother or me differently except I was expected to wear dresses all the time!!! (not when we played outside) and was taught “act like a lady.”

    So I always felt comfortable around men and boys and asked a lot of questions. I think my curiosity was why men took me seriously as far as giving me opportunities. I try to share that with women, and some just stare at me like I’m nuts.

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