Comment Of The Day: “KABOOM! Anti-White Stereotyping At The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture”

This is a historic moment for Ethics Alarms. Glenn Logan has scored three (3) Comments of the Day in a row, and has a fourth that will not be consecutive idling on the runway.  Today is is particularly well-timed, as it prepares us for the horrors to come today on this space. Be warned.

The “plaint above” that he refers to at the outset is this, Glenn’s earlier COTD on the same post.

Here is the follow-up to that comment, and Glenn Logan’s Comment of the Day on the post, “KABOOM! Anti-White Stereotyping At The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture”:

You know, after I wrote the plaint above, I forgot once again to consider the ethics of this matter. As this is an ethics blog and not a political site or repository for polemics against … whatever insult heaped upon our collective sensibilities today (and cranial detonations are certainly polemic-worthy), I guess I need to offer whatever my meager brain can conjure regarding the subject matter of Jack’s home on the Internet.

I wonder what ethical principle allows non-whites to hold the descendants of this country’s founders in contempt for the practices, language, and culture they adopted and adapted for their own? I know the New York Times wants to argue that black people founded and built this country under the whips of white masters, but the objective, historical truth is far different from their bizarre, revisionist perspective.

When did it become the ethical duty of white people to learn other languages, change their culture to fit the sensibilities of minority immigrants and former slaves, reject the founding principles of the country founded by majority white Anglo-Saxon descendants? Is this true of just the USA, or are all former slave-holding countries bound to do this? Or does this apply only to majority white countries. What guiding ethical principle provides for this self-immolation?

Perhaps it is our “whiteness,”” and the ethical system whites have created over 250+ years that blind us. It seems like we are being asked to abandon our “white ethics” in favor of something else, although I have yet to see anyone propose a system that we should adopt in it’s stead, or the ethical imperative that commands us to do so. Rather, what I see is condemnation and demands that we submit to guilt and reparation.

Is it all about the fact that our many-times-removed relatives may have owned slaves? Is the fact that we fought a bloody war against our own race and even relatives to abolish that great evil from our country 150+ years ago irrelevant to the now — something no other slave-holding culture of any race has ever done? Is it the fact that, like all things, our id does not always listen when our intellect demands the banishment of the concept of “other” based on skin color, and it takes many decades to purge it from our society? Does it matter that other races, the very ones who are demanding white change, face this problem in equal measure? Are our imperfections the ethical imperative to banish 250+ years of culture and adopt something completely different that has a universal track record of failure?

And what perfection of ethical purpose do proponents of this change possess? Are they somehow more pure, more ethically profound, than than those who founded this country and its ideals and culture? Is African, Latino, Asian, or other ethnicity and the ethical systems they may have developed so objectively superior that we should abandon our own culture and adopt them? If so, which ones?

The disdain for “whiteness,” obviously, is profoundly unethical using any system of which I am aware. Except, apparently, in this perhaps 10-year old system of “woke,” in which ethical superiority in all things is granted to minorities not because their systems are more pure, more just, more profound, more moral or more honest — but rather, because they are offended by whites, white history, and what whites have created.

Color me unconvinced.

6 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “KABOOM! Anti-White Stereotyping At The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture”

  1. This COTD needs to be read by everyone. I would like to see it read on the floors of the House and Senate. In a perfect world it would be a prime time address to the nation.

    This is a true “conversation starter”.

  2. Obviously, I see the general disdain for “whiteness” in leftist circles, and those same circles are notoriously bad at separating “whiteness” from “white people”, which makes them… you know…. racists.

    But I don’t see disdain for “White Culture” when I look at that graphic. I think that might be thin-skinned. I looked that graphic up and down and said; “Yeah, this is American culture. It’s not *White* American culture, it’s the steak and potatoes of the melting pot.” There’s nothing on that that demonstrates disdain to the target audience, almost all of it describes positive attributes (which might be why the left was so eager to bury it). Sure, they’re stereotypes, sure, your mileage may vary, sure, some don’t apply, but I’m proud of being a “rugged individualist” and you should be too! Protestant work ethics? Emphasis on the scientific method? Sounds good to me.

    Where the disdain comes in is in the negative spaces. Assuming that all those cultural artifacts are inherent to white culture, with the implication that other cultures are merely appropriating them is…. Exceptionally shitty. Hanging it up in a museum for African American content is insane. Other cultures don’t value science? They don’t believe hard work is the key to success? They prefer dependency to individualism? What the hell was the message? Who was it for? What does it say about the author?

    • HT
      individualism is being taught as something that is bad in schools – such that it is a trait of white supremacy.

      The poster must be shown juxatposed to the curriculum in public schools to see the effect. You and I believe these are positive traits but if they are taught in schools that these traits are bad because you are a white supremacist if you adopt them you will associate them as bad traits.

      • Read the preceding post. Specifically, you should read the teacher training slide at the end along with the side notes that explain the traits.

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