Observations On Biden’s Choice Of Kamala Harris As His Running Mate [UPDATED]

1. Ethics Alarms readers called it! Among those who were willing to choose the least bad of the three choices remaining to Biden, given his mandate to choose a black woman, Harris was the winner.

2. How objectively awful is Kamala Harris? This is the woman Joe Biden placed a heartbeat from the presidency, from the post here of December 3,  2019:

Let us stipulate: the failure of Kamala Harris to thrive in the race for the Democratic nomination for President was not because Democratic voters are racist or sexist.  It is because she was a lousy candidate from the beginning. Checking off boxes is never enough, thank heaven. She is a woman, “of color,” a lawyer and a Senator from a large and powerful state. To top it all off, Harris is relatively young, and attractive. Perfect!

Except it was easy to see that she was an empty suit with a penchant for saying stupid things, often things she couldn’t possibly believe and that contradicted her record as a prosecutor. She said that it was “outrageous” that the Trump administration wanted to deport illegal immigrants who had committed crimes. [Me: “It is not and cannot be “outrageous” to say that any illegal immigrant, criminal or not, qualifies for deportation. To maintain otherwise is to say that the United States cannot enforce its immigration laws, and not only that, it is “outrageous” to enforce the laws. Is that the position of the Democratic Party? “] She said that she supported legalizing pot because it brought people “joy.” You know, like heroin, rape, and child molesting. She said, when Joe Biden correctly pointed out that a President could not ban “assault weapons” by executive order, she responded, “Well, I mean, I would just say, hey, Joe, instead of saying, no, we can’t, let’s say yes, we can.”  Horrified when she saw the exchange,, law prof Ann Althouse wrote, “The transcript cannot convey the feeling and expression in Kamala Harris’s  [ response]. It is so awful, so lightweight and dismissive of constitutional law (and without any of the dignity of constitutional critique.”

There are plenty more catalogued here, and it is hardly exhaustive. Harris flopped because she proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was unqualified to be a Senator, much less a President. As if that wasn’t enough, she couldn’t manage her campaign, which had disintegrated into finger-pointing and defections. When Barack Obama was challenged in 2008 over his lack of leadership experience, he cited the success of his campaign. Slim indeed, but  Harris couldn’t even say that.

As the writing on the wall began to be undeniable, Harris stooped to race- and gender baiting, expressing doubts as to whether a “woman of color” could be elected President (in such a racist, sexist nation, she implied.) No, Senator it’s just that you can’t be elected.

3. It’s old news, but I think it is fair to say that Martin Luther King’s “content of their character” line is officially in the ash-heap of history. All the “100 black leaders” who signed a letter threatening and insulting Biden (and whites generally)–“Failing to select a Black woman in 2020 means YOU WILL lose the election, we don’t want to choose between the lesser of two evils, we don’t want to vote the devil we know vs. the devil we don’t because we’re tired of voting for devils period”—care about is the color of a candidate’s skin. Is that progress? The deterioration of principle and idealism in the black community is almost as depressing  as the fact that a rapper like Puffy Combs can be listed as a black leader.

If I wanted to be unfair, I could say that Joe showed he could be dictated to by voting blocs, but he had already thoroughly painted himself into a corner, or his party had. #MeToo took male Democrats out of consideration–which is absurd, but never mind—and the George Floyd Freakout made Biden groveling for the ” Whites are Evil” vote a foregone conclusion. Biden’s team, hardly convincingly, tried to keep the illusion alive that he was considering more than color by pretending Elizabeth Warren was still a possibility. Who believed that?

4. So Biden’s first decision related to the Presidency, in which his duty is to choose a proven leader the American people can trust to take on the crushing challenges of being President, if it should come to that, and he makes it, not based on experience or ability, but on factors irrelevant to ability. Got it.

To be fair (again), he is hardly the first candidate for the White House to use factors other than competence to determine a running mate. After all, Obama chose Joe Biden. Dan Quayle was chosen by Bush the Elder because he was admired by the Religious Right that distrusted H.W. Quick: who ran for President with the immortal Bill Miller as his running mate? Then there was the previous Democratic woman tapped for VP: Geraldine Ferraro.

That there is precedent for candidates being irresponsible is no excuse for it. Still, some really bad choices  have turned out surprisingly well. Truman was an irresponsible choice. Garfield didn’t pick Chester A. Arthur—the party did—but he was less promising than  Harris. Both Arthur and Truman were pleasant surprises. Truman was probably the closest comp for Harris’s situation. FDR’s inner circle knew he was unlikely to survive his fourth term, but the public did not. How many potential voters are aware that Biden is a hairsbreadth away from needing a Visiting Angel? My guess? Not as many as you would think.

5. Given Biden’s unethical restrictions on his choice (“Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”) was Harris the best choice? Absolutely! Rice is completely principle free and incompetent.  Bass quickly exposed herself as neither trustworthy nor bright. I don’t know when Stay Abrams fell out of contention, but it was a good thing: she had fewer qualifications than any of them. Warren is the smartest and the most articulate, and also the most dangerous. She’s completely unscrupulous.

Thank goodness she isn’t black.

6. ADDED: That she’s the best of the terrible choices doesn’t mean Harris herself is anything terrible herself. Here is Kevin Williamson’s searing assessment.

24 thoughts on “Observations On Biden’s Choice Of Kamala Harris As His Running Mate [UPDATED]

  1. She stated that she believed the women accusing him of sexual harassment or worse, and they were courageous to come forward. So, she believed his accusers last year, but this year she’s willing to be his VP? What’s wrong with this picture?

  2. She’s just a black Hillary Clinton, power hungry and without principles. If only spineless Joe Biden had responded to the 100 black ‘leaders’ by responding to their demand by forcefully telling them to go straight to hell I might have some respect for the man. But he’s as unprincipled as Harris.

  3. The December 3rd 2019 post has a lot to recommend it. My favorite part is the comments, especially this one here:
    -Joe Fowler
    -DECEMBER 4, 2019 AT 12:40 AM
    -I think that Harris may have a chance as a demographically desirable VP running mate for the eventual
    -nominee. She may even be viewed as necessary, given all the boxes she checks. As to whether she
    -would accept a subservient position, particularly to a male politician, her background with Willie Brown
    -certainly indicates that she is a gal who can go along to get along.

    Seriously though, I think this was inevitable given the “requirements” that Biden’s puppetmasters are working with. A black woman, who has some actual political experience. She’s a terrible choice, and she is effectively running for President, (a Trojan candidate). From the beginning of her political career, under Willie Brown, with her gaze towards the future and her feet towards the ceiling, she’s been chasing power. They will try to position her as a law-and-order moderate, and count on the black vote coming through for them in spite of her background as an agressive prosecutor, putting away many, many “mostly peaceful” minority violent criminals. I doubt the former is saleable, although the latter may pan out.
    The Trump campaign will have a field day with her, and I will enjoy every minute of it. The gloves that must remain somewhat on for Biden, due to his dementia, will be off for Kamala. Her penchant for saying deeply stupid things at exactly the wrong time will be icing on the cake, her existing record and background is plenty bad enough.

  4. Where does Harris’s “blackness” come from? I learned today that her parentage consists of one parent from India, and the other parent from Jamaica. So what”s African about her? By the way, I will not apologize for my ignorance of her ancestry.

    • No, you’re right. She is not an African American. But Jamaican counts as “Black.”

      Indians are the wealthiest race, by personal income, in all of the United States, far out-earning Whites on average. To be born in India is unlucky, but to be born Indian-American just might be the utmost kind of privilege. Most Indian Americans are extremely wealthy by the standards of their own country, even before moving here.

      A good part of India’s sluggishness as it struggles to climb out of 3rd World status has to do with its best, brightest, and wealthiest citizens fleeing their country in droves.

    • luckyesteeyoreman wrote, “Where does Harris’s “blackness” come from? I learned today that her parentage consists of one parent from India, and the other parent from Jamaica. So what”s African about her?”

      It’s really irrelevant because she’s a person of color (POC), as in non-white, therefore she checks the box with social justice warriors. All that other heredity stuff only makes a difference when making comparisons with other POC’s.

    • Her mother is from Tamil Nadu, a state in Southern India. That part of India was settled by dravidians who are mostly African. This is unlike most of India, who are descendant from Eastern Europe.
      Once you are familiar with where in India people are from, it becomes easy to recognize. The Tamil share many stereotypical features with Africans, large frame, darker skin and similar facial features.
      She’s probably got more African DNA than many blacks in America.

  5. Here is an important quote from Senator Harris.


    “Local law enforcement must be able to use their discretion to determine
    who can carry a concealed weapon,” said Kamala Harris, who was then the
    California Attorney General.

    If systemic racism exists, how would that affect how local law enforcement uses their discretion.

  6. I think Biden made a poor choice, but he allowed himself nothing but poor choices When you pick someone who is almost certainly going to occupy the highest office in the land you choose them because they are up to the job, not because they check boxes.

    Tactically I think Kamala Harris is not a good choice because she will push the far left away (if you want to defund the police how likely are you to vote for a career prosecutor?) and she will not bring in any swing state. I also think she has said some crazy stuff that will energize the right. She’s also not well-liked. She was polling what, 2% during the primary? Among DEMOCRATS, no less? Then there’s the fact that she’s been chasing power all her life, even willing to try to earn it by granting sexual favors. After her the choices got worse, though, as you pointed out. The sole better choice, tactically, Warren, was color-challenged.

    Frankly this is the least inspiring ticket the Democratic Party has fielded in my life, and that includes Carter/Mondale. Joe has neither the messianic charisma of Obama nor the unctuous charm of Bill Clinton. He’s not a blank slate like Obama that you can project your hopes and dreams onto, and electing him isn’t going to make history. He’s trying to be a blank slate by hiding, but he can’t hide forever. However, where does this put Harris? Is he going to let her do all the heavy lifting? Is he going to limit her so she can’t upstage him? And in the end what is their platform? We hate Trump? Forget it. I thought I had no good choice in 2016, there is only one choice this time out, and it’s not Biden/Harris.

    Of course the libs I know on facebook are reacting the opposite way, from some saying that “well, I was hoping for someone more progressive, but I’m all in because Trump must go,” to “You go girl! This sister’s going to rip Mike Pence up one side and down the other, and I can’t wait to see it!” Pence said it best, “See you in SLC.”

  7. On December 3, 2019 after Kamala Harris dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination for President I wrote this…

    “They lost the only candidate that checked all their progressive and social justice boxes, she should have skated through to the nomination.”

    …then in March Joe Biden publicly committed to pick a woman as Vice President.

    …then in late May the George Floyd racial and social justice train wreck happened and the open violence, subversion and sedition in the streets from the extreme left began. Don’t forget the statement from the Marxist led Black Lives Matter leadership; “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it” and the irrational cries in the streets from stupid people advocating to defund and/or abolish the police.

    …then the big public push for Biden to pick a black woman really got a head of steam.

    …now we have the presumptive Democratic Party Presidential nominee Joe Biden, who will be 78 years old in November 2020, picking Kamala Harris as his Vice President.

    So now we have a 77 year old Democratic Party Presidential Candidate that, in my opinion, has publicly shown signs of age related mental deterioration, kowtowing to the social justice extreme left by picking a running mate that’s a heartbeat away from the Presidency that checks all the boxes for progressives, social justice warriors and the Marxist led Black Lives Matter.

    The left leaning media will do the same thing they did when Obama ran for President and during his presidency, they’ll push the false notion that anyone that’s against the Democratic Party ticket is an anti-black racist which will feed directly into the racial and social justice train wreck that’s been bastardized from a movement to get justice for George Floyd into a irrational massive political movement towards totalitarianism.

    How do I think the political left will vote in November?

    • I think those hard core Liberals in the political left that have always voted for the Democratic Party regardless of who the candidates are will vote for the all of the Democratic Party candidates on the ballot and hope that Biden survives for four years.

    • I think the more extreme political left will vote for all the Democratic Party candidates on the ballot and hope that Biden doesn’t survive beyond January 23, 2023 thus making Kamala Harris the President for just under two years and eligible to be elected as President of the United States two more times.

    • I think moderate Liberals will do one of three things, hold their nose and vote Democratic Party just to get rid of Trump, see the serious problem with the progressive movement towards totalitarianism and vote for Trump, or they won’t vote at all.

    Remember, the Democrats what control of the Senate, the House and the White House and it’s really important for them to have this so they can expand the seats in the Supreme court to load it up with fully consumed progressive activist judges. What do you think the Democrats will do when they have “control” over the three branches of government, I think the Constitution will be their next target. Is that fear mongering, maybe so, but to my defense they have made their goals pretty damn clear over the last few years.

    Lastly; based on what you’ve seen happen so far in 2020, what do you think will happen if the Democrats don’t win big in November?

    • I think you are wrong.
      I think Harris will lose support for Biden, and that the next set of polls, as untrustworthy as they are, will show that.
      I think the chances of a Biden landslide are zero.
      I think the chances of a Trump landslide are much better.
      I think the most likely result is another result where Trump wins a majority of the vote in 49 states and a huge Biden majority in California makes it another Electoral College win for Trump.
      I think the progressives will go nuts.

      • Jack wrote, “I think you are wrong.”

        Maybe; it really is all speculation right now.

        Jack wrote, “I think the chances of a Biden landslide are zero.”

        At this point in time I completely agree with you on that point.

        In addition, I think the voters for Trump will be coming out in droves, I’m beginning to think it might be more than we saw in 2016.

        Jack wrote, “I think the progressives will go nuts.”

        I do too.

        I don’t see any end to what’s happening in our streets no matter who wins the election; if the Democrats loose it will be anger induced violence, it the Democrats win they will feel enabled and kick up their violence a notch to try and ram more of their nonsense down the throat of the public. The Marxist revolutionaries in the streets will not stop.

    • • I think moderate Liberals will do one of three things, hold their nose and vote Democratic Party just to get rid of Trump, see the serious problem with the progressive movement towards totalitarianism and vote for Trump, or they won’t vote at all.

      Biden won the primaries in large part due to these moderate liberals, many who have voted for Trtump is the last election because they were alarmed at the direction the Democratic Party was taking, as Matthew Yglesias described in his article “The Great Awokening” Joe Biden was the non-Woke candidate.

      Their biggest problem is with the rest of the Democratic Party, when even those in national leadership positions accused federal agents sent to protect a federal courthouse of being stormtroopers.

  8. ” The sugar industry grew quickly in Jamaica—in 1672 there were 70 plantations producing 772 tonnes of sugar per annum—growing in the 1770s to over 680 plantations. By 1800, it was 21,000 English to 300,000 enslaved Africans. In 1820 there were 5,349 properties in Jamaica of which 1,189 contained over 100 enslaved Africans.”

    Importation of new slaves was banned in 1807. Emancipation followed 25 years later.

    • Now had they offered a dish of goat curry, that would have been insensitive, as it plays up to a stereotype about Jamaicans. Fried Chicken? Just another foreign fast food, like pizza or General Tso’s chicken. Virtually unknown in Jamaica, as I believe goat curry is in the US.

      Yet somehow, in the US this was seen as racist.

      Unlike the so called “World Series” in rounders, or baseball as it is sometimes referred to, cricket is an international game, and the West Indian cricketers are legendary, and attract enthusiastic, even fanatical crowds from their nation to cheer them on. Being an Australian, Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan etc stuck amidst a sea of them can be a little awkward, and passing round some Mars Bars or similar goodies is a great icebreaker.

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