Ethics Train Wreck Déjà Vu In Kenosha

Now THIS is “blood on their hands!

Three people were shot overnight in Kenosha, Wisconsin in  the third straight night of “mostly peaceful protests,” aka “rioting and looting” in response to a police shooting which may have been completely justified. Two of last night’s shooting victims died. Meanwhile, the mobs damaged and burned buildings and businesses around the city. Here’s a car lot torched by the “peaceful protesters”:

As we have seen with the George Floyd mob rule and before that, the riots in Atlanta (over the similarly ambiguous Wendy’s shooting), Ferguson (Mike Brown) and Baltimore (Freddie Gray), this damage to innocent people and their businesses is being “justified”—in truth, nothing could justify it—as a reaction to racism and police brutality when neither have been demonstrated by an investigation. But as we have seen, Facts Don’t Matter, and due process for cops doesn’t exist. Eager to disrupt society and seize power as supine politicians snivel, opportunistic revolutionaries along with some well-meaning but misguided activists, are savaging a community and causing far more damage than the original incident, based on supposition, bias, and raw emotion.

Other than the rioters themselves, these are the responsible individuals and organizations:

  • The anonymous cell phone videographer, who deliberately edited out the firs part of the sequence that led to the police shooting of Jacob Blake.
  • Tony Evers, the clownish Democratic Governor of Wisconsin, who sicced Black Lives Matter mobs on Kenosha by incriminating police without having any information other than the fact that there was a police shooting, how many shots were fired, and the race of the victim. The results were completely predictable, and his statements approached negligent homicide.
  • The mainstream news media, which continues to try to deny that the violence being perpetrated  by the Black Lives Matter-antifa alliance is violence. This tweet by the Times is the essence of Rationalization #64, “It isn’t what it is,” as well as a Jumbo: “Violence? What violence?” I honetly thought this was a Babylon Bee gag when I saw it:

Yup, those fires just came on the scene and ruined those peaceful marches!

Here’s another smoking gun. CNN displayed a chyron during “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.” that read, “8PM Curfew Ordered After Violent Protests Over Police Shooting Of Unarmed Black Man In Wisconsin.” About 15 seconds later, CNN scrubbed “violent,” so the scroll read, “8PM Curfew Ordered After Protests Over Police Shooting Of Unarmed Black Man In Wisconsin.”

  • Black Lives Matter leaders, who are directly inciting violence. Here’s a recent exhortation:

  • Every mayor who has authorized Black Lives Matter-supporting art and public signs, every business and sports organization that has meekly signaled complicity with a violent, racist movement, every cynical politician who panders for the worst of the African American vote by making excuses for vandals, arsonists and criminals, and pledging support for their “cause.”
  • Irresponsible celebrities who have declared the Kenosha police guilty or racism and brutality without due process or facts. Here, for example, is LeBron James, who knows nothing about what happened in Kenosha, nothing about how police are trained, yet used his outsized influence among black Americans, especially the young, to blather,

“I know people get tired of hearing me say it but we are scared as a Black people in America. Black men, Black women, Black kids, we are terrified….There were multiple moments where if they wanted to, they could’ve tackled him. They could’ve grabbed him. They could’ve done that. Why does it always have to get to a point where we see the guns firing and his family is there and the kids are there.”

It doesn’t, you idiot. It doesn’t get to that point if people cooperate with police like responsible citizens instead of resisting, fighting, trying to flee and reaching for objects that an officer might think is a weapon.

And tackling worked out so well for Eric Garner, didn’t it?

These people and organizations  ought to be held accountable for the deaths, property damage, destruction of lives and national chaos that they have enabled with their reckless words and irresponsible conduct.


60 thoughts on “Ethics Train Wreck Déjà Vu In Kenosha

  1. I think the aggressive, over-reacting covid lockdown promoters bear some responsibility for all these riots as well. Not having any work to go and sitting home with nothing to do to is a great additive for social unrest.

      • No, the left is totally in favor of the lockdowns and is very enthusiastic about them. People don’t have to work and get paid anyway by the government. The slacker left loves that and the lefty socialist people and legislators who want a guaranteed income love it. And it frees young people and lefties up to riot and tear down the existing order of things. Plus, the turmoil can be blamed on Trump in time for this fall’s election. The covid over-response and the BLM riots are the currently running, and completely complementary, lettered plans to remove Trump from office. I forget what letter we’re up to.

  2. I am beginning to suspect that all that arson, and other violence and threats of violence, is rehearsal for what we will see at polling places all over the country in November.

  3. Jack wrote:

    These people and organizations ought to be held accountable for the deaths, property damage, destruction of lives and national chaos that they have enabled with their reckless words and irresponsible conduct.

    Okay, but how do you do that, though? The Supreme Court has all but forced the abandonment of “incitement” because of First Amendment implications and the Brandenburg test.

    I assume that the speech and threats issued by BLM would not meet the Brandenburg test, even though the meme you posted seems pretty clearly an incitement to violence to me. But a court would probably not be convinced that “Fuck shit up” is sufficiently clear as to the desired outcome being violent.

    As far as James goes, who’s going to hold him accountable? Certainly not the BLM-supporting NBA. I’m not sure who’s left. China, perhaps (just kidding)?

    As to Tony Evers, well, we’ll have to wait for an election to see if the voters will hold him accountable. I suppose there could be a recall election like for Scott Walker, or the legislature could impeach and remove him. But even though Republicans control the majority of both houses in Wisconsin, I’d bet a large sum against either outcome.

    So in honesty, there seems to be no actual way any of the villains you’ve identified are likely to face even the least consequences for their actions. To the contrary, they are more likely to be praised and lionized than face even the smallest negative consequence.

    Such is the world we live in in 2020.

    • There are plenty of consequences short of a state or federal prosecutor bringing charges. The government doesn’t even need to get involved (except to arrest those physically engaging in violence and vandalism).

      – For one, politicians could CONDEMN reckless rhetoric, rather than ENCOURAGE it.

      – Companies could NOT donate to provocateurs, rather donate copiously to virtue signal.

      – Reporters could REPORT factually what these persons are doing and saying, rather than spin and bury.

      • Rich said:

        There are plenty of consequences short of a state or federal prosecutor bringing charges.

        But are there really? Lets see:

        – Politicians condemning it the reckless rhetoric — for political condemnation to be effective, it must be bipartisan. Do you see that happening? I don’t.

        – Companies rejecting the provocateurs — And risk alienating their constituencies? Perish the thought. I can’t think of a single major corporation who has remarked in a negative way about any of the people Jack mentioned.

        – Report the facts — I don’t know if this falls under the rubric of a “consequence.” To the contrary, even if they reported it as violent riots instead of peaceful demonstrations, I doubt if any of the participants or their enablers would trouble themselves to even notice.

    • Evers is directly responsible for these deaths in more ways than one. Yesterday Trump offered an additional 500 bodies to defend Kenosha, and Evers refused. This was not a random number; the police department had made it clear that they needed 750 additional men to protect the city, and Evers offered only 250. As a result, there were only enough cops to protect a few key areas, and the rioters just moved along to torch and destroy business further down.

      Having been told they are on their own, and with no police in sight, citizens turned to “militias” with guns.

  4. There is blood in the streets caused by people protecting themselves from violent rioters. Black lives matter, ANTIFA, and social justice warriors of all shapes and sizes now have some dead martyrs shot down in the streets, so now what?

    Here is one of the protesting martyrs putting his finger over a bullet hole after he pulled a handgun on someone protecting themself with a rifle.

    In an ironic twist the looters and rioters that are calling for defunding and abolishing police in Kenosha stood over their dead and wounded comrades and screamed for help from the police and pointing out the shooter to the police; seriously, they did. Now that they are the “victim” they want the police.

    This is the world we no live in.

    Does anyone think this is going to get better?

    • Here are more photos…

      This one is the man with the skateboard assaulting the man on the ground with the rifle…

      This one is after the skateboard assault and just a moment before the man with the handgun in his right hand (look closely it’s in the photo) drops his hand and aggressively advances (you can see this in all the videos) towards the man on the ground. He is shot in the right arm.

      Also in this photo you can see that the man that assaulted the man on the ground has dropped his skateboard and is clinching his chest as if he was shot in the chest.

      The man on the ground was in full self-defense mode after he tripped and fell to the ground. In my opinion view all the available video and photos I can find; regardless of what transpired before this happened, everything the man did after he fell to the ground until he stood up was 100% self defense, the only ones targeted were the one assaulting or about to assault. I’m sure there will be arguments that he was trying to murder others.

      • VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: In the video’s I’ve seen, after the man on the ground that shot others stood up he immediately walked straight to a police car at the end of the block with his hands held up. It appeared to me that he was giving up to the police. The video pans away right after he arrived at the police car.

        Why is the press saying that the shooter is at large when he physically walked straight to a police car immediately after the shootings?

        • I have seen people gnashing their teeth, news reports of “right-wing vigilantes”, and social media posts declaring that white people murder blacks in the streets right under the noses of cops and, not only are the murderers NOT arrested, they are thanked by the police. My response to them is this:

          “Why do you think a violent response to antifa and BLM busting things apart was not inevitable?”

          Antifa and BLM tear things up, burn buildings, spray paint stupid slogans on walls, assault people in restaurants (under the terrified gazes of restaurateurs and wait staff who do nothing) and they think people will just capitulate so that they don’t get their heads chopped off. When someone does strike back, then they whinge about the violence usually seeking protection from the very police they would execute in the street if they could. .


        • Rittenhouse (the shooter) walked up to three armored police vehicles with his hands up. He was asked where the injured were by the police, and he pointed down the street. At this point he was about a block away. The police drove on and never took interest in him once he directed them down the street.

          After the first shooting, he dialed 911 on his cell phone. Once the crowd started threatening him, he hung up and started to run.

          • Matthew B wrote, “Rittenhouse (the shooter) walked up to three armored police vehicles with his hands up. He was asked where the injured were by the police, and he pointed down the street. At this point he was about a block away. The police drove on and never took interest in him once he directed them down the street.”

            That was as they were passing him by.

            The video show clearly that he went straight to a police cruiser after that.

      • I would like to offer some sage advice here — attacking a man with a rifle is not a good idea, regardless of how strongly you feel about him. If you do such a thing, you should expect your life to be forfeit.

        If you just get a flesh wound in the arm, you should thank God or providence for your good fortune. In my view, both these guys attacking the rifleman were bucking for Darwin awards.

      • The man on the ground was in full self-defense mode after he tripped and fell to the ground.


        He was tripped as he was running away. Mr. now dead skateboard guy looped Rittenhouse’s foot and shoved Rittenhouse to the ground.

        • Matthew B wrote, “He was tripped as he was running away. Mr. now dead skateboard guy looped Rittenhouse’s foot and shoved Rittenhouse to the ground.”

          I don;’t know where you are getting your information from. The video doesn’t show that at all. The skateboard guy that attacked him was slightly ahead of him on the street and sucker attacked him from behind. As far as I can tell he was no where near the rifle man when he tripped. Check the video for yourself.

        • Matthew B wrote, “He was tripped as he was running away. Mr. now dead skateboard guy looped Rittenhouse’s foot and shoved Rittenhouse to the ground.”

          After slowing down the video it looks like the skateboard man ran up behind the shooter and hit him from behind with the skateboard swinging it like a baseball bat and after the skateboard made contact it flew off to the side where the skateboard guy went to retrieve it. I couldn’t see any tripping or pushing from the video angle but the shooter falling to the ground does appear to be a delayed reaction and a direct result of the actions of the skateboard guy.

          Note: The first guy that runs up and kicks the shooter (:14 second mark in the video) in the upper body after the shooter falls to the ground is one lucky SOB. There was a shot fired at him too but it didn’t look like he was hit as he walked towards the camera after he assaulted the guy on the ground.

      • They should be very careful what they charge this shooter with in regards to the two shooting victims in the videos.

        As of this point in time and after watching all the videos I can find and looking at all the photos I can find, I’ve got to say that any first degree murder charge against the shooter in relation to the skateboard attacker will be not guilty, it’s clearly self defense. Shooting the guy that pointed a pistol at him will also be self defense.

        Overall, this teenager deserves credit where credit is due. He showed restraint and respect for the firearm capabilities under extreme stress. This could have been much, much worse if the teenager hadn’t shown restraint. From what I could tell he didn’t fire at anyone that wasn’t attacking him or directly threatening his life with a firearm.

        I wish there was a decent video of the actual shooting at the garage down the street too. Based on his personal actions on the videos I have seen I suspect his actions were likely the same. His actions show that he has likely been trained well with firearm safety and usage. I’m not going to condemn this young man until I see more specific incriminating evidence.

  5. Lebron wrote:

    “There were multiple moments where if they wanted to, they could’ve tackled him. They could’ve grabbed him.”

    There is evidence emerging that Jacob was wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant and was known by police for assaulting people. The omitted portion of the video shows that the police actually tried to restrain him and used a taser, both of which did not work. Blake repeatedly ignored police orders, even with police weapons drawn, and appeared to be reaching into his car when police fired. What are the police supposed to do at that point?


    • I think they want the police, especially the white police, to leave black men alone altogether. Stay out of known black neighborhoods, cross the street, look the other way, let the community take care of its own problems. Definitely no telling anyone you want a corner cleared or to turn down the music. If you have to pass through do it quick, tip your hat to the elders and get going. Expect a glare from the man in the four-button jacket as you pass the Baptist church, expect a glare from the man with the bow tie as you pass the mosque…but they’ll leave you alone as long as you leave them alone. Don’t worry about shady financial doings, don’t worry about numbers running, don’t worry about dope peddling. If you have business in the community, clear it with the community leaders first, and they’ll say yea or nay. If the person sought has no further value to the community or has done too much damage, than he’s all yours. If the person has value, or the issue’s one we can take care of, then you might as well clear out, because no one will see anything or know anything.

        • Correct. At the same time, public services cannot cease and essential businesses, such as grocery stores and gas stations, must still operate despite the high crime rate and theft which keeps prices high.

          It’s a no-win situation. They want the trappings of society, but none of the responsibility for keeping it.

          • Oh, don’t you worry, the community will make sure Mr. Jackson’s grocery and Mr. Williams’ gas station continue to operate, because anyone else who tries to open up will start running into problems. At the same time, neither will be allowed to push his prices up, or leave until they get community approval, which will probably be given when it’s time for them to retire, assuming they have a successor vetted and ready to step in. If someone decides to try to shut off someone’s electricity or water, we have a community lawyer to make the water department or the rep at PSE&G see it our way if a call from the person’s pastor won’t do it. You know the type, the folksy lawyer who can chat up the receptionist, who says “I’m blessed” when you ask how he’s doing, and who can make his case in a voice like pecan pie…then hit you with an Order To Show Cause if you don’t come around to his way of thinking.

  6. Benjamin Crump bears responsibility for the unrest, too. He released edited video fitting his narrative that police gunned down another unarmed black man, further evidence of racism inherent in the system.


    • I had Crump on the list, and deleted him. His situation deserves a whole post, because it is complex from the standpoint of legal ethics. . He’s been the lawyer in the Martin case, Floyd, Mike Brown, and now this.

      • He is not too bright. I met him in Houston a few years ago. He was in town for some racially charged case (I can’t remember which one) and my client fancies himself an Al Sharpton wannabe, with the difference that my client is actually a nice guy.

        Crump and his crew were at the federal building cafe planning something. My client introduced him to me and we talked a bit about stuff. Crump is good at media spectacles but little else.


  7. “Some Wisconsin residents were stunned as buildings went up in flames.”
    Is the NYT trying to compete with the Bee? Just a slight tweak would do it: “Wisconsin residents stunned as buildings self-ignite in support of peaceful protests”

  8. A little over two weeks ago, my mom was sitting in her living room in the house she rents in a challenged neighborhood. Her front door was open, but the screen door was shut and locked.

    One street away, police arrived at a home to arrest a black man with two outstanding warrants. He resisted, got tased and took off running.

    All of a sudden, Mom’s dog started going crazy and barking. She walked to her doorway and saw a black man with his hand on the door handle with a police officer grabbing his legs. The man looked at her and said, “Help me”. She pulled the dog off the inside of the screen door and shut the door.

    She said that he was shouting, “I don’t know what you want!” and the police officers, now numerous in her yard, yelled back, “We told you already that you have two outstanding warrants for your arrest”. As they arrested him, he told them he couldn’t breathe and that he was sick. He talked the entire time. An ambulance arrived and took his blood pressure. Then everyone left.

    * The suspect resisted arrest and ran, despite being tased.
    * The police were able to restrain him without firing a gun. That’s just luck. It could have easily gone the other way..
    * The suspect claimed to be sick and unable to breathe, despite talking the entire time.
    * Mom insists she didn’t feel threatened and felt sorry for the guy. In my opinion, she can thank God her screen door was locked and he didn’t get into the house. This could have been much worse.

    • You comment makes me think of something I recently saw: “White people have the privilege of not having to teach their children how to behave around the police.” I can’t remember where I saw the comment, so I cannot ascribe the “credit” for the quote.

      It’s wrong on two accounts. Firstly, I’m mostly of European ancestry, and I sure do teach my children how to behave around cops. Secondly, it appears that a bunch of black people aren’t.

      There are two main bullet points that people need to teach all citizens, regardless of race:
      1- Whenever you interact with the police, don’t act in a fashion that makes them nervous, don’t startle them and never, ever touch them. No sudden movements, tell them exactly what you’re going to do (for example, when they ask for a license, tell them where it is and get permission before reaching for it). If things go bad, you’re going to be wounded, maimed or even killed and nothing will happen to them. You pay for their mistakes with your flesh. Be firm in stating you exercise your rights, but not defiant. It’s not “you can’t search my car”, rather it is “I do not consent”. If you’ve done something, or if you think the cops might be inclined to think you did something, the only thing you say is “I invoke the right to only talk to a lawyer.”
      2 – You can’t win against the police. Any attempt is futile. Sure, you can make the score out of whack like Timothy McVeigh, but at a minimum you pay with your liberty and likely pay with your life. Resisting the cops and actually getting away is as likely was winning the lottery. Them actually beating you is remarkably rare, and even then it’s going to be worse if you fight. Go peacefully and sort it out later.

      Breonna Taylor would be the one exception to rule #2. Every other one of the recent events is a clear failure to follow rule #2 above. Every one of them wouldn’t have been harmed by the police if they followed rule #2.

      • Didn’t Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend open fire on the police as she lay next to him? I find it difficult to believe the police in that warrant search did not announce themselves loudly and repeatedly.

        I wonder whether all the guys out on parole because of covid or otherwise, or are carrying notwithstanding prior convictions are the guys constantly resisting arrest. Maybe they figure they can escape and avoid going back to jail. Dumb, but there seems to be some rationale for all this resisting arrest beyond just dumbness. I think a lot of these guys know they’re in deep shit if the get hauled off to the station. They figure an additional charge of resisting arrest added to what they’re already going to face is a risk worth taking.

        • It shouldn’t be hard to believe that he didn’t hear them. It was a no knock warrant, he was asleep, and they frequently don’t announce themselves until after they are already violently breaking down the door. Regardless, it is objectively unreasonable to expect people to process anything yelled at the start of a dynamic entry into their house. As a concept, they are poorly designed.

          None of the neighbors heard them announce themselves, but it was after midnight, so I’d be surprised if any of them were paying enough attention to hear it regardless of whether they did or not. Of course, they didn’t bother to wear body cams for the raid itself.

          • That’s why no-knock warrants are just bad news. I know why they exist, but the cons outweigh the pros. In Indianapolis a couple of years ago, a 16-year old got shot in his bed (he lived) when the police burst down the door of his home in the middle of the night looking for a brother who hadn’t lived there in months.

            The father took the police officer aside and explained how a person in bed in the middle of the night hearing his door being broken down is going to think he is the victim of a home invasion and could very likely try to defend himself and his family. The police officer agreed that it was a reasonable assumption to make.

            As of 07/22, Indianapolis police have ceased the use of these types of warrants. Too many innocent people across the country have been injured and killed because of address errors and other mistakes.

            • You might be surprised that many police feel the same way about no-knock search warrants, and many agencies seldom if ever allow their use. As well, many judges frown on them and very seldom issue them, My own last agency (27 years worth) severely limited their use, and during my tenure there I recall only a handful being served. This agency requires the DA’s office to sign off on any affidavit for a no-knock search warrant, and the required after-action reports were meticulously reviewed. I personally feel that except in very limited circumstances they actually increase the danger to all concerned.

        • That would be my understanding, the boyfriend shot at the police before the police opened fire. He was initially charged with attempted murder, but those charges have been dropped. That said, Breonna was a victim of others action, not her own.

      • A few details not mentioned in many news reports: (A) The police reported that although they did have a no-knock warrant, they decided to knock and announce themselves anyway. (B) The boyfriend didn’t just shoot AT the police enterring the apartment, he shot one of them, inflicting a non-life threatening wound. (C) Breonna was not in bed when she was shot: she had gotten up and was moving outside the bedroom. It was unclear whether any lights were on in the area so that police might have the ability to distinguish between Breonna and her boyfriend who was shooting at them.

        • Any unit which felt cautious enough about no-knock raids to decide to knock and announce instead would likely have had their body cams with them and on. The fact that they didn’t for the Breonna incident suggests to me that the officers in question were gung-ho about it. Their after the fact claims that they knocked and announced instead, with no corroborating evidence of any kind, are probably lying. It’s hardly definitive, but I’m not inclined to take them at their self serving word.

          • Turns out they didn’t actually have bodycams. The city council had passed a resolution endorsing them, but never actually required them or provided funds. So that’s not the evidence I thought it was.

            I’m still not inclined to believe they didn’t use the no-knock authorization they had requested, but it’s possible.

      • Good stuff.

        Our children have had no negative interaction with law enforcement precisely BECAUSE we taught them how to behave around law enforcement. It is “yes sir” and “no sir”, respect, no defiance and no mouthing off.

        Someday, unlearned parents will figure out that you don’t have to teach children to be bad…you have to teach them to be good.

        Actually, they probably won’t…

  9. Remember when Twitter blocked the President of the United States for “glorifying violence” by saying that he would send the National Guard to stop riots in Minneapolis? But it’s perfectly OK to organize riots on Twitter — setting 10:30 in downtown Madison as the time and place to “fuck shit up.”

    • But the President is a Nazi, remember? You’re allowed to threaten Nazis. And anyone who doesn’t agree with them is a Nazi.

      Now you are being compelled to agree.

      Back in Nazi Germany, the Hitler salute became mandatory, but the leaders made sure that it was known that foreigners living in Germany weren’t required to give the salute. Rudolf Hess compared it to requiring a Protestant to cross himself when entering a church. Yet Nazi stormtroopers regularly attacked foreigners, including Americans (diplomats, family members of diplomats, journalists and tourists), for not giving the salute.

      It’s hard to control the fanatics once they are unleashed.

      • It’s IMPOSSIBLE to control the fanatics once they are unleashed, that’s why you don’t unleash them or get too close to them. Only a fool goes near a king cobra, a tunnel web spider, a blue-ringed octopus, or a box jellyfish. They exist for one reason, to destroy.

  10. But as we have seen, Facts Don’t Matter, and due process for cops doesn’t exits.

    In the court of public opinion, I concur. Officers in all of the freak out events have been publicly pilloried.

    The legal system still hasn’t resolved a single one of these cases. We will have to wait and see. I think it’s safe to presume that Wilson is screwed. Other than him, I predict many of them getting off. I think it’s a given for Rolfe and Brooks. It’s rather hard to convict a cop. Even swaying the middle still makes it hard, because it takes 12 and only one holdout lets them walk.

  11. Perhaps some additional analysis could be included of the Democrat politicians and talking heads who are now recognizing the absolute damage to their communit November polling data that the riots are causing are now demanding urgently that the rioters stop.

    Don Lemon especially tipped their hands on this one by tying the insurrection directly to less than stellar polling data.

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