Ethics Quote Of The Week: Ann Althouse

“There are way too many people who should know better who are stirring up the forces of chaos. The idea that these people are going to help if there’s new chaos as the vote is tabulated and fought over seems overly optimistic. We are already having a national nervous breakdown and if there are “sober people” who “see reality unblinkered by the lens of partisanship,” where the hell are they? Partisanship clouded the perception of reality quite a while ago, and it’s going to continue and get worse in the next 2 months. Who has the credibility to “preserve the order of our civic structure” so we can get through some creditable tabulation of the vote? Nobody. Nobody even wants it. The fact that the discussion is focused on the idea of big bad Trump refusing to leave makes it all too obvious.”

Blogger/ retired law prof. Ann Althouse, expressing dismay at David Brooks’ most recent outbreak of Stockholm Syndrome, as the pompous former conservative pundit continues his forced evolution into a pompous “resistance” columnist for the New York Times with “What Will You Do if Trump Doesn’t Leave?/Playing out the nightmare scenario” 

I don’t think Ann’s is an ethical quote, but it is an ethics quote, with ethical revelations contained in it. Some points:

1. The “Trump won’t leave office if he’s defeated” refrain is a Big Lie, and pure fearmongering and slander by the AUC. There is no hint of evidence that he is so inclined, except through  accepting the Big Lie that spawns this one, Big Lie #3, “Trump Is A Fascist/Hitler/Dictator/Monster.”

Biden has repeated this despicable claim, as have many of Brooks’ colleagues. I will say again: the only political party that has ever challenged the legitimacy of an election result in 150 years is the Democratic Party, and the only losing candidates who refused to honorably accept defeat were Al Gore and Hillary Clinton.

2. If the Democrats are so concerned about chaos in the vote tabulation leading to an unsettled result, why are they pushing for mail-in ballots? It seem perfectly obvious that they, and the AUC, want chaos.

Look at the exchange above between Bill Barr and Wolf Blitzer on the topic. Wolf Blitzer, who has always been a dim bulb, appears even more dense than usual although, to be fair, he is defending an indefensible position. Barr, a lawyer, makes him look foolish because he is foolish. Summary…Barr: It’s obvious that mail-in ballots are an invitation to chaos. Blitzer: But there has been no evidence of widespread voting fraud involving them. Barr: That’s because we haven’t been stupid enough to use them in national elections before. Blitzer: I’m just saying there has been no evidence of widespread voting fraud involving them.

Here’s an idea: why not make everyone go to polls and physically vote, except those who explicitly request absentee ballots? How about that?

3. What makes Ann think the people who are “sowing chaos” know better? Brooks, for example, is theoretically intelligent, but he has shown himself to be insufficiently intelligent to realize that his new pals have been trying to undermine democracy for four years, despite his self-created niche as a societal moralist.  He has also not been  smart enough not to help them do it.

4. Althouse has said that the U.S. is suffering from a nervous breakdown several times, and her biases are showing. This is the detested (by me) “both parties are at fault” dodge typically employed when one is desperately trying to minimize the responsibility of one’s favored party. I think I’ve been following the Post 2016 Election Ethics Train Wreck as closely as anyone, and the nation isn’t having a “nervous breakdown,” the Left is, although I regard it as a breakdown of ethics, especially integrity, and values. Ann’s a good liberal at heart, and she, like so many others, can’t bring herself to accept that her friends and compatriots have become villains. You really can’t logically balance the resistance’s refusal to accept the results of the election, the Democrats’ repeated effort to remove the President, the assault on personal liberties by rising totalitarians of the Left and  journalism’s decision to stop practicing journalism with Fox News’ bias, QAnon and the President’s obnoxious tweets. (And no, “Conservatives made us act this way” is not a justification.)

Ann’s diagnosis of a “nervous breakdown” lets the Left off the hook, when it deserves to be impaled on it.

5. There are plenty of “sober” people, but they are trying to argue with crazies who see everything through the smutty lens of blind Trump hate and the delusion that they are so right about everything that not only are those who disagree with them evil, getting their way justifies anarchy, intimidation and riots.

Show me the riots on the Right, Ann. Who is presenting a dementia case as a Presidential candidate? Who decreed that the individual running to be “a heartbeat from the Presidency” should be chosen according to color and the absence of Y chromosomes?

Whose Presidential field endorsed a plan to ban planes, cars and cows? Who is backtracking from integration, and declaring a whole race racist? Who is simultaneously condemning a judge for alleged sexual assault while in high school, and honoring Bill Clinton and Joe Biden at their convention? Who libeled a teenager and declared that he was “punchable” because he smiled at a Native American beating a drum in his face? Who says things like “Silence is violence”? Who has proposed eliminating grammar, and declared mathematics to be racist? Who has punished a professor for using a Chinese word that sounds like “nigger”?

Who wants to eliminate references to George Washington in Washington, D.C.?

Meanwhile, I see conservatives behaving as they always have, and espousing what they typically have espoused, except for the NeverTrump elitists like Bill Kristol, who are now supporting the people and ideas they spent their entire careers opposing, simply out of blind hate for President Trump. Althouse prides herself on not taking sides, but sometimes integrity demands it.

6 thoughts on “Ethics Quote Of The Week: Ann Althouse

  1. Jack, I certainly wish your commentary was picked up by the various search engine’s news aggregator function. If Althouse wants to find a sober mind she need only look to your writings.

  2. Point 3. Brooks takes this position rationally because he knows he will be in the marketplace long after Trump is gone whether he wins or loses in November.

    He knows that his long term financial well being is predicated on staying uncancelled by the leftwing media moguls

  3. Such a great post.

    More and more the left via projection onto Trump, reveals what they do. Idiots. It’s so easy to see now.

    It hits me they, in the name of love, do so much harm and LIE so much when they continually accuse Trump of lying.

    What blows me away most is the fact that people are so dumb and just believe them.


    Btw… have you seen plandemic 2? It’s worth watching. The smear the media did after the first one didn’taffecf this one, except Facebook b inning the sharing of the link on its site AND in messenger!!!!

    Which is PRIVATE text. So somehow they think it’s ok to censor what we share privately. Highly concerning.

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