Scary Tales Of The Great Stupid: San Diego Schools Decide That To Fight Racism, Character And Education Have To Go

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Oh, yes, this will work out well.

Seldom have social upheavals combined with irresponsible propaganda resulted in more devastating mass amnesia by institutions regarding well-settled reality than “The Great Stupid,” now playing in your community and mine. Joining advocacy for such self-evident disasters as open borders, eliminating police, self-declared childhood gender flips and re-segregation is the decision to eliminate basic standards in education because educators can’t seem to explain stubborn racial gaps. Make everyone equally ignorant, unethical and undisciplined! Brilliant!

I’m not exaggerating; I wish I were. The San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD), the second largest school district in California with over 106,000 students, announced that it is overhauling how students will be evaluated because “teachers fail minority students more than White students.” Since the possibility that the reasons for this persistent problem may rest within minority culture and society pathologies rather than failures of the educational system is unpalatable to the Left and politically incorrect, the proscribed solution is to overhaul the way students are graded as part of what school board members call  “a larger effort to combat racism.”

“This is part of our honest reckoning as a school district,” says SDUSD Vice President Richard Barrera. “If we’re actually going to be an anti-racist school district, we have to confront practices like this that have gone on for years and years.” Thus the school board voted unanimously last week —unanimously; think about that— to make sweeping changes. There will be no yearly grade averages. “Things like” turning work in on time and classroom behavior will not affect academic grades, but will only count toward a so-called “citizenship grade.” On the docket for reconsideration in an upcoming meeting: de-emphasizing discipline and penalties for cheating.

“I know students all across the school district are really happy with the idea that these other accountability measures are no longer going to be defining their understanding of knowledge,” a student leader told reporters. “Accountability measures.” Honestly, who needs those?

Amnesia. Decades ago, when I was the executive director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s public policy research foundation, we gave a grant to Amatai Etzioni to report on his research indicating that accountability the development of such life-competencies as meeting deadlines and following through diligently on assigned tasks weren’t merely incidental benefits of education, but the most essential aspects of preparing young human beings for work, life, and success. Etzioni is an Israeli-American sociologist and economist who is best known for founding  the Communitarian Network, a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to supporting the moral, social, and political foundations of society. Our grant resulted in his completion and publication of his report explaining why the development of character and ethical values ought to be the primary goal of schools, which Etzioni’s research showed, were  “neglecting the development of the children as human beings.”

The report was widely praised across the ideological spectrum, and promptly ignored, in part because the habits it designated as crucial—completing homework, learning to arrive on time, being accountable, accepting responsibility—are exactly the traits much of the black community undermines because of a multiplicity of factors.

What the San Diego schools’ “anti-racism” measures can be counted on to accomplish is to doom the many San Diego minority children who are not taught accountability and responsibility in their homes to being undesirable employees, parents and members of society.

But not as many will get poor grades compared to their white classmates, so “systemic racism” will be on the way out at last!

The Great Stupid marches on.

17 thoughts on “Scary Tales Of The Great Stupid: San Diego Schools Decide That To Fight Racism, Character And Education Have To Go

  1. Let’s do the math.

    nonracist is the opposite of racist
    racist = -1x(nonracist)

    anti-racist is the opposite of nonracist
    nonracist = -1x(anti-racist)

    Now it is all clear.

  2. And as the stupidity of the public school system continues to drive into the uncharted realms of incoherence, illogic, and insanity, the more parents will conclude that homeschooling or private schooling is required to ensure their children receive an education at all. And that will certainly help narrow the achievement gap between the rich kids and the poor kids. And that in turn will launch greater crusades against homeschooling and private schools, because that cannot be tolerated. And that will spark even greater resistance, and the cultural divide will widen, and…

    “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”

    • I’d love to see all of these professors who’ve been fired for pc violations to form their own college, enforce standards, refuse to kowtow to social justice mobs and start putting out young adults with critical thinking skills.

      But it’ll have to start at the lower grade levels when people decide that they will no longer allow their tax dollars to fund insane social experiments at the expense of their children.

      • They can’t. They would need to be accredited and the accreditation bodies are staffed with the same people that fired them. Accreditation does not look at the material taught, the appropriateness of tests and grading standards, or if the students learned anything. They measure diversity, assessment, and documentation. Conservative students aren’t even allowed in many education programs because they are interviewed to determine their dedication to ‘diversity, inclusion, and equity’. Anyone found lacking is booted from the program.

  3. Again, the black underclass’s continued failure to thrive has driven all sorts of sectors of society insane, including, but not limited to social scientists, educators, and now businesses. “If they can’t clear the bar, lower the bar. That’ll fix it!”

    Political correctness: “The inability to speak the truth about the obvious.”

    I mean, like Dude! Shouldn’t there be a mob outside the San Diego Schools school board offices demanding resignations?

  4. Meanwhile, Donald Trump and conservatives are looking in the opposite direction; at more classical education, charter schools, and school choice. Trump is making school choice a central part of a second-term agenda. This is, frankly, the correct and evidence-based course.

    If the goal is to narrow the racial gap and to develop a robust Black middle class, then the answer is frankly more school discipline, accountable, non-unionized teachers who get fired if they suck at their jobs, rigid standards, and even things like school uniforms. And if the school is religious, even better. All of these elements can help fill the massive void left by missing fathers or generally crappy parents. Every educational alternative to public schools is also more financially efficient than public schools. Anyone who cares about students and minority children (as opposed to simply wanting to maintain the system) should take note.

  5. Once again the smiling version of racism that assumes some kids are incapable of meeting basic standards that will help them to get jobs and be productive members of society. This district (and a growing woke education movement) is going to put certain students at a serious and life long disadvantage. Even in the lowest paying jobs employers expect people to be on time for work and do their jobs well.

    This is an ideological plantation where administrators are cultivating generations of people enslaved to hand-outs and a victim mentality. I am grateful for the teachers in my life that said, “try harder” and “I expect more from you.” In the 5th grade I had a teacher who gave the “I’m disappointed in you” speech when I didn’t turn in my assignments on time. He told my mom I had two days to do about two months of work. She made sure I did it. After I turned it all in, he said he knew I could do it and never wanted me to disrespect him again. It changed my life because I discovered I actually liked my lessons and the feeling of accomplishment that went with completion.

    To deny kids the lesson of hard work done with care and on-time is to deny them a robust future. Worse, it denies minority groups the ability to see one another flourish not just financially but mentally. I think there are educators who mean well with these ridiculous policies. Yet I suspect there may be others that are downright gleeful to attempt to keep certain peoples from being successful. Now that’s what I call systematic racism.

    • I think what you’re relating exemplifies my personal belief. Very few of us are so self-motivated that we can overcome any adversity (though stores of such people are very inspiring). But if we are challenged by others who expect more of us, we will rise to meet that expectation. I think a good personal example of this is training to run a marathon. When I had signed up for the St. George marathon back in 2016, I had an expectation that I better train. Even better, I had several coworkers who were training alongside me. The demand to keep up with my coworkers and the demand not to die in the marathon propelled me to the point I could run 20+ miles in a single run. Now, when I would like to be in marathon shape again, but have no coworkers to challenge me and no marathon to train for, 5 miles feels like a challenge.

      I think all that lowering the bar does is tell people they are not expected to succeed, that they’re not worth challenging, and that whatever they’re doing doesn’t really matter anyway. That will only encourage them to fail to meet even the lowered bar.

  6. Are Mrs. OB and I the only people who watch “The First 48?” In almost any given episode you can see teenagers learning about “accountability” as they are sentenced to life for plunking some other kid with a Glock during a fight or a hold-up. Clearly, schools don’t need to teach “accountability.” It’s being learned on the streets just fine.

  7. I’m often frustrated with the excuses people give me. Lately, it has been “we won’t come as long as we have to wear a mask” or “government is imposing it’s will on the church.” While I get that, our church as never been stopped and the mask order can’t be enforced there (because the power is given to the health board and the worst thing that could happen is they would take away a health license that we are not required to have). The leaders of the church decided to have one to protect people. But even then, the logic of the excusers doesn’t hold up. They submitted themselves to the leadership, the leadership made a mandate that didn’t contradict scripture, they agreed God and worship is one of the most important things in their life so why do they continue to give excuses?

    I’m pretty sure it is because of the same reason the above post will fail. What their saying is the problem really isn’t the problem at all (at least not in the capacity they are describing). The problem is the excusers themselves. They refuse for one reason or another to meet the societal expectation of them. In the example above the societal pressure is to come to church. They are not forced, but as per their believe they have a commitment and an obligation to do so. Their excuse does not prevent them from doing so, nor is it contradictory to their worldview (scripture) so it holds no weight. Logically from this conclusion, I can tell they are lying to me or themselves for their reason for not wanting to attend.

    The example Jack listed is a little bit more complicated. You have a societal issue verses a cultural issue. There is nothing wrong with anyone following their cultural issues as long as they can still follow the societal ones. If we all refused to do that, the world would decent into anarchy. It is why when I was in Israel I wore a kippah at the Wailing Wall, did not leave base on my own when I was in Iraq, did not talk about Tienanmen, Tibet, or Taiwan, while in China, and (though it was cultural) drank tea at tea time in England. It is also why our government does not execute homosexuals, allows women to drive, and will not prosecute you for your free speech (hopefully). Other societies do these things, but they are not part of our societal expectations and as such we have no obligation to follow them. So what exactly is the problem? Well, lets deal with the stated problem: “teachers fail minority students more than White students.”

    Though I don’t have proof, I highly doubt this is done out of malice like the statement implies, but even If I did, the burden to proof it is on them for making the claim. Halon’s razor should show malice isn’t intended. So if malice isn’t intended, the alternative is: the bar is set too high for some people. This is clear based on the changes to the school system which are being proposed. Therefore, I ask the question, why are changes being made to fit a cultural issue (i’m not even sure how this issue works in the black community)? Are we really ok with society as a whole being taught that turning things in, being on time, meeting a standard is just a suggestion? Can we apply this adult life? Get that vaccine done when your ready, no need to rush on that surgery, I’ll get to it when I get to it, I’ll hold this train until all ticket holders show it, doesn’t matter if the others on have something important to get to, no one cares anyway. It’s just madness, and we want to teach the next generation of people to think like this?

    But even if lowering standards would help someone, that is only if that is really their hang up (and here I’m highly skeptical). In truth, people are going to do what they can get away with doing. This is the real problem with lowering the bar. People who aren’t doing much are going to do less and those who aren’t rewarded for doing more are going to do less. Sure, some will try to prove the system is working or they are the same person despite the system. This is why there was so many examples of altruism in the beginning of the pandemic and why the pay what you want Panera had excess donations in the first month or so after its implantation. But time will go on and altruism will be less frequent until it all but disappears. This is why we hear almost nothing of pandemic related altruism 7 months later and why the pay what you want Panera went out of business.

    My prediction: The school systems implantation will only make things worse. Sure things may prove beneficial at first and the media will do their job to shine light on it. But 1-2 years down the road it will be quietly dropped or become a public disaster. It is why dropping our mask mandate didn’t help change attendance. I hope I’m wrong because the alternative is so much worse, but people have proven to me time and time again that when the bar is lowered to help them meet it, they still won’t meet it, not even in a moral environment like the church. Even if it is fixed the damage will be done and tried again later in the “right” way.

  8. Really? How are students supposed to demonstrate subject and self-directed mastery of the coursework? Does this mean I can award myself a doctorate in Physics and a MFA in illustration just because I say so? Do you really want Barney Fife running security on medical records because he likes the pay? What about the engineers using that cutting edge etch-o-sketch to design the safe robo drivers for their next car? A rotten analysis of ‘Old Man and the Sea’ or history of the stirrup on cavalry don’t directly affect those STEM programs encouraged for women and minorities, but no grades=no standards and you can’t green the planet without science…

    Unless they will volunteer to live really simply like the Amish. No cars/TV/computer/all day church/smartphone/no travel/only jobs are homemaker-farmer-carpenter/all tasks harder and slower… And let’s not forget that we have too many people on this planet to feed without factory farming– Are they volunteering to go soylent green until population is low enough to be sustainable? You cannot pick anyone else to soylent, only yourself.

    With grade standards degrading so badly, the differences between the somewhat functional schools and failing San Diego led messes will only accelerate. I already suspect colleges have unofficial school district rating for nearby schools. Like a B+ average at a good school rates far higher than a 4.35 from a diploma mill. I wonder if the less useful SAT might migrate to subject accreditation like Europe? They aren’t always the best model, but colleges should be allowed to require 95% new students pass a certain minimum (use library, write essays, and wide cultural literacy) The 5% is to handle the developmentally challenged who can paint like a dream or touches celebration or enrichment. The certification could be akin to getting certified in computer topics. Not really persnickety testing just to make sure they have absorbed a swath of Literature, History, Science, and civics. (like if a student dropped one year of 4 years science to explore they’re in no real danger of failing the science block) Grades from those lazy schools will have little meaning if the student wants a stem career when the money is.

    Or is grading classwork too hard now, and this makes ever larger classes a virtue instead of flaw?

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