The Throbbing, Unethical Stupidity Of Senator Mazie Hirono


One of the more ridiculous moments in the hearings to vet Judge Barrett was the contrived indignation expressed by Senator Hirono and Senator Cory Booker when the nominee used the term “sexual preference.” The Democrats had nothing valid to complain about regarding the judge—attacking her religion had proven unpopular and ugly in her previous confirmation hearings—so this was the best they could do: political correctness and dubious language taboos.

It wasn’t just them, of course: Patty Murray, the third-ranking Democrat in the Senate, tweeted: “Judge Barrett using this phrase is shameful and offensive—and it tells us exactly what we need to know about how she views the LGBTQIA+ community.” Yes, that’s certainly fair: the unplanned and innocent use of term that has been unofficially designated as “offensive” by activists tells Democrats “all they need to know.” This was the signature significance moment that saw Webster’s dictionary prove beyond a shadow of a doubt its unethical bias and lack of integrity when the company reacted to the Hirono-Booker vapours by changing the online definition of “sexual preference” to match the new GoodSpeak.

Honestly, why aren’t people embarrassed to be supporting a party and its allies that behave like this? But I digress.

As pointed out in the related Ethics Alarms article, inconveniently for Hirono, two of her Democratic colleagues on the Judiciary Committee and her party’s Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, had also recently used that phrase that “tells us exactly what we need to know” about them, which is—what exactly? That they missed a memo from the Language Police High Command? I’m confused.

So was National Review writer John McCormack, who relates his exchange with the Hawaiian Senator on the topic:

McCormack: Senator, last week at the hearing you mentioned that you thought it was “offensive and outdated” when Amy Barrett used the [term] “sexual preference.” It turns out that Joe Biden said it in May. Ruth Bader Ginsburg said it in 2017. Some of your colleagues on the Judiciary Committee said it maybe in 2010, 2012. Do you stand by that criticism?

Mazie Hirono: Well, of course.

McCormack:: Do you think Joe Biden should apologize for saying that in May?

Hirono: Well, look, it’s a lesson learned for all of us. But when you’re going on the Supreme Court and you’ve been a judge, as one of my judge friends said, you should know what these words mean.

McCormack:: Should Joe Biden apologize, too, like Amy Coney Barrett did?

Hirono: Joe Biden is not up for the Supreme Court.

McCormack:: He’s up for the presidency. So, he shouldn’t apologize?

Hirono: People will decide.

McCormack:: You don’t want to call on him to apologize?

Hirono: Oh, stop it. The world is in flames.

Her performance here is the apotheosis of public servant incompetence. She answers “of course” to the question of whether she stands by her flagrant double standard without feeling the need to explain why it was acceptable for Justice Ginsburg to say “sexual preference” three years ago but now it is a sign of bigotry. She can’t defend the double standard, so she just ignores it. When did that memo go out since 2017, Senator? She doesn’t know, yet she’s still smug about her political correctness edict.

The Senator’s next sentence is a masterpiece of unconvincing obfuscation and deflection:

  • “Well, look, it’s a lesson learned for all of us.”

What “lesson?” That unscrupulous politicians can instantly make up language taboos as “gotchas” when they want to smear a distinguished professional?

  • “ As one of my judge friends said”

—and who would that be? Appealing to authority is a logical fallacy; appealing to a secret authority is dishonesty.”  

  • “—you should know what these words mean.”

The words “sexual preference” mean “one prefers a particular sexual activity, activities, or sex partners over others.” That is accurate whether sexual orientation is a choice or not. Hirono isn’t talking about meaning, she’s talking about codes that apparently are changed in secret.

Then the daffy Senator asserts that Supreme Court Justices ought to be held to higher standards than Presidents. In fact, whether sexual orientation is a choice or a compulsion is almost certainly without significance constitutionally, and a Justice’s belief one way or the other is unlikely to affect a SCOTUS decision—and there is no such case in the offing anyway.

Hirono said, in a public hearing, that the phrase “sexual preference” was offensive, period, not just for judges, and yet she refuses to apply that new rule to anyone except Republican nominees for the Supreme Court,while also refusing to give a credible reason for the double standard.

Pressed on the issue (good for McCormack), she first resorts to a cowardly dodge, “People will decide.” Oh no you don’t, Senator: you made a very clear statement regarding what you feel is an offensive phrase if Judge Barrett utters it. Are you willing to say that applies to everyone including your colleagues, Joe Biden, and the sainted RBG, or do you admit that this was cheap shot? Well?

“Oh, stop it. The world is in flames.”

And there it is, the unmistakable call of the Hawaiian Idiot.

Translations: 1. “Stop trying to make me make sense.” 2. “Look! The Aurora Borealis!”  3. I get a free pass on a stupid comment and my massive hypocrisy because I don’t like what’s happening and stuff.”

I considered whether “The world is in flames” is yet another rationalization, but this is just a variation on 31. The Troublesome Luxury: “Ethics is a luxury we can’t afford right now”

Is being an idiot necessarily unethical? It is unethical if the idiot poses as someone who is capable of doing an important job adequately, and Senators who are idiots can do a lot of damage. Hirono is evidently the most dangerous sort of idiot, one who labors under the delusion that she isn’t one. Since the evidence of her idiocy is copious and well documented, Hawaii’s voters were obligated not to elect her, yet they did. That was irresponsible and incompetent.

As the exchange with the National Review’s reporter demonstrates, Senator Hirono is a walking, talking, human ethics train wreck.

17 thoughts on “The Throbbing, Unethical Stupidity Of Senator Mazie Hirono

  1. Ask her if pedophilia is a preference or orientation. Then ask if if a prepubescent teen can have the maturity to decide their gender and sexual orientation why is pedophilia a legal taboo. Then stand back and watch them twist their logic into pretzels.

  2. Funny how lefties are outraged that God forsaken places Wyoming and Idaho and South Dakota get two (Republican) Senators but a strategic pineapple and sugar plantation in the middle of the Pacific gets two senators without even a second thought.

  3. “The world is in flames.” Reprehensible Democratic big lie: Everything is terrible. One of so many: Justice Barrett will turn anyone with pre-existing conditions out onto the street! Justice Barrett will strip all rights of non-heteronormative people immediately and single-handedly and that means you!”

    (Why is every election always about healthcare?)

  4. It’s as if Hirono wants to take the title of most unethical senator in recent memory away from former senator Harry Reid. She’s making real progress, seems to me.

  5. The world is so “in flames” that they decided to almost entirely ignore any and all foreign policy issues in a key debate between two people completing for the title of Commander in Chief of the armed forces.

    Seriously, when was the last time a president performed so well at foreign policy that his challenger didn’t even want to talk foreign policy? Underrated little phenomenon there.

  6. Merriam-Webster gave this *incredible* response when asked about why they updated the definition when they did:

    “Though Merriam-Webster didn’t change its usage guidelines because of Barrett’s comments, a spokesperson with the dictionary told Snopes that the public attention focused on the term after her comments prompted the update…

    Peter Sokolowski, editor-at-large for Merriam-Webster, told Snopes in an email that the work of revising the dictionary is ongoing and continuous — and the update was a routine part of the job.

    “Our scheduled updates, which add new words and also add new definitions, usage guidance, and example sentences to existing dictionary entries, take place several times per year,” said Sokolowski. “From time to time, we release one or some of these scheduled changes early when a word or set of words is getting extra attention, and it would seem timely to share that update: the public is implicitly asking us a question by looking up a word, and we are immediately able to provide additional information.”

    “In this case, we released the update for sexual preference when we noticed that the entries for preference and sexual preference were being consulted in connection with the SCOTUS hearings. A revision made in response to an entry’s increased attention differs only in celerity—as always, all revisions reflect evidence of use,” noted Sokolowski, adding that similar updates were issued in March 2020 for terms connected to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

    Uh-huh. That’s believable. Really. Why would anyone doubt that explanation?

    • I recall reading that the definition changed less than an hour after the exchange. We’re to believe that in less than 60 minutes, enough people were looking up that phrase that it caught their attention, and they posted an update they already had written in response to this sudden “controversy”, even though most of the controversy and discussion centered around the definition being changed by Merriam-Webster?

      Yeah, seems legit.

  7. I do not usually loathe politicians in general. However, from time to time there are one or two that I just cannot stomach. I try not to feel that way any longer about any given politician because of irony. I could not stand Pat Schroeder of Denver and was so thankful I did not have to be represented by her. What happens? I get moved to Denver from out of the blue. I felt the same way about Ted Kennedy. I was transferred to Massachusetts. I guess, if my luck keeps running, I had best start taking hula lessons.

      • I don’t think Senator Hirono is daffy. But I do think she is delusional. She obviously thinks she is more clever than she actually is. Don’t challenge me to defend that – last night’s Game 4 of the World Series concluded in a uniquely dramatic, unexpected, and improbable way. “Deflect, deflect, deflect.”

        Oh yeah, and climate change has started tundra fires in Siberia. Megatons of greenhouse gases are being loosed into earth’s atmosphere because of all the burning that’s going on all over the globe. The same fires are also loosing tons of obscurants into the same atmosphere, thus blocking out sunlight. So, what’s it gonna be in YOUR final analysis, climate apocalypse expert predictors cum expert public-policy prescribers? What’s gonna be the ultimate result? Are the fires gonna heat the earth up, or cool it down? Should all of humanity ban operation of all fossil-fueled machines immediately? Immediately manufacture gigatons of toxic batteries to store all that electricity from winds?

        Is there ANY chance that Senator Hirono and her fellow Hawaiian Social Justice Warriors will plug-up that state’s volcanoes anytime soon? She needs to go back to reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, and DUCK.

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