A Mother’s Day Ethics Bouquet, 5/8/2022: For You, Mom, Even Though Ethics Wasn’t Your Long Suit…

  • Don’t you think it’s odd that there isn’t a single really great song about mothers? There are lots of great father songs.
  • My mom, whom I think about every day and miss terribly, was wonderful in so many ways, but was almost as unethical as my father was ethical. It’s a tribute to his parenting that he communicated to my sister and me early on that this was just a quirk, and while mom had much to teach about love, loyalty and compassion, hers was not the ethical or moral compass to follow.
  • I just saw a man riding a real, honest-to-goodness velocipede in the church parking lot across from our house! I have never seen that in real life, only in photos and old movies.
  • The eighth of May, 1945, was  the day when German troops throughout Europe finally laid down their arms, and World War II, the worst catastrophe the modern world has ever suffered through, featuring the most unethical and cruel aggressors imaginable, finally came to an end. Evil easily could have triumphed; that it did not was as much a function of luck as anything else. This is always a day on which to draw a collective breath. Whew! That was a close one…

1. Funny, but stupid. This meme is fascinating.

It could easily be intended to mock the kind of hysterical distortions from the Left’s Supreme Court leak freakout—on that basis, I laughed when I saw it. However, it almost certainly IS one of those hysterical distortions, which reduce debate to an infantile level. I’m sure many progressives think it’s profound. [Pointer: Arthur in Maine]

2. The Great Stupid, Harvard Division: The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, a teaching hospital affiliated with Harvard University, was about to host a panel on autism titled “Autism Awareness: Thinking Outside the Box.” However after Harvard students created a Change.org petition created by Harvard students accusing the panelists of promoting “violently ableist” views, the panel was postponed. The petition complained,

Autism is a neurodevelopmental and neurobiological disability that is not treatable or curable. It is not an illness or disease and most importantly, it is not inherently negative. Autistic people at Harvard and globally have advocated in the face of ableism to defend ourselves from such hateful, eugenicist logic. By supporting such an event, Harvard is signaling that its campus is unsafe for Autistic people, and that is unacceptable. We call on organizers and attendees of this event to learn from Autistic self-advocates during this time.

The appropriate response to this contrived political correctness nonsense was to ignore it, although, “Oh, grow up!” would not be out of line. But predictably, an alliance of the weenies and the woke capitulated, thus teaching Harvard students poor reasoning works on cowards and fools. Sighs Reason:

Incidents of activist-oriented students at elite college campuses successfully preempting discussions that do not conform to an intersectional progressive mindset are by now so common that it’s impossible to report on all of them. But more such incidents are occurring every day—and feckless administrators, perpetually afraid of giving offense, are letting them have their way.

3. My contempt for Mitch McConnell, as ever, know no bounds. The ethical imperative of the November mid-election is to punish Democrats for mile-long list of excesses and assaults on the Rule of Law, the Separation of Powers, equality and democracy. So, naturally, the Republican Senate Leader goes out of his way to activate single-issue progressive voters who would gladly see the U.S. to become a dictatorship as long as mothers had leave to kill their unwanted fetuses. McConnell said that if Roe was indeed over-ruled, a national ban on abortion was “possible,” thus validating the pro-abortion fans’ nightmare scenario.

4. Worst Nazi ever! Apparently everything is still Donald Trump’s fault so the Left can avoid responsibility. One of my personal least favorite New York Times op-ed propagandists, Michelle Goldberg, noted that 2021—you know, when Democrats ran both Houses of Congress and Joe Biden was President?—had more anti-Semitic incidents than any year since 1980. While Democrats have several virulent anti-Semite members of Congress, such as all the members of “The Squad,” and progressive college campuses have increasingly promoted the cause of Palestinians while demonizing Israel, and former hard-left New York Mayor Bill de Blasio openly accused the Jewish community in New York City of endangering the public health during the pandemic, Goldberg lays the spike in anti-Semitism at the feet of…Donald Trump. She writes,

Antisemitism started increasing in 2015, when Donald Trump came on the political scene and electrified the far right, then spiked during his administration.

That’s odd, since Trump was by any measure the most pro-Israel POTUS in recent history, in stark contrast to Barack Obama. But Goldberg can get away with accusing Trump of encouraging anti-Semitism, because Democrats still embrace (and repeat) the Big Lie that he was the equivalent of Hitler.

5. Great athletes, lousy human beings. So many revered superstar athletes have dead ethics alarms. The latest example is Boris Becker, the German pro tennis giant who won six Grand Slam titles, three Wimbledon titles, and earned  $47 million fortune in prize money and sponsorship deals. How do you screw up with that much money? Well, in addition to not having ethical principles, a lot of great athletes are just not very bright. He had an affair with a model while his wife was pregnant, and his mistress won a paternity suit for his daughter with her, costing Becker millions.  He lost $14 million and his mansion in his divorce, then had a series of failed business ventures. Becker declared bankruptcy, but he couldn’t even do that honestly. Last month he was found guilty by a London court of hiding millions of dollars’ worth of assets and loans to avoid paying his debts. He’ll be in prison for the next 2 and a half years.

19 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Ethics Bouquet, 5/8/2022: For You, Mom, Even Though Ethics Wasn’t Your Long Suit…

  1. Regarding #3, between McConnell and Warren and Schumer, it is infuriating that they don’t get it.

    The effect of Dobbs would be that codifying Roe or banning abortion in federal law are equally and manifestly unconstitutional.

    Is it stupidity or the hubris of powerful people to presume their power has no bounds.

    (All to distract me from my comment on #2.)


  2. #3 – Never fail to live up to the nickname “the stupid party.” I fail to grasp how Mitch manages to hold onto the senate leadership role when the most apt description of his judgement would be “He’s a fucking idiot.”

  3. “McConnell said even if the GOP reclaims the Senate, he would not entertain ditching the 60-threshold rule to pass a national abortion ban, however. ‘No carve out of the filibuster – period,’ he said. ‘For any subject.'”

  4. It is now hit the news that Justice Alito and his family have been moved to a secure location which will not be revealed. If this is in fact true, it is unprecedented, I do not think I have ever heard of justices having to bunker down, then again, a leak like this is also unprecedented.

    • It’s unbelievable. There are no words to describe the treachery of the Left. Their conduct is beyond despicable. There are ever-narrowingly few appropriate options for handling these people who want to undermine the Republic. And I’m not going to talk about those options.

      Chuck Schumer just wrapped up threatening the SCOTUS justices.


  5. “I just saw a man riding a real, honest-to-goodness velocipede in the church parking lot across from our house! I have never seen that in real life, only in photos and old movies.”

    The English side of my family calls them penny-farthings, because of the relative size of the coins/wheels. There used to be novelty races at the local fair.

    3 is frustrating.

    It’s designed to fail, regardless of how the November elections pan out, the likelihood of actually getting the supermajority necessary to overcome the veto is functionally zero even before you consider that there are a lot of moderate Republicans who won’t be on board, and absolutely zero once you do.

    So what’s the point? Rile up the base? Throw red meat? I still don’t think that this issue is actually enough to move the needle on the November midterms, but it’s like McConnel et al. are fundamentally unable to take the win and wants to push the issue to places that are right on the edge of disaster.

    Why is it that a party just can’t seem to make the decision to govern in a matter that’s actually popular? Why is it that instead of holding the center and gently prodding to the edges, both parties seem hellbent at presenting the most fundamentally extreme caricatures possible and make the moderates and independents choose which crazy is less bad for them this election cycle.

    • Why? My theory is it’s due to the rise over the last fifty or so years of the professional political consultant class. As a kid (fifty or so years ago), I do not recall ever hearing anyone talk about one party or the other’s “base.” There were hardly any polls other than some weird company called AC Nielson, who mostly rated television viewership. Focus groups? Hah. Talking points? No. Almost all current politicians are beholden to their consultants. And their consultants are charged with getting politicians re-elected, regardless of concerns about good governance or party affiliation. Getting re-elected determines every thought, word and deed of contemporary politicians, and professional consultants proved the thoughts, words and deeds.

  6. Evidently un-ironic headline on Real Clear Politics: “Pelosi: On Mother’s Day, Supreme Court has Slapped Mothers in the Face.”

    This pretty well sums up the pro-abortion lobby: Good mothers are down with abortion on demand. That is, good mothers are enthusiastically in favor of killing unwanted children.

      • Yes, but how ghoulish to include mothers, or birthing people, in among the right thinking on, of all days, Mother’s Day, you know, the day we celebrate the people who birthed, i.e. didn’t murder, us. Beauty, eh?

  7. 2. “Learn about autism from the severely autistic.” Might as well be a Babylon Bee headline. Should be prefaced with, “If you can get them to make eye contact with your and speak to you…” Maybe we should have people with heart disease deal with heart disease and free up all those cardiologists and heart surgeons.

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