Oh, Fine…Now I have To Defend George Santos

It isn’t as if there aren’t more than enough legitimate accusations one can make against Rep. George Santos, the phony, lying, none-too-bright Republican from  New York who somehow faked his way into Congress Nonetheless, the Republican-hating news media still has to manufacture absurd accusations against this jerk  to demonize the whole party, to wit: Based on the instant captured in the photo above, we were told…

  • “In a now-viral photo, Santos is shown with his fingers forming an OK gesture, a symbol that the Anti-Defamation League calls a sincere expression of white supremacy.”[Vanity Fair]
  • “Embattled Republican congressman George Santos faced criticism after he appeared to flash a white supremacist symbol while casting his vote on the House floor.” [Pink News]
  • “Incoming Rep. George Santos appeared to flash a widely known white supremacist hand sign on the floor of the U.S. House on Thursday evening, according to images captured by photojournalists.” [Newsday]
  • “Newly elected freshman Rep. George Santos (R-NY) makes White power gesture as he casts his vote for House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy.” [Intellectualist]
  • “While raising his right hand to signal his vote in support of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for House Speaker on Thursday, Santos made an “OK” hand gesture with his left hand.It’s unclear why Santos made the gesture, but some right-wing trolls have increasingly used the “OK” symbol as a way to signal support for white supremacy…” [MSN]

And so on.  All completely unfair and contrived, as this video shows:

You see? Santos has his arms crossed and quickly raised his hand to vote, then turned and walked away. Only a lucky photo could catch the millisecond that his fingers seemed to form a circle, and it was obviously not a signal. Who was he signalling? Who was prepared to see it in that momentary flash? Santos isn’t even “white” by white supremacist standards.

The use of the “OK” sign as a white supremacy symbol is largely a hoax anyway, with most of the individuals accused of flashing it being unfairly attacked by shameless Democrats and demented activists, as in the case of Zina Bash, Justice Kavanaugh’s assistant, who was accused of flashing the alleged “white supremacy sign” during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing…

The claim was quickly debunked, but not before despicable activists like  Dr. Eugene Gu used the moment to smear both Bash and her boss, writing in a tweet retweeted 12 thousand times, “Kavanaugh’s former law clerk Zina Bash is flashing a white power sign behind him during his Senate confirmation hearing. They literally want to bring white supremacy to the Supreme Court. What a national outrage and a disgrace to the rule of law.” Even conservative NeverTrump blogger Paterico fell for the fantasy.

A cultural delusion seems to have taken hold that if anyone has done dastardly things or has demonstrated bad character, they are no longer entitled to fairness, responsible treatment of simple justice, and the Golden Rule is completely off the table. This, of course, is the approach adopted regarding Donald Trump by most of the news media and much of the public.

This is wrong.

17 thoughts on “Oh, Fine…Now I have To Defend George Santos

  1. I have, in my photo collection, two unflattering photos of cute little boys who, captured in the moment of eating, appear to be demented or drunk.

    The moment the camera flashes can capture any number of facial features or hand gestures that were in the midst of movement. All accusations like this are unfair.

    • A M Golden wrote, “All accusations like this are unfair.”

      The things you’re talking about are almost always unintentional humorous photo stills, this is something entirely different. Sure using the word “unfair” to describe the unintentionally captured photo stills like you described is reasonable but, in my opinion, using the word “unfair” to describe the particular behavior associated with this incident is a gross understatement.

      This is very, very intentional act of defamation, as in slander, that is used as persecution (persistent annoyance or harassment, hostility and ill-treatment, especially on the basis of ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation or political beliefs). This kind of behavior is evil (profoundly immoral and wicked). There is nothing about this behavior that’s even remotely acceptable. This is intentional slander and it needs to be culturally and socially tarred as the psychological evil that it is. The problem we have in the 21st century is that the political left, its media attack dogs and a horde of partisan hack trolls will rationalize it because when hate rules the mind (like it seems to in the minds of the 21st century political left) the ends justify the means and the truth be damned, these appear to be foundational core beliefs and must be written in some holy book of progressivism’s.

      In my opinion there needs to be some kind of reasonable changes in defamation law when it is absolutely positively clear that there has been obvious intentional slander and/or libel directed at a public figure, such as this, including persons elected to public office. This kind of immoral behavior has gotten way out of hand and way to socially acceptable and these people are intentionally abusing a legal loophole and they don’t give a damn that everyone knows they’re abusing it.

      What can society do to stop this behavior?

      • I’m a typically extreme free speech libertarian, so it says a lot that I almost agree with you. The rabid attacks from the left are a big part of why we end up with Trump and his less-than-stellar line up on the Right: anyone running for office either needs to be willing to bend over as soon as the left starts rumbling, or be perfectly fine being labeled a racist-sexist-homophobe-nazi-white supremacist who wants trans children to die.

        The former category of candidate erases half of the political spectrum, but the latter category draws narcissistic trolls who are happy to be covered in mud for the attention, and who are rarely the most level-headed or responsible people in the room. Like Santos up there.

        It’s bad enough when the left limits it to vague name-calling and language twisting; even if it’s unpleasant, it’s relatively transparent with a bit of extra research. When they invent false evidence of their lies, it’s enough to make even the most upstanding and unassailable candidates think twice about getting involved.

        This behavior is a danger to society both directly and indirectly, and while I would prefer they just lose every ounce of credibly they have, something more direct and punitivemight be in order in egregious cases.

        This is why we can’t have nice things.

        • Emily wrote, “I’m a typically extreme free speech libertarian, so it says a lot that I almost agree with you.”

          Thanks Emily for that, it rang my bell in just the right way.

          Maybe I asked the wrong question when I asked “what can society do to stop this behavior” which does have free speech implications when using the word “stop” in that way I did.

          What’s very clear is these political hacks are intentionally abusing the defamation loophole for public figures and they know they are abusing it; so should the question be something like how can the loophole be changed so the egregious abuse of the loophole can be legally addressed without unintentionally squashing free speech?

          I’m kinda swimming around in these thoughts this morning and I don’t want to go overboard into the same kinda anti-free speech rhetoric that the left is engaging in, but something is just not right.

      • Just another example of the fascist Left fighting dirty while the Right twiddles their thumbs seemingly paralyzed as to how to respond effectively to these ongoing smear tactics that are part of the larger propaganda program that has the ignorant masses hypnotized.

        The solution is obvious but so far the invertebrate Right is unwilling to unleash a furious counter strategy and go all in.
        The fascist Left is unified in destroying the Right by any means necessary while the Right remains fearful and divided, gradually circling the drain.

  2. >>Only a lucky photo could catch the millisecond that his fingers seemed to form a circle, and it was obviously not a signal.

    People don’t take photos anymore. They take high definition video, and scour it frame by frame for embarrassing stills, then misrepresent them as typical of the scene as a whole. There is no luck; it is deliberate and deceptive, and only done to Republicans and McKayla Maroney.

  3. It’s all about building and presenting the narrative to the ignorant sheeple that will believe any shit they fling on the wall.

    As I have said until I’m blue in the face, “The political left has shown its pattern of propaganda lies within their narratives so many times since 2016 that it’s beyond me why anyone would blindly accept any narrative that the political left and their lapdog media actively push?”

    I’m sure that anyone defending George Santos because of this blatantly false smear will be publicly tarred by the media and internet trolls as a George Santos supporter and therefore a supporter of bald-faced lying in an election to get into Congress.

  4. First: If we want to rid ourselves of Santos for lying during his campaign, then we should rid ourselves of all the others that did the same. Two that come immediately to mind are Warren who campaigned as a native American and Blumenthal who campaigned as a decorated military veteran. Why are there no calls for them to vacate their offices?
    Second: Who was it that decided the centuries old OK gesture was a symbol of White supremacy, and when did it become so? I realize this claim first occurred several years ago and I suspect it was by some troll in an attempt to slander someone. Unfortunately, the nature of social media makes it virtually impossible to track down that troll.

    • To be fair, the other liars at least had SOME legit credentials; Santos is the reductio ad absurdum of fraudulent candidates. And two recently banned trolls here to the contrary, Donald Trump was not on one those fraudulent candidates. He was and is, in fact, exactly what he appears to be, and has never claimed otherwise.

  5. I kind of hope that white supremacists start celebrating Kwanzaa. Not because I actually care what racists do, but because it would be kind of amusing to watch progressives try to untangle the Gordian Knot of decrying everything that racists do as racist in nature coupled with racists appropriating a cultural artefact from a group that they actually care about.

    Would Kwanzaa be racist, or would racists doing a thing not prove that the thing is racism?

  6. That particular gesture, even if intentional, which this clearly wasn’t, means (or at least can be imagined to mean) many different things, depending on what one chooses to accuse the gesturer of suggesting.

    It can be simply “OK”; if that person is white, it’s a white supremacist dog whistle; if that person is black (especially a young black male), it’s a gang sign (I remember writing about a case several years ago in which a high school basketball player making the sign for a three-point shot was suspended for this).

    My best friend in high was an exchange student in Venezuela, where he had to have explained to him that in that place and time it was an obscene gesture, even more vulgar than the American monodigital salute.


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