Unethical Quote of the Month: Eric Fehrnstrom

“Well, I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. Everything changes. It’s almost like an Etch-a-Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and restart all over again.”

—-Top Mitt Romney advisor Eric Fehrnstrom, answering a CNN interviewer’s query about whether the leading GOP presidential hopeful’s increasingly conservative campaigning positions will hurt him with more moderate voters in he is his party’s nominee.

Translation: “Mitt Romney is a liar, and has no integrity, so he will continue to say whatever is necessary to persuade naive and inattentive voters—you know…most of them— into believing that his policies will please them.  This is why he has no respect for voters at all, and will lie to their faces. Hey, this is politics–that’s how the game is played! My boss is like President Obama, like George W. Bush, like all politicians, really–except nut-cases like Santorum, Paul and Gingrich, who keep saying the same crazy things they believe in no matter how unelectable it makes them. Mitt’s a realist. He hit reset when he was Governor of Massachusetts, then he hit reset when he decided to run for the nomination. He’ll hit reset again when he’s nominated, and you can be damn sure he’ll hit reset after he’s elected. Come on…anyone who believes what a political candidate says has to be an idiot, right?”

Start the countdown. Every day that passes without Fehrnstrom resigning—or better yet, being fired— is an additional reason not to trust Mitt Romney…in addition, that is, to the fact that he’d hire a cynical, incompetent jerk like this in the first place.

11 thoughts on “Unethical Quote of the Month: Eric Fehrnstrom

  1. He’s sort of right, isn’t he? Most successful presidential candidates “pivot” towards the center once they’ve won their nomination. But it’s kind of shocking that he’s so honest about it.

    I kind of suspect that most high-level political operatives share Mr. Fehrnstrom’s view. But few of them would say so in public.

    It might be better to question the system instead of the person. Why does our system encourage politicians to act like this — and can we imagine a system that wouldn’t have the same incentives?

    • “…can we imagine a system that wouldn’t have the same incentives?”

      Maybe a playoff (runoff) primary system with bounties like the NFL is winking at (but wait, I’m getting ahead of myself!) – starting with each state (all at the same time), then regionals, then semifinals, then the Final Four (conventions, that is, except, screw using delegates, and just have one big nationwide binding referendum, for a final round) – could do the job better, faster and cheaper.

    • “Sort of” is the operating phrase. His complete cynicism, which suggests that NOTHING a candidate says is genuine or trustworthy, is offensive, and only true for the most Machiavellian and dishonest pols. Is dishonest posturing and pandering by candidates all too common? Yes. Has it gotten worse over the decades? I think so. Is it hard to tell post-election reversals resulting from changed circumstances (Bush) or the imposition of political realities (Obama) hard to distinguish between intentional campaign deception? I think so. In my lifetime, Ike, Kennedy, Reagan and Carter were especially non-Etch-a-Sketch-like. So are, ironically, Romney’s opponents, none of whom I would vote for in a contest against a lawn chair or a dead pangolin.

  2. Your site is hysterically funny. Apparently only people to the right of center have ethical problems. Oh, except for Fan Savage, who just recently became a dirtbag scapegoat. Nice try. Moe’s ur uncle.

    • David, with all due respect, did you even read this site? At all?

      I think Jack is biased to the right (which is no insult to Jack; pretty much all human beings have some sort of bias). Jack thinks I’m biased to the left. But even I can see that Jack does, in fact, criticize people both left and right of center.

      Seriously, I’ve never once seen Jack discuss Occupy except in terms of absolute contempt. He loathes Nancy Pelosi so much that I think he barely believes she’s human. He criticizes Democrats very, very frequently.

      But he also criticizes conservatives. Anyone who says that he only criticizes one side of the partisan divide is simply, obviously ignorant.

      I know that because I’ve ACTUALLY READ THE SITE. I try to actually know what I’m talking about BEFORE I open my big mouth, in other words. You could learn from me.


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