The White House Is Lying To Us. Again. Why?

David Plouffe...or Dan doesn't matter, really...the voice is the same.

David Plouffe…or Dan Pfeiffer…it doesn’t matter, really…the voice is the same.

Nobody of sound mind who listened to top White House advisor (he’s the current David Axelrod) David Plouffe spin like the Wheel of Fortune on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos could continue to deny that the White House, a.k.a Barack Obama, is determined to obscure every thing and anything it can that might help us assign accountability for the Administration’s negligent oversight and management, if not outright abuse of power. The smoking gun was that this pre-programmed, trained and paid mouthpiece said this:

PLOUFFE: Well, I’d say first of all, you know back in the previous — or the prior administration, the NAACP was investigated after Republican members of Congress asked for it. But there’s been no suggestion — the independent — the prosecutor looked at this — excuse me, the inspector general, and said there was no politics involved in this. No one has indicated at all that the White House is involved. The IRS director was appointed at — under President Bush, served under both presidents attested. No one from — so, this was not a political pursuit.

I don’t know if it was “a political pursuit” or not, but I do know that when the people in power desperately don’t want their fingerprints to be found on something potentially sinister like this, I am more suspicious than I would be if they just let the facts out:

  • The statement begins with a “they did it too!” rationalization that isn’t even on point (calling for the investigation of one large, prominent, blatantly partisan and politically-active sacred cow organization is completely fair and legitimate, while siccing the I.R.S. on only those nascent organizations likely to oppose the President’s re-election is not),
  • …proceeds to misrepresentation—the Inspector General did an audit, not an investigation, and it was obviously not thorough;
  • Many, not “no one,”  have questioned whether the White House was involved, especially since we learned that the President’s Chief of Staff and White House Counsel knew about the Inspector General’s inquiries and intentionally didn’t inform Obama, and then we were told that Douglas Shulman, then the commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, was cleared to visit the White House 157 times over three years according to visitor logs. The period coincided with when partisan scrutiny of 501 (c) 4’s began in the agency, but also with the period in which the I.R.S.’s responsibilities under the Affordable Care Act needed to be sorted out, so there may be reasonable and innocent explanations. Still, when asked why he visited the White House so frequently, Shulman couldn’t recall the Obamacare meetings, if that is what they were, and gave Congress the classic evasive answer that he remembered going to the White House for the Easter egg roll.

None of these, however, show that Plouffe has been programmed to lie more clearly than his evocation of the absurd “It couldn’t have been partisan because the Director was appointed by Bush”  lie. Despicable. Because I assume that those who work at the White House are not drooling morons, this can only mean that they all think we are, or at least enough of us that this ultimate example of ducking responsibility by blaming Republicans will work.

Oh, they might be right about that, no doubt about it. Most people aren’t managers; most people have not observed how bureaucracies work; to people who have no comprehension of government and politics, the fantasy that government employees are imprinted with the ideology of whomever first hired them and remain loyal to that flag rather than their current bosses seems entirely reasonable, but it is not. Plouffe knows it; Jay Carney knows it; Rep. Joe Crowley knows it, Donna Brazile knows it; Ed Rendell knows it; Dan Pfeiffer, the previous White House ventriloquist dummy sent out to the Sunday talk shows to deny, deny, deny, knows it; you can be damn sure that President Obama, who is accountable for this programmed lie, knows it; you know it, and I know it. Yet the White House spin machine continues to use, as a foundation of its defense and explanation for the I.R.S. scandal, this dishonest argument.

Why? This really is a lie, you know: it is an untruth  intentionally uttered to deceive. It is inconceivable that the people I mentioned above, as well as the obsequious journalists who adopt it, are so stupid that they really believe it. What does it tell us when there is an agreed-upon lie widely disseminated by those in power and their acolytes for the purpose of  impeding legitimate inquiry?

I know what my answer is. Is there another one?


Sources: CNN, ABC

Graphic: Squidoo


27 thoughts on “The White House Is Lying To Us. Again. Why?

  1. If you are looking for honesty and integrity—NEWS FLASH, you’re looking in the wrong direction. I beg you, please show me anywhere in American political history were they has been (or is it ‘have been’) an honest White House (save maybe Abe Lincoln) with honest men doing the right thing.

    • Yes, I’m used to this sad attitude. So it’s all right then, is it? And all lies are of the same magnitude, and we should just accept that leaders can’t be trusted, but do what they tell us is best for us anyway. Idiotic, dangerous, lazy and foolish.

  2. Asking WHY this White House lies, again, is like asking a scorpion why it stings, or the lion why it must kill its prey.

    • I am seeking a specific answer in this particular instance, not a generic one. Actually, White Houses lie for different reasons. Nixon was paranoid. Kennedy was living a lie. Clinton likes lying. In Obama’s case, it’s more like the Peter Principle (no offense!) executive trying to fake it as long as possible.

      • What’s publicly and generally known about BHO may conform to your concept of rising to one’s level of incompetence. On the other hand, it becomes an entirely different matter if there is intentionality in the now much more visible lies that have come to be revealed because they involve agencies that EVERYONE hates, the IRS, and the hallowed reserves of the leftist media, in the AP scandal. Even the clinically dead are able to see evidence of malfeasance now, and, only now, in larger circles is there outright questioning of mal-intent.

        • I think the pertinant question is, which looks like it fits better? If he’s inept, one would assume that SOME things would go his way, by luck of the draw if nothing else. We would see chaos as organizations had poor management. Some would be led by good people, and maintain a good balance, others would not. If he’s malicious and ept, then there would be a uniformity then we would see a uniform response from all the agencies he controls. What’s the EPA up to these days? The FCC? HHS? DoE? DoEd? ICE? FBI?

          Is he just really bad at protecting liberty, or is he set against it?

          • EPA: Methane expelled by dairy cows… to be regulated, property rights of landowners confiscated by R&R about wetlands; FCC: so-called Fairness Doctrine used to silence conservative talk radio (in the works); HHS: Obamacare requires 16,000 new IRS agents, the end of financial privacy, discussion of loss of health care choice, and forced single-payer yet to come; DoE mandates uniform textbook content, violating states’ rights, 9th and 10th amendments; ICE: non-enforcement of US borders, agents required to release repeat offenders; FDA: SWAT team raids on raw milk producers who sell to members of dairy cooperatives, FBI: you don’t want to know what is REALLY going on there. Do you really think this is all a coincidence?

            • I agree, Peter. The relentless tide of unconstitutional abuses is pretty stark and evident as to its ultimate aim. Obama is a hard core leftist ideologue who seeks to institutionalize the 100 year progressive agenda in his term. About the only truthful thing he’s ever said was his boast to “fundamentally transform” America. One has only to look at the actions of his administration and those of the regimes he supports to see what that will entail.

  3. “Because I assume that those who work at the White House are not drooling morons, this can only mean that they all think we are, or at least enough of us that this ultimate example of ducking responsibility by blaming Republicans will work.”
    Ding ding ding we have a winner!
    It’s worked before.

    Also, Obama is so arrogant and so puffed up with himself that he is unable to see or accept that he’s making mistakes.

    I am SERIOUSLY disgusted with the whole situation.

  4. You know, there are actually people walking around out there, some of them on college campuses, that do not know who the current vice president is. (That’s different from you and I who are trying to forget who it is.)
    And most of them vote!

  5. President Obama is corrupt. It was obvious in 2008, but Liberal Whites and African-Americans wanted to make history at whatever cost. I received so much flack for not voting for the “messiah”. “YOU’RE BLACK! HOW CAN YOU NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA”! Yes, I heard it all. Not that Kerry or Romney were ideal alternatives. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. With Obama, I smelled smoked, gasoline, and a book of matches.

  6. Who really gives a shit? The Administration and the Congress have been beholden to the “powers that be” for generations. So what’s new? The American people are content to be lied to, to hang on to their ideological positions regardless of the facts now publicly exposed, and remain sheep for their ideological leader. We are becoming totalitarian state, and we can’t blame anyone but ourselves.

    • I didn’t say that right. I shouldn’t have commented. I’m sorry, readers. Elizabeth gets the Eeyore Award for today. But my day is worse, always.

  7. Question: What does it tell us when there is an agreed-upon lie widely disseminated by those in power and their acolytes for the purpose of impeding legitimate inquiry?

    Answer: A cover-up is underway.

  8. It tells us that politics is considered a power game by people who practice it. These particular people are playing by different rules. The ultimate answer to chaos is iron fisted control. But first we have to create chaos.

  9. I really wonder if the entire journalism establishment really IS this stupid. I just watched CBS This Morning where a journalist expressed shock and disbelief when interviewing a nonjournalist who stated that HPV could cause cancer. This was immediately after they (CBS This Morning) showed an article explaining the link between HPV and cervical cancer and describing how the HPV vaccine can prevent it. I also remember a documentary on the Columbia School of Journalism where Columbia gushed over the fact that their advanced Master’s Degree students were learning “linear interpolation” for the first time! Assuming the latter wasn’t just bad PR hype, that places the best journalists in the country at the same level of problem solving as the average college freshman in an STEM field.

    Are they really this stupid, or is it just an act to be dramatic, to allow them to support their ideological allies, and to try to patronisingly relate to ‘the common people’?

  10. “Are they really this stupid, or is it just an act to be dramatic, to allow them to support their ideological allies, and to try to patronisingly relate to ‘the common people’?”

    Michael, I think it is all of those things.

  11. Well, personality cult seems to have replaced presidential leadership and only lackeys and boot lickers need apply for a job with the Executive Branch in the USA today. 😦

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