Ethically Depressing Quote Of The Week: NBC News

“It’s unclear if his latest admission will hurt his standing with voters.”

—-NBC News, after revealing on its website that New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, who resigned from Congress in 2011 amid a sexting scandal, admitted today that there were more episodes like the one that forced his resignation.  He issued the statement after a gossip website published an interview with an anonymous woman who claimed she had a six-month online relationship with him that continued after his earlier online activities were, uh, exposed.

The once and future studmuffin...

The once and future studmuffin…”Mayor Studmuffin?” Really, New York?

Weiner’s  statement was Clintonian with heavy dash of weasel, saying,

“I said that other texts and photos were likely to come out, and today they have. As I have said in the past, these things that I did were wrong and hurtful to my wife and caused us to go through challenges in our marriage that extended past my resignation from Congress. While some things that have been posted today are true and some are not, there is no question that what I did was wrong. This behavior is behind me.”

Note: Weiner also said the behavior was behind him when he resigned. (Actually, based on the photos, the behavior is clearly in front of him.) Given his talent for Clintonesque  deceit, perhaps he means that all past behavior is behind him, since he’s talking in the present, and only future internet flashing is ahead of him.


A Congressman who surreptitiously tweets his package to young women and then lies about it when confronted is not trustworthy, and to be blunt, sick. An ex-Congressman who continues the practice after he has been caught and forced to resign is even more obviously untrustworthy, and one who then decides to run for mayor is, in addition, deluded to the point of pathology.

Now, as this damning evidence comes out, Weiner’s response is a coy and deceitful “some of this is true and some of it isn’t” along with “I never said I told you everything.” Weiner is a poster child for signature significance: nobody who behaves this way should be allowed within 50 yards of Gracie Mansion. If New Yorkers really don’t have better sense than to entrust their city to a…let’s see, is “creep” the best word?…like Anthony Weiner, they deserve what they get…



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Source: NBC

18 thoughts on “Ethically Depressing Quote Of The Week: NBC News

  1. Weiner is like a drug addict with his penile displays.. Or a gorilla, except gorillas don’t deserve this comparison.

    At first I though the weinergate was funny, then it was disgusting, now it’s just sad.. I don’t want to know his name anymore.

  2. Check out this allegation reported by, of all things, the Huffington Post:

    “Weiner also allegedly offered to help her get featured on a Politico panel, if she did him a “solid” and “hard delete” all of their correspondence.”

    Can you say “obstruction” boys and girls?

    Just shows you what 4 Million unspent dollars in a NY Democrat’s campaign fund will do. It’ll burn a hole in his pocket if he doesn’t spend it.

  3. Political values are really messed up when Anthony Weiner can be elected more than once. Lets hope he can’t be. My opinion of New York City voters would have a hard time getting any lower but it could happen. (Maybe I can find a backhoe and dig a little deeper.)

  4. I don’t expect my political leaders to be free from ALL vice — some politicians have affairs (yuck, but so do regular people). It’s when the sin turns into an absolute uncontrollable behavior that the public has to say “enough is enough”. Weiner should drop out of the race and let another Democrat take the limelight against the Republican contender. It’s what is right for his party and what is right for the public. What if another 9/11 happens and Weiner can’t possibly deal with it because he has at least 100 more naked photos to send to random strangers? And what is with the wife sticking by him? I will never understand the “wife enablers” of politicians. Craving power over pride makes me retch.

    • “yuck, but so do regular people”

      Hot button for me, Beth. Leaders are not regular people, and have an obligation not to use regular people as their benchmarks. Leaders are supposed to lead, in policy and in conduct. It’s not too much to expect.

      • It depends what the vice is. An extra marital affair is pretty common (even among good people), and I don’t think an affair “necessarily” interferes with public obligations. Also, some people have open marriages. For me, something that rises to addiction (alcohol, drugs, porn, sexting) means you are done. Same with a crime. Done.

        • Marital affairs by politicians who use their marriages to show their family orientation and stability aren’t just cheating—they are lying and trying to fool the public. Done. If an official is disloyal and lies to a spouse, he or she will lie to the public, and we have seen that connection too many times to pretend it doesn’t exist.

          • Well, all politicians use the happy family card. What if it’s not cheating, but still an incredibly unhappy marriage? Do you still think they are lying and trying to fool the public? Is that grounds for eliminating someone from the race? Sometimes a family life should just be kept private. The public and the media expect to see the spouse and children smiling and waving from the podium. I think this our problem more than anything.

      • The approach now taken by Wiener and his wife (i.e., she’s forgiven him so all should be well) ignores the fact that Weiner’s conduct involved multiple offenses against multiple people. The wife’s forgiveness is/should be of little import to the discussion.
        He lied to the public. Aside from the problems with the original texting (let us all recall the “photos can be manipulated” crap that went on for days after the original scandal), he later engaged in numerous interviews, intended for public consumption, saying he had turned over a new leaf, when, in fact, he had not. Further, he attempted to cover-up the new lies by telling us that more would come out with the obvious intention of leading everyone to assume that anything coming out now would be old news. The man violated the public trust. He showed a lack of good judgment and integrity. While his wife may forgive him for his violations to their family trust, he has done absolutely nothing to earn forgiveness from the public for all his lies to them/us. “I’m sorry” is meaningless without a specific recognition of the offense and a demonstrable change in behavior. The public has not gotten that.

          • He also apparently tried to buy his most recent victim’s silence by getting her some sort of visibility on Politico. This is analogous to obstruction of justice and witness tampering. Which goes way, way beyond a sexual pecadillo. The guy’s essentially a crook.

        • He’s also never said he was sorry to the man he accused of lying about him, Andrew Breitbart.

          I remember Andrew threatening that he had far more than was told, and that should Anthony opt to make a bad call, they would get released… A pity that no one seems to have what he claimed to have anymore (I have my suspicions as to what happened with the evidence). I think this sort of story is precisely the sort of trigger Andrew was hoping to not see.

    • I don’t expect my political leaders to be free from ALL vice

      I don’t either.

      I do, however, expect them to a) not be so fucking stupid about it, b) when caught, own their mistake and c) not lie to me flat out or attempt to mislead me into thinking they have learned their lesson and have changed.

      Weiner especially has failed all three benchmarks.

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