Can A Prostitute Be Raped?

On Nov. 5, we'll find out if W.C. Fields' low opinion of Philadelphia was justified...

On Nov. 5, we’ll find out if W.C. Fields’ low opinion of Philadelphia was justified…

An unethical and incompetent judge in Philadelphia doesn’t think so, thus making a powerful argument against electing judges, being a prostitute, and living in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Municipal Court judge Teresa Carr Deni ruled that the 2007 rape of a prostitute at gunpoint was merely “theft of services.”The  woman had agreed to meet a man have sex with him for the bargain fee of $150. He asked her if his friend could join in the fun for an additional $100, and she agreed. When these two sterling citizens arrived for the appointment, however, they held her at gunpoint and forced her to have sex with them free of charge.

If this isn’t rape when a prostitute is involved—forced, unconsented intercourse, through the threat of deadly force—then any prostitute can be raped at will, with the worst charge being “theft.” Selling sex doesn’t convert sexual battery into nothing, a non-crime, once consent for that sale is withdrawn. If you know someone is preparing to sell blood to a blood bank, and you attack him, subdue him, and drain his blood to sell yourself, is this merely theft, or a crime of violence? If he was going to be an organ donor, and you rip out his kidney, is that just theft? There is no route through law or reason that allows us to ignore the fact that a woman was forced to have sex with two men without her consent. Judge Deni clearly has a monstrous bias against prostitutes, and thus believes that they shouldn’t receive equal protection under the law. When criticized, her rationalization was that prosecuting the men for rape “minimizes true rape cases and demeans women who are really raped.”

Really raped? A woman who is forced at gun point to have sex isn’t really raped? What kind of judge thinks like this? And why is she still a judge six years after making such an indefensible, cruel, unfair ruling? What the heck is the matter with Philadelphia?

Deni is up for re-election on November 5.  As you know, I hate being judgmental, but anyone who knows about this appalling case—activists are trying to make sure everyone does—and still votes for her is a dreadful human being…just like she is.

Or am I being too harsh?


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79 thoughts on “Can A Prostitute Be Raped?

  1. I am reading on this because I was raped yesterday morning. I as well am a high class escort. I didn’t call the police because I felt I would have been treated the Same way.

  2. If a man calls a salon & makes an appointment for a haircut.. Gets there, holds a gun to the hairdressers head, forces her to cut his hair, leaves w/out paying… It would be okay because he had an appointment & she agreed to cut his hair?! Would the cops wrote this up as a “theft” or would they take the gun into consideration? 

    No, she NEVER agreed to cut his hair at gun point. She nvr agreed to be held against her will. She agreed to cutting his hair. 

    But this is besides the point, the contract is void because the consideration is illegal. If it were not illegal, it would still be breached because she agreed to sex w/2 men. She didn’t agree to force, violence, gun, rape, etc.

    Bottom line is this… We, as ppl ALWAYS have a right to change our minds at any time. Just because someone signs up…. That doesn’t mean they have to complete the act. 

    By saying this is “theft” and not “rape” is protecting the guys contractual rights & not paying mind to the victim’s human rights… But again, there is no contract… Since consideration received (money) is in exchange for sex.. Which is illegal. 

    This judge wouldn’t feel the same of it were one of their family members being raped. I don’t condone prostitution, but it’s a victimless crime…(or should be). Nobody knows her story or how she ended up where she is…. At least she’s not out stealing from the citizens in her area.

    This judge has basically given permission for men to rape woman.. Shame shame on this judge. 

  3. The blood and kidney analogies don’t do justice since ripping off kidneys will kill one….

    She gave them what she agreed to just for free… The wrong is just pointing gun at her and doing it for free, not rape

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