Consider: The Fact That People Are Attacking This Ad As Sexist And Racist Is A Big Reason Donald Trump Is Leading In The Polls…

It’s called advertising …. to men who like looking at beautiful women.

The Horror.

If this video advocates unethical conduct, I’d appreciate someone telling me what it is. No, treating the problem of illegal immigration as a joke is not the same as arguing that it is a joke. Try again.

Thank you.


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30 thoughts on “Consider: The Fact That People Are Attacking This Ad As Sexist And Racist Is A Big Reason Donald Trump Is Leading In The Polls…

  1. Sexist? Uh, yeah. Why can’t you see it? You see, the ad clearly demonstrates the entitlement culture of white hetero-Europeans, obviously exploiting stereotypical gender roles, while at the same time promoting beef consumption, and not sustainable foods. The actors impose their attractive person status of privilege, to say nothing about beach volleyball. I mean, what says more about rich, entitled, and foodist than eating hamburgers while playing beach volleyball? The whole lot of them should be ashamed of themselves.


    • I’m sorry, but can you explain every point you made? It appears you just took some feminist buzzwords and threw them together.
      What is ‘entitlement culture’?
      How are they exploiting stereotypical gender roles? Both men and women can be spectators or volleyball players.
      What’s wrong with promoting beef consumption? Who’s to say beef isn’t sustainable?
      How are the actors IMPOSING anything on anyone?
      What about the actors made you think they’re rich and entitled?

  2. Jack,
    I agree, but why aren’t these same arguments applicable to the Sarah Silverman Super Bowl ad (or any of the others you so vehemently lambasted against)?


    • “If this video advocates unethical conduct, I’d appreciate someone telling me what it is.”
      What part of “unethical conduct” don’t you comprehend?

      Silverman: “Sorry, it’s a boy.” Go to Hell. Would any ad dare end with “Sorry, it’s black” or “Sorry, it’s a girl” or “Sorry, it’s gay,” facetiously or not? This is disrespectful and unfair, suspiciously partisan, and irresponsible, whether a comic says it or Rachel Maddow.” The conduct is misandry and bigotry. Unethical

      Tide: Endorses lying and stealing—by parents. Unethical.

      GEICO: States that “what you do” when the boss isn’t looking is goof off. You do realize that’s unethical, right?

      Here’s your homework: review the Direct TV ads I’ve posted on and ID the conduct being flagged as unethical. Then compare to the Carl’s ad, and again, show me what is encouraged in the spot that is wrong. Sexy women acting sexy? Friends slapping each other affectionately in the butt? Playing volleyball over the border (note that nobody crosses)? Guys liking women?

      We can celebrate women without denigrating men

  3. This commercial was multicultural and took a casual view of the border…the final volleyball action also involved the oppressed Latina woman empowered and hitting her white oppressor in the head.

    It’s a progressive commercial.

  4. It is like they have never seen a Carl’s Jr. commercial. This is nothing. It looks like Carl’s Jr. went to sensitivity training before making this one.

  5. Yes, it’s sexist.

    But there about ten million more genuinely important issues to fix before even arguing about this trivial and arguable one. Priorities, people.

    No, there’s no ethics issue here. Ones of objectification, sure, but give me a break. I’ve seen worse demeaning and infantilising men too.

    • I think if progressives are going to continue their trend of including more and more phenomenon in the definition of “sexist” or “racist” et. al, then we as society have to wrap our heads around the idea that not all sexism or racism, et al is inherently a negative thing. Sexual preference, for instance… If you are only sexually attracted to men, but a woman likes you, well… it’s not her fault you like men. By the progressive yardstick, your sexual preference is sexist, and it has a negative outcome for people in the group you’re discriminating against, so bigotry.

      Which leads to the question; Is the progressive view that we need to change sexual orientation, or have we found a sexist attitude that even progressives realize shouldn’t be any of their business. I mean… Ask Christians what kind of luck they had with praying the gay away.

      Well, there’s a partial answer: There’s already people suggesting that your sexual preference is not only discrimination, but should change. Google “The Cotton Ceiling” Ceilings are a relatively new progressive buzz-phrase; just like using the glass ceiling to describe women being kept out of boardrooms, there are now things like the bamboo ceiling, where Asians are being kept out of white friend groups, or the cotton ceiling, where trans people are having a hard time finding dates. Yes. That’s a real thing. Apparently men who are straight have a hard time accepting women who have penises intimately, and that’s bigotry. Shame on you all.

      As a PSA to progressives, if you want me to take you more seriously, you have to do a better job calling out your crazies. I’m just saying.

      • Wow. “The Cotton Ceiling”. That was a new one. I had no idea it related to the transgendered world. At first I thought it meant farmers and agro-business people were being kept out of the corporate board rooms. Little did I know. Silly me. Too many buzzwords and discrimination categories to keep track of.


        • I think the allusion is to underwear, I have to admit, I chuckle when I think of someone trying to claw through a pair of underwear a la Jack Nicholson in Psycho. “Heeeeeree’s Johnny!”

  6. In all seriousness, it is a clever play on US-Mexican immigration relations: The border/fence, Tex-Mex cuisine, two guys sitting across the border setting international disputes by recognizing the mutual benefits of each other, national (or regional) pride, and the thrill of competition. The slap on the behind and the watering down were probably unnecessary but, Carl’s is known for its risque commercials, and this one is fairly tame. I see nothing inherently or overtly unethical in the ad; in fact, if the point of advertizing is market placement and branding promotion, then the commercial does a great job and is ethical. Kuddos to Cart’s’ advertizing company.


  7. Actually, Carl’s Junior (and parent company Hardee’s) have been taking criticism from both ends. (No pun intended!) The Left hates them because they’re Southern based and unabashedly politically incorrect. However, they’ve also gotten their share of “naughty, naughty” from devout Christians… for obvious reasons. Responding to these requests and demands to cease their sex-ridden (!) TV ads, Carl’s has flatly refused. They’ve got a good thing going and they know it. It’s not just the sexy, but light hearted ads, but the fact that they have a good product besides. While I consider myself a “fairly” good Christian, I also understand that beautiful girls and sexy silliness are a part of life that won’t go away… and shouldn’t! Besides, I’ve never looked at a hamburger the same way after Kate Upton languidly devoured hers. I may be getting old, but I’m not dead yet!!

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