Read ‘Em And Weep: The Jefferson Muzzle Awards


 Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression (TJC) hands out yearly “awards” to  government agencies that show themselves hostile to free speech.  This year, however, the Jefferson Muzzle Awards were reserved for various colleges, as the increasingly radical left institutions of higher learning, spurred by such groups as Black Lives Matters and the craven administrators who quiver in fear of them, have scarred freedom of expression over the past year in a multitude of ways.

Fifty schools got their ceremonial muzzles—the Muzzies?—in five categories:

1. Censorship of Students
2. Censorship by Students
3. Efforts to Limit Press Access
4. Threats to Academic Freedom, and
5. Censorship of Outside Speakers

Here they are.

And it’s not funny.


Pointer: Instapundit

3 thoughts on “Read ‘Em And Weep: The Jefferson Muzzle Awards

  1. Wow! I just went through the website. If ever there was an ethics hero (can an organization be a hero? it is sort of a one-man organization . . .).

  2. I see my undergrad alma mater, Hamilton College made it onto the list. A group called The Movement demanded all sorts of things last December. My suggestion to those kids, presumably minorities, would be take advantage of being at Hamilton, as I did not, being clueless but white, and study economics and get into an MBA program and then get a job at Goldman Sachs and make a fortune. That would go a hell of a long way further toward righting any grievances you may have than whining about them and getting a degree in -studies. Why complain? You’re at an elite school. Act like an elitist. Become one. Go for it. If you don’t make managing partner at GS, fuck ’em and start your own hedge fund or private equity company and buy and sell options or whatever, or companies. You’ll be rich as hell. That will be a nice safe space for you. WAKE UP!

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