Wait…WHAT? What Are You Implying, CNN?

CNN tweet


So let me get this straight: Donald Trump is a fool for trying to court black voters without understanding that they equate themselves with felons? Really sensitive people like journalists realize that “blacks” and “felons” are synonymous?

Boy, this racism thing is a lot more complicated than I thought…

File this one under: “Bias makes you stupid,” and I’m not referring to Donald Trump


Pointer: Instapundit


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16 responses to “Wait…WHAT? What Are You Implying, CNN?

  1. Trump loves his blacks, he loves his white paroled felons too, his black and Hispanic paroled felons, not so much. BTW: CNN according to a 2002 study, 85% of mass murders in the USA were white. Not all white as this story shows. http://www.alternet.org/story/14431/serial_killing_is_no_longer_a_white_folks_thing/

    I couldn’t find offender statistics on the race or nationality of rapists, but why both since we know that white men never rape.

  2. dragin_dragon

    Racism isn’t really complicated at all. All whites are racist, all the time. The only reason there are black convicted felons in the first place is that white justice convicts them wrongly…just because they are black and poor. All those black people killed by other blacks…it was really white cops that killed them.

  3. Jack:

    Funny and insightful. Even in so few words! Too bad some of the comments do not reflect similar insight…..not to mention they even validated your point!

    Enjoying your posts!

    Jim Grieme

    PS: I haven’t come up with an imaginative “nickname” to hide my true identity yet………

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