From The Ethics Alarms Double Standards Files: The Women-Only “Wonder Woman” Screening [UPDATED]

The infuriating thing is that that not only are they flaming hypocrites, they are self-righteous about it.

Writes the pop culture website Too Fab, a proud young social justice warrior pop culture hangout,

“A “Wonder Woman” screening exclusively for women at the Alamo Drafthouse theater in Austin has pissed off a lot of fragile men.”

No, the outrageous double standard represented by the screening has pissed off anyone with a modicum of ethics comprehension, and should.

If you don’t immediately see the problem, you’re part of it. Even the galactically tone-deaf Hillary Clinton didn’t hold a women-only campaign rally (although her post-campaign rally at the Wellesley College graduation yesterday was pretty close to one.)  Barack Obama’s most rudimentary ethics alarm would have sounded if an aide proposed a blacks-only event. Hey, let’s promote the NFL with a men-only exhibition game! Given their promotional instincts, I’m surprised Alamo Drafthouse theater didn’t have a screening of the racist, “Whites are trying to destroy us all!” horror film “Get Out” restricted to endangered African-Americans, and maybe balance it off with a whites-only classic film screening of “Birth of a Nation.”

The striking aspect of this per se double standard display is that the Left is defending it, and mocking its critics using Swiss-cheese logic worthy of an evolution denier.

Here’s NY Magazine:

“After a decade of superhero movies starring identical white men named Chris, we’re finally getting a comic-book movie with a female lead: Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins. To celebrate this long-overdue milestone, the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, announced they will be holding a women-only screening of the film, run by an all-female staff. Unfortunately, some people aren’t so pleased about the announcement. Can you guess who?After the screening was announced, a gaggle of angry male commenters took to the theater’s Facebook page to whine about “reverse sexism” and “segregation” while complaining that Alamo never puts on “all-male” screenings of films with male leads. This has become a common refrain anytime a popular franchise attempts to diversify (see: Ghostbusters, Star Wars), despite the fact that Hollywood remains overwhelmingly white and male across the board.”

The technique on display here is If you can’t defend something legitimately, pretend it’s something else you can defend. What does objecting to gender discrimination at a movie screening have to do with how many white male superheroes movies there have been? (Wonder Woman is white, by the way, being Greek, unless a new edict has come down from the Tribal Grievance Authority that Greeks are to be considered “persons of color,” in which case I’m not white. Boy, wouldn’t that be great! All that white privilege wiped out, like a bad case of acne!)

It really is mind-boggling. The same progressives who are insisting that it should be illegal to segregate bathrooms gonad distribution are mocking objections to a movie theater banning audience members who aren’t the “right” gender. To be fair, this particular brand of head-spinning hypocrisy—Members of our group are owed the equality that has been so long denied them by our oppressors, so they should  be the beneficiary of exactly the same kind of illegal, demeaning, handicapping discrimination that has victimized them!—is rampant right now, part of the slow descent of American liberalism into self-contradiction and madness.

At at Evergreen State College in Washington state,  black and Latino students annually hold a “Day of Absence” in which they leave campus to bring attention to the significant role they play at the college, or something. This year, they want to kick all the whites off campus, while they stay. This would turn the “Day of Absence” into “Imagine How Great It Would Be If  There Were No Whites! Day”. A professor who made the rather obvious observation that this was divisive, hypocritical, discriminatory and stupid has been the object of so much protest by the student neo-segregationists that he has been forced to flee the campus for his safety.  The professor was more  diplomatic that I would have been, writing:

“There is a huge difference between a group or coalition deciding to voluntarily absent themselves from a shared space in order to highlight their vital and under appreciated roles … and a group or coalition encouraging another group to go away. The first is a call to consciousness which is, of course, crippling to the logic of oppression. The second is a show of force and an act of oppression in and of itself. I would encourage others to put phenotype aside and reject this new formulation. [O]n a college campus, one’s right to speak — or to be — must never be based on skin color.”

 Of course, he was called a racist.

I marvel at the bold and indefensible rationalization inherent in the defenses of both the Evergreen racists (for it is they, not the professor, who meet that description) and the movie theater, that a single instance of invidious discrimination is perfectly fine, even if extended discrimination of the same kind would be an outrageous injustice.  The rationalization is on the list11. (a) “I deserve this!” or “Just this once!”


The individual application of this rationalization is common to the hero, the leader, the founder, the admired and the justly acclaimed. It is the variation on The King’s Pass that causes individuals who should know better to convince themselves that their years of public service, virtue and sacrifice for the good of others entitle them to just a little unethical indulgence that would be impermissible if engaged in by a lesser individual. …The group version is perhaps more insidious. It typically occurs when a group or class that has been mistreated (or considers itself so) demands a special privilege to be unethical for a brief interval, and a dispensation from any adverse consequences.

Imagine applying the reasoning that just one day of invidious discrimination was benign to the workplace and anti-discrimination law: a single instance of substantive prejudice based on  race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, family responsibility, or physical handicap is not objectionable, and kinda fun!  The acceptance of a single day of discrimination stands for the proposition that it is not discrimination and prejudice itself that is unethical, but how it is applied, who applies it, and for how long. Thus do liberals undermine and diminish their own best ideals. Is the idea that one instance of telling men that they are not good enough—you know, not quite right…they don’t have the necessities, as Al Campanis put it—to attend a movie screening is fair, but two is unjust? That seems rather arbitrary—if one is harmless, then two is just one more than that: isn’t two times harmless still harmless?

As of Thursday, the no men allowed screening has sold out, and Alamo was planning to add more.

I’m waiting to see how many women or women’s rights groups have the integrity to side with those “fragile men.”

UPDATE: Then there’s this..


Pointer: The Blaze

63 thoughts on “From The Ethics Alarms Double Standards Files: The Women-Only “Wonder Woman” Screening [UPDATED]

  1. Were the world a perfect, or at least consistent, place, there’d be a subset of Lefty Feminists boycotting this because of the Wonder woman character’s lack of hirsute axilla.

    Reminds me of a funny, tres kitschy, & eerily prescient movie called ‘PCU’ (Politically Correct University), which was making the rounds 23 freakin’ years ago.

      • It’s déjà vu all over again, “PCU” airs a couple of times today.

        It’s never been a reach for Charlie Sheen to play a bacchanalian letch, same thing with David Spade playing an arrogant asshole?

        “I don’t feel motivated to try to remember the last time I saw a man’s armpit hair on screen.”

        Me either, because I’ve been trained to deem pit hair (especially of the Y-Chromosomal variety) presence as a social construct and indicative of an oppressively irredeemable EVIL Male Patriarchy.

        Or not?

        This is all so confusing!

    • Too be fair, it seems that men don’t have much body hair in the movies either. Though I confess I don’t feel motivated to try to remember the last time I saw a man’s armpit hair on screen.

  2. NY Magazine is of course wrong; there have already been multiple comic-book movies with female leads. It’s just that they were all terrible. (For fun, try to think of three of them without using Google.)

    • Let’s see…other than Wonder Woman, there’s Catwoman (a NOTORIOUS stinker), Elektra (better than Catwoman, but still not great), and…uhh…err…let me see now…did Black Widow get her own movie?

      P.S. For my money, Jack, I’ll bet my bottom dollar that at least a few women will have the integrity to call Alamo Drafthouse on this nonsense, but I wouldn’t hold my breath re: any non-lefty women’s groups.

  3. You have a duplicate “leave campus” in the post.

    This kind of intentional discrimination is getting out of hand; but of course white segregationists are evil.

    P.S. Stephen Miller should wear a video camera for the next few weeks.

  4. This is an interesting one. I’d compare it to having a pajama party at a movie house. Maybe these shows should have been marketed as such. Wine coolers or Cosmos or whatever the current girlie cocktail du jour is, lots of Godiva chocolates, maybe some of those fruity beers. Call it a pajama party or girls night out. Would not announce the “girls only” thing but it would be pretty implicit.

    Would be interesting to see what would happen. Perhaps some transgender people would show up which might cause a stir (which would be unlikely but ironic given the whole Obama era bathroom thing). I just don’t think any ACLU guys would show up to make a point.

    Personally, I’d stay away from the showing for any number of reasons: I dislike comic books read by anyone over ten, I think the idea of anyone over fifteen going to a comic book movie, from the ads I’ve seen on TV, the movie is nearly a hundred percent computer generated imagery, and having driven my daughter around with her eighth grade friends, I have no interest in going to a pajama party.

    This whole thing is just dumb. Unethical? Technically, I suppose it is illogical and carried to its logical conclusion, unconstitutional and divisive, But having a fit about it is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel with a howitzer. The dopes will always be with us. Let them have their fun as long as they leave me alone.

    Trivia: I worked with a guy in Phoenix who, as a teenager, went on a double date where Wonder Woman was the other guy’s date. A great story to be able to tell in the early ’80s.

    • But that’s a #22. Either discrimination and prejudice are wrong, or they are just sometimes wrong. If they are wrong, and they are, then the activists who loudly proclaimed how wrong they are don’t get to say, “Well, now and them it’s OK, as long as we decide when.”

      I don’t think it’s a trivial issue at all. In fact, as someone who has never engaged in a protest in my life, I would be very tempted to try to get admitted to such a showing and then calling the cops if I was blocked. Theaters are public accommodations, dammit!

      • I know it’s an “It’s not the worst thing” argument I’m making. But don’t we have to pick our hills to die on? And this is not criticism of your editorial discretion, which is absolute, but I find HRC’s antics at Wellesley much, much, much more toxic and concerning. That’s hypocrisy we can all be proud of. These movie showings are being run by and enthused over by dopes. HRC is a menace. As is Obama, who refused to cede the stage.

        • She made a fool of herself, saying that Nixon was impeached when the only President impeached in this or the last century was her husband. She did this while decrying the death of truth. Then she had another coughing fit.

          It was like a bad deja vu attack.

          • Didn’t hear about the coughing fit. That’s interesting. Certainly to the extent it happened and it was not reported.

            Colleges and universities, like movie houses, are public accommodations.. How is Greenbriar admirable and girls night at the Wonder Woman movie not? (I’m not playing dumb, although I may be dumb.)

              • THAts very cis-intelligent of you. Brain bigot. Don’t you know the Americans with No Abilities Act protects morons from discrimination by universities. Even people completely incapable of some tasks should be paid for trying to do those tasks because they self identify as people who can do those tasks.

                Get on the progressive band wagon and go where these standards ultimately lead. Come on.

                Oh you’re also a racist.

                • Here’s something I’ll bet neither of you knew. 25USC, no idea what subsection, paragraph, etc. requires that ANY non-native American business operating on an Indian reservation may hire an Anglo (or Saxon, or Norseman) ONLY if a Native American (no more native than I am) does not apply for the job, regardless of qualifications. That is correct…if a Native American applies, with no credentials or experience, he/she gets the job, even if they are totally unfit for it. Also, Tribal Police Departments are NOT allowed to arrest a white man. Can’t even give ’em a ticket.

              • Even if they receive federal funds and a male applicant is as or more qualified that female applicants? Can HBCUs reject qualified white applicants?

  5. I’m thinking that Hollywood could change their rating system of films to include some new new catagories: NWM (no white males), NSSA (no “special snowflakes” who might be triggered), NSP (no straight people for gay films), and so on. Brilliant idea huh?

  6. As an aside, while the Amazons are from Greek mythology, the mythology itself places the Amazons as being from Africa (modern day Libya or thereabouts), or from Turkey.

    • “Themiscyra (Ancient Greek: Θεμίσκυρα, Themiskyra) was an ancient Greek town on the Themiscyra plain a little distance from the coast and near the mouth of the Thermodon (modern Terme River). It was, in legend, the home of the Amazons.”

      “The Terme River (Turkish: Terme Çayı; Greek: Θερμώδων, Thermōdōn) is in the border of Terme district, located in central northern Turkey between the cities of Ordu and Samsun. The river flows about 50 kilometres (31 mi) east of the coastal city Samsun into the Black Sea.The region consists of a fertile, rather secluded, plain. High mountains can be found to the south and east, and the Yeşil River flows to the west. In Greek mythology, the legendary capital of the Amazons, Themiscyra, was found on the river Thermodon.”

      The there’s the Libyan origin, which only one ancient writer subscribed to.

      However, since this about the fictional character Wonder Woman, all teh matters is where SHE came from:

      Themyscira (pronunciation: /ðɛmˈɪskɛərə/ them-IS-kair-ə) is a fictional, lush island nation on Earth, appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The island is the place of origin of Wonder Woman and her sister Amazons. Originally known as Paradise Island since Wonder Woman and the island’s first appearance in All Star Comics #8 (December 1941), and was created by William Moulton Marston to allegorize the safety and security of the home where women thrived apart from the hostile, male-dominated work place. It was renamed “Themyscira” with the character’s February 1987 relaunch in Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #1.[1] The island is named after the mythological city of Themiscyra, the capital of the Amazon tribe in Greek mythology. It is also sometimes presented that Themyscira is the capital city and Paradise Island is the entire island nation.

      Conclusion: Wonder Woman is Greek.

      • ? The Amazons are a Greek myth. Wonder Woman is an American invention. The Amazons, according to the Greeks, were located in Turkey or Libya. You don’t normally situate your mythical creatures close by, unless you have a very good reason why people can’t currently see the one-breasted women walking around.

        Terme (formerly spelled Termeh; Ancient greek: Thèrmae, Θέρμαι) is a town, the headquarters of Terme District, Samsun Province, Turkey; both are named after the Terme River. Scholars have identified Terme or its environs as the site of the ancient city of Themiscyra.

        I’m not quite sure if we are disagreeing or not, so I will just leave that there as a reference.

        • See, the thing is, the comic book writer can say whatever they please, because they are telling a story from an alternate reality… or something. In their world, Amazons could be from Brazil (and live under the river)

          Just sayin’

  7. I’m wondering how the No Whites on Campus and the No Males at the Alamo could possibly be enforced. Are the women going to throw the gentleman who bought the ticket out of the theater? Are we going to see Central High School-style protests should any whites decide to attend the classes they paid for?

  8. Given that Wonder Woman was conceived by a man (to satisfy the male gaze and male fantasies) I would expect a boycott of this movie by women as it is a form of cultural appropriation.

  9. “Need eye-candy”…

    Interesting way to word what every industry does-

    Provides what people want to see for entertainment.

    Mowing down evil Nazis while defending your brothers in arms is also eye candy for men… Saving Private Ryan understood that.

    Guys goofing off in ridiculous self-made disasters is a type of “eye candy” for men. The Hangover understood this.

    Attractive women is eye candy for men. Is this really a problem?

    I wonder, if heroic men are so successful that movie makers can get away with simply heroic men and not scantily clad heroic men, it must mean the wider audience somehow is satisfied by heroic men. (And it can’t just be the men of the audience keeping the movies afloat).

    That being said, your stance presumes that men keep heroic men movies afloat just “out of nature”… so, shouldn’t a purely woman audience be enough to keep heroic women movies afloat, just “out of nature”…?

    If not, why doesn’t the population of women seem to just grok heroic women movies the way the population of women seem to just grok heroic men movies…

    Why don’t men just seem to naturally grok heroic women the way women seem to naturally grok heroic men…?

    Exceptions noted. Let’s discuss general trends.

    • If not, why doesn’t the population of women seem to just grok heroic women movies the way the population of women seem to just grok heroic men movies…

      I think they do, the good ones, at any rate. Look at the unexpected smash success of Frozen, as an example. The initial focus and marketing was on the younger sister Anna. She is the nominal protagonist, and she, as the younger sister, was supposed to appeal to their target demographic.

      It wasn’t until well after the movies release that Disney began to realize that they put their energies in the wrong direction. Girls were flocking to Elsa (the nominal antagonist), not Anna. Why?- because Elsa had powers, and she used them in a cool way. Disney had inadvertently made a superhero origin movie, and girls liked what they saw. Even boys, not the normal target for a Disney princess movie, were drawn to the movie.

      But very movies are targeted to women, and most of those tend to be of the lower budget rom-com variety. There are very few marquee women superheroes, and most studios seem leery about putting the requisite money behind the B-/C-list women superheroes and allowing them to develop the way Marvel has done with Thor or Ant Man.

      It also doesn’t help that studios stuff whatever the “hottest” actress they can find into those unrealistic suits, and pray that the sight would be enough to guarantee ticket sales, acting ability or actual film quality be damned. It rarely is. Marvel found relatively unknown or washed up actors, but who were mostly good actors. Women superheroes don’t get that treatment.

      I think it’s slowly changing. There is a unfilled hunger there, as the response to Wonder Woman has shown. Can studios be innovative enough to fill that need? I would like to think so, but given the number of reboots, “reimaginings”, and the like, I’m not hopeful. Innovation is not their strength now, if it ever was.

  10. Funny how Portland drove a guy out of business with a $400K “fine” for asking transgender people not to come back but this movie house gets a free pass?

    I suppose gay bars don’t technically prohibit straight people from patronizing them but I can’t imagine it’s very comfortable for straight people in a gay bar.

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