Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 10/8/2018: Weenies, Dummies, Hypocrites And Creeps.

Good Morning!

1. But before we get into the ugly part..I want to recommend an article called “Rationalizations for Unethical Behavior in Tech” over at Medium. The writer, April Wensel, is the proprietor of the Compassionate Coding site.

Her article specifically employs several of the rationalizations on the Ethics Alarms list, quotes me with attribution, and does a terrific job demonstrating what the list is there for, and how it can and should be used. Thanks, April!

2. And here is another reason you can’t trust the media: journalists often aren’t very bright or well-educated.  NBC reporter Ken Dilanian opined on Twitter after Kavanaugh was confirmed that…

It may not happen in our lifetimes, but the idea that North Dakota and New York get the same representation in the Senate has to change. “Senators representing less than half the U.S. are about to confirm a nominee opposed by most Americans” 

To begin with, quoting that Post piece is signature significance for a partisan media hack.  “Most Americans” have insufficient information to oppose or support Kavanaugh on a substantive basis, and uninformed opinions are worthless at best. If “most Americans” opposed him, it was because they were misled, propagandized and fear-mongered into ignorance and bias. This is why we don’t elect Supreme Court justices. The complaint about the Senate that Dilanian glommed onto can be translated as “The Senate is the Senate.” It was designed not to represent the population as a whole, but the states, their interests and their cultures. “It may not happen in our lifetimes” is a statement of ignorance of what it would take to fundamentally change one of the three branches of government from its original form. I’d suggest to Ken that he try reading the Constitution, especially the formula for amending it. The chances that two-thirds of the states will accede to a new Senate construction that lets the big states dictate to the small ones are exactly zero, or essentially the same as the chances that the Electoral College will be abolished.

Dilanian is NBC’s intelligence and national security reporter and frequently appears on MSNBC, and now we know that the network’s intelligence reporter doesn’t understand his own country.

3. Be proud, Democrats! A Democratic Senator I had been blissfully unaware of  until the Kavanaugh nomination stepped up during the  hearings to reveal herself as exemplifying the ugly side of the partisan divide. Hawaii Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono said that the fact that Kavanaugh was conservative was all she needed to determine that he was lying, for example. She’s a virulent bigot. Yesterday, she was asked twice by CNN’s Dana Bash about whether she thought harassing Republican senators in restaurants was inappropriate. She wouldn’t say “Yes,” sending a clear message that her real position is “No.”

Here’s the exchange:

BASH:  The President, Republicans are saying Democratic protesters are, quote, ‘an angry mob” What I want to ask you about, it is one thing to protest the Supreme Court at the Capitol. That’s been done for generations and frankly since the founding of this country. It’s another thing to run senators out of restaurants and go to their homes. Is that going too far?

HIRONO:  I think it just means that there are a lot of people who are very, very much motivated about what is going on. What happened with Judge Kavanaugh from the very beginning, this is not a fair process. What the Republicans did was to telegraph after Dr. Ford’s account came forward, what they telegraph was, one, Dr. Ford, we don’t want to hear from you. Two, if we have to hear from you, we will rig the hearing.

BASH:  Should they be going after people at restaurants?

HIRONO: You look at white supremacists and all that, this is what’s coming forth in our country, a tremendous divisiveness in our country. his is the kind of activism that occurs and people make their own decisions. If they violate the law, then they have to account for that.

Bad Guys.

4. The astronaut is a weenie. Scott Kelly, a retired astronaut who completed several missions into space, tweeted in response to the Republican gloating over the Kavanaugh confirmation, “One of the greatest leaders of modern times, Sir Winston Churchill said, ‘in victory, magnanimity.’ I guess those days are over.”  He was then set upon by the social media mob, criticizing him for calling Churchill a great leader, since he was an unapologetic colonialist and white supremacist, pretty much like everyone else of his time and culture.

So the big, brave, ignorant astronaut, terrified of being voted off the Liberal Island, grovelled an apology on Twitter:

Did not mean to offend by quoting Churchill. My apologies. I will go and educate myself further on his atrocities, racist views which I do not support. My point was we need to come together as one nation. We are all Americans. That should transcend partisan politics.

Winston Churchill was one of the greatest leaders in modern times who almost certainly saved Western civilization, and all of those non-white people he looked down on from the worst white supremacist in world history, who would have happily made them into slaves or soap.

Kelly is a frightening example of what a terrible job our schools and culture does in conveying basic, essential cultural history, and what happens when the void in American skulls can be filled by ideological propaganda.

For the record, Scott Kelly was educated at the  University of Tennessee (1996), SUNY Maritime College (1987), West Orange High School (1982).


5. Conservatives can be vicious  creeps too! The Log Cabin Republicans—that’s the gay wing— tweeted out screenshots of two now-deleted tweets from CNN’s Kaitlan Collins from when she was 17 and in college, in an effort to show that she was/is homophobic.  In one tweet, she called another Twitter user a “fag” and in the other she said “Idk if I wanna room with a lesbian” (“I don’t know if…”)

I don’t care what she tweeted when she was in college. She was in college. She was 17. It was social media. I’ve covered this despicable tactic of personal destruction in the Josh Hader posts.

It is true that what Dr. Ford did to Justice Kavanaugh, using a foggy high school incident to impugn an adult professional with an accusation years later, is in the same broad class of unethical conduct, but employing such dastardly and unfair tactics using a tit for tat justification is evidence of ethics rot. Foolishly, Collins also grovelled,

“When I was in college, I used ignorant language in a few tweets to my friends. It was immature but it doesn’t represent the way I feel at all. I regret it and apologize.”

What she should have written was..

‘Using social media posts from any individual’s school days to attack them as adult professionals is a despicable and unconscionable tactic. I demand to be judged based on my conduct, words and attitudes that reflect my current beliefs, state of maturity and experience. My respect for and fair treatment of all of my colleagues and fellow Americans is a matter of record, and I’ll stand by it.’

To his or her credit (unless the profile picture really represents the author, in which case the writer is a golden doodle), the author of the conservative Twitter account AG Conservative wrote,

“Digging up out-of-context tweets from 8 years ago and trying to get people fired for them is BS. I’ve disagreed w/ @kaitlancollins before, but she’s a solid reporter. This is the exact kind of mob behavior that many of us fight against when aimed at the right.”



Sources: Daily Caller, Twitchy

29 thoughts on “Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 10/8/2018: Weenies, Dummies, Hypocrites And Creeps.

  1. #2 “Opposed by most Americans”, what the hell? How can these leftists get away with constantly making these kinds of completely unprovable opinionated claims stated as if it’s 100% settled fact? Oh wait, they’ve been doing it for a few years now and that’s just happens to be exactly what Ford’s claims were.

      • johnburger2013 wrote, “How can the Left get away with it? Simple: They are morally superior to all of the Neanderthal, knuckle-dragging lemmings who need to put in their place, capitulate, and conform.”

        Yup, that sounds about right.

      • Of course she’ll win… Republicans are notorious for not running in areas that deeply blue and are simultaneously notorious for not vetting the individuals who do choose to run as a Republican in those areas.

      • johnburger2013 wrote, “Alexandra Casio-Cortez, the darling of the Left and the media, made the same argument.”

        I don’t give a damn about what Alexandra Casio-Cortez has to say about anything, and I do mean anything. In my opinion of Alexandra Casio-Cortez is she’s a blithering idiot out to destroy the Constitution.

        johnburger2013 wrote, “She is running for Congress and may just win.”

        It’ll come as absolutely no surprise; of course a pack of blithering idiot voters in her district will elect a fellow blithering idiot. Stupid people stick together like stink on shit.

        • I think you’re giving Ocasio-Cortez way too much credit. Saying she’s “out to destroy the Constitution” implies she has a goal and a plan. I think she just doesn’t want to work very hard, so why not run for Congress? It looks pretty easy, and there are a multitude of examples that prove you don’t need to be intelligent, hardworking, ethical, or even conscious of your surroundings. Easy gig if you can get it.

          • Jeff wrote, “I think you’re giving Ocasio-Cortez way too much credit. Saying she’s “out to destroy the Constitution” implies she has a goal and a plan.”

            There is no implication of a plan? Wait just a minute, she’s a Socialist, she’s running for Congress, and she might win and you say she doesn’t have a goal or a plan to destroy the constitution? Hell Jeff, her very presence in the campaign is enough evidence that she wants to destroy the Constitution in favor of Socialism and her plan is to get elected to Congress to push for Socialism.

            What could be clearer? 😉

            • I don’t mean to minimize the damage she can do, I just don’t think she’s intelligent enough to have thought any of this through. She wants a job that requires very little work, and offering free shit to people in a very left-wing district is an easy way to get that job. She doesn’t understand Socialism (“Democratic” or otherwise) any more than she understands how the United States government works, she just discovered a few buzzwords that will get her attention and spouts them in a randomized way. When I say she has no plan or goal, I mean she clearly has no idea what day one after the election means for her, or what day one of her socialist utopia would look like, or day fifty thousand for that matter. She’s nearly completely ignorant; her “proposals” are just “give everyone a bunch of free stuff”.

              The Socialists she’s allying herself with clearly want to destroy the Constitution, but I don’t think she’s smart enough to have thought that far ahead. I really do think she just wants to get elected for an easy paycheck and the warm embrace of the left-wing echo chamber and a fawning media that will let her feel like she’s a smart person, even though I suspect she knows deep down that she isn’t one. Watch what happens after she wins, and she gets hit like a Mack truck by the reality that, even among the sad crop of below-average humans that the House Democrats are, she’s still one of the dimmer bulbs, and the old guard isn’t just going to step aside and let her run the show.

              • Jeff wrote, “I just don’t think she’s intelligent enough to have thought any of this through.”

                I think we’re generally on the same page, I just don;t think she has to be intelligent for there to be a plan. She’s got handlers doing all of her thinking for her, she’s just a willing puppet of the Socialist movement.

          • The thing is she is attractive and speaks with “passion”, even though her messages are typical rote Democrat talking points: universal health care, DACA-immigration reform, tax the upper 1%, etc. Not unlike Sen Elizabeth Warren, with that breathless exasperation and faux concern for the common person’s plight.

            Robert (Beto*) O’Rourke does the same thing in Texas. The media tell me he is charismatic, energetic, and eloquent, kind in the style of John F. Kennedy. I watched the Cruz-O’Rourke debate. I was not impressed, I have to admit. Frankly, I thought Cruz did not do very well, either, which was surprising considering Cruz’s background and experience.

            O’Rourke was long on platitudes, talking about how the tax reform has obliterated “Mason’s” business, or how repealing Obama Care will kill off “Valencia’s” home healthcare business. He was short on details on what he plans to do as a Senator. I did note that O’Rourke used the Obama speaking tool of naming people he talked to at McDonald’s, or Home Depot or Walgreen’s parking lots and striking up important policy conversations while waiting for his Big Mac and fries. According to the press and recent polls, he is giving Cruz a run for his money.


            *Ed. Note: Can someone explain why Robert O’Rourke is not appropriating Mexican/Mexican-American/Hispanic/Latino culture and heritage? He is from El Paso, born to two Western Europeans, and he is a fourth generation Irish-American, without a single drop of Hispanic blood in him – and eating tacos doesn’t count. As we all know, “Beto” is a nickname for Roberto or Alberto, but not for Robert (which would be “Bob” or “Rob”) or Albert (which would be “Al” or “Bert”).

            • why Robert O’Rourke is not appropriating Mexican/Mexican-American/Hispanic/Latino culture and heritage?

              He has a (D) after his name, and it is not like he left a girl to drown or anything. There is no law a Democrat cannot get away with breaking, so a little appropriation is nothing to worry about.

    • It really is sad, but we have largely done this to ourselves. We messed up the whole thing with the 17th amendment. It is supposed to work that we the people get to elect a representative, the various state legislatures get to appoint senators and the political parties select the president. The 17th amendment has taken the states out of the situation and then we have deluded ourselves to think that these positions are elected by popular vote. That is just not how it does, or was supposed to work.

  2. Regarding #5, perhaps the most interesting aspect is that CNN’s White House reporter is someone young enough to have used Twitter in high school. I’m not ageist, but it seems like that particular beat is pretty important and difficult to cover, and you’d want a seasoned, experienced person in that job.

    Caveat: I haven’t watched CNN in years, and this Collins person may be a great reporter with professionalism and skill beyond her years. If that’s the case, then her age isn’t an issue. But if that were true, I can’t understand how she would still be employed by the network that endorses Jim Acosta’s foolish antics…

  3. #5 As long as the one doing the Kaitlan Collins search and destroy was a member of a protected class (gays) this is completely acceptable for the political left and the apology was confirmation that what that protected class individual did was fully appropriate and socially acceptable. Anyone wanna bet that if the one that did the Kaitlan Collins search and destroy had been a middle aged straight white conservative yuppie living in a gated golf course community, he would have been dragged into the court of public opinion by the political left and demonized.

  4. # 5 Josh Hader’s a Lefty of the *acceptable* Southpaw variety and will be resting his fire-ballin’ arm until Friday.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “is attractive and speaks with ‘passion’, even though her messages are typical rote Democrat talking points”

    I must confess, she’s…um…easy on the eyes, but have you listened to her? She’s a one gal continuous reel head-scratchin’ gaffe-meister.

    To wit:

    “And what we’re also not talking about is WHY AREN’T WE INCORPORATING THE COST OF ALL THE FUNERAL EXPENSES OF THOSE WHO DIE BECAUSE THEY CAN’T AFFORD ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE? That is part of the cost of our system.” (bolds/caps mine)

    And don’t ask her where she’s going to come up with the $42 Trillion (that’s with a T!) to pay for it all.

    That Deer-In-The-Headlights look is no act!

    Joseph Crowley, the establishment Lefty she defeated in the primary, is still on the ballot.

  5. Scott Kelly’s twin brother is Mark Kelly, the husband of Gabrielle Giffords. It is easy to see how he would get into such a situation given his family.

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