Comment Of The Day: “High Noon Ethics Warm-Up, 11/12/2019: Laser Eyes And Science Trees”

Just to prove that reader commentary doesn’t have to be over 600 words (Technically known as “Alizia-length” on Ethics Alarms) to qualify as a Comment of The Day, here is Michael West’s COTD regarding the Governor of Wisconsin’s decree that the state Christmas tree is a “holiday tree” and his call for the ornaments traditionally submitted by Wisconsin children be “science-themed,” from the post, High Noon Ethics Warm-Up, 11/12/2019: Laser Eyes And Science Trees”:

What part of Christmas do they hate? The individual and spontaneous demonstrations of generosity, spawned entirely from personal choice free from central coordination and bestowed as private individuals see fit free from oversight?



13 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “High Noon Ethics Warm-Up, 11/12/2019: Laser Eyes And Science Trees”

  1. One reason I like MW’s comment so much is that it’s a fascinating question that has never been conclusively answered by anyone. The usual response from the Left–like its response to so many correctly pointed fingers—is denial.No, there’s no “war on Christmas”! No, there’s no mainstream media bias! No, we don’t want to repeal the Second Amendment! No, we don’t want open borders! No, we haven’t been looking for an excuse to impeach the President!

    “Wow, that’s so strange–it sure seems like it…I must be crazy!”


    But really, why would anyone in their right mind object to Christmas, a benign and unifying cultural holiday? Doesn’t “A Christmas Carol” definitively make that point?

    I think there are many reasons Christmas is seen as impeding the progressive agenda. It’s very presence is a vestige of the nation’s settling by Christians (even though some of those Christians ought to ban it as pagan.” The claim that the U.S. “is” a Judeo-Christian nation is overstated and legitimately offensive to non-Christians here, but the statement that the Colonies was founded by Christians and that its culture has strong Judaic Christian roots is 100% correct. Since reality interferes with “multiculturalism” that can be counted upon to weaken our culture and allow it to be turned into something alien, that reality must be denied and undermined. Christmas is a yearly reminder of those Christian roots, as are Christmas Carols and mangers scenes. Can’t have that…

    Christmas is also seen by the Left as a Capitalist holiday, reinforcing values that the Left wants to replace with socialist sensibilities, a white holiday (hence the promotion of the anti-Christmas, made-up black competing holiday Kwanza, and a paternalistic holiday,

    And, of course tearing down cultural pillars has always been a primary technique of revolutionaries. Such constants strengthen the community, and to take it over and shatter its norms, the community must be weakened. The Christmas.obsession of late is a reaction to those efforts, and I think it is healthy.

    • I have a theory that, no doubt, my tin foil hat failed to prevent the aliens from signalling directly into my brain. My cat is a pro-alien sympathizer: she bites holes in my hat to allow the signals in.


      Having failed to make Christmas untrendy, politically incorrect, or simply banned outright, the left has come up with a different approach: make Americans hate Christmas by exposing them to it for months on end.

      Think about all the lefty media (Hallmark Channel, etc.) suddenly running nauseating predictable holiday movies (all with the same plot and actors) from before Halloween )my wife has the DVR full of the things).

      Why are there suddenly multiple radio stations running Christmas music when the pumpkins do not yet even stink, much less rotted?

      Stores this year had Christmas decorations up ON HALLOWEEN, and you could not find any costumes the day of?

      “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action,” as Ian Fleming used to say.

      • You sure it isn’t just a market response to a larger cultural rebellion against the War on Christmas? That the culture inherently loves Christmas and has, over the past few years, reacted energetically AGAINST the Left’s hatred of Christmas…and the market is merely responding to the reaction?

    • I think some of it is more simple than just a culture war, though that does seem to the the driver.

      Living in Portland where “social justice Satanism” is an actual thing (including an “unbaptism” that took place in Portland’s main public square) I perceive the problem is that belief in Jesus especially (or any ancient messianic God) takes away from the religion of progressivism.

      When I ask a progressive just what we’re”progressing” towards, I only hear platitudes about a “better world” but there is never a hint about grace, forgiveness, and a moral (or ethical one that matter) compass based on very old wisdom regarding people and how we people operate. Imagine no religion indeed.

      If a progressive can offer redemption in the form doxxing, censoring, and manipulation via propaganda, lies, and bread and circuses, then why should you need that old rugged cross? Why would you celebrate a holiday that reminds us of that cross?

      Being called a white supremacist or bigot or phobe or a denier – is a form of saving themselves and others. In this context, any reminder that God is God and progressive dictates are not god, is a competition that to them cannot endure. Obviously not all progressives fully go along with this, but their masters certainly do.

    • But really, why would anyone in their right mind object to Christmas…?

      Because many are in their right mind who object. Most of us here at EA might not understand such people – even more likely do not even think like such people – but, that isn’t because the objectors aren’t in their right mind.

      I assert the foregoing, coming from a history as a sibling who was the youngest of the brood. Much younger than all of my siblings. As a result, I had “multiple parents.” Also, as a consequence of that “virtual only child” status, I quickly deluded myself into thinking I was the center of the universe, the sole reason why any and all of the others existed. Any circumstance or appearance of a reality that in my perception was in conflict with that delusion, became a “trigger” for me to remind everyone, by any means necessary, that, “HEY!: THIS IS ALL ABOUT ME, here.”

      Despite how my comments here might suggest otherwise, I really did out-grow that delusion. I thank the humbling influence of baseball for that, at least in part. In my case, learning about the example of Christ helped greatly, too.

      My point is that there are many people who resent being reminded of a person or thing, or idea, that they do not think deserves so much attention, respect, etc. The really die-hard cases resent anyone or anything that, be it real or a mass fantasy, is “bigger than they are.” The “resenters” might be narcissists. They might be, or consider themselves, members of what they consider the Hive of Correctness. Or, they might be just thoughtful individuals, with no particular axe to grind but who have an abiding objection to something in their society that has mass appeal.

      For example: am I in my right mind to object to “vaping?” Well, I think so…

      Yesterday, I reminded myself, over and over, of my point above while I perused comments on…I think it was a site called Quora (or something), which popped up after I Googled, “Why does the left hate Christmas?” The website at least did not seem like a leftist echo chamber. The responses – although many if not almost all had carefully worded disclaimers (what Jack might call denials and even sly gaslighting) – seemed thoughtful, individualistic, and not like the “talking points” or “faith reflections” of some particular hive mind.

      I don’t disagree with Jack on what he says about progressives and “natural” leftist antipathy to the American celebration of Christmas. I completely agree with the idea that “community RE-organizing,” in a revolutionary (and ethics-absent) way, is a motive of many who are hostile to the mass observation of the Christmas season. I feel encouraged – “emboldened,” even – by what really does look like (to me) a counter-countercultural movement that favors celebrating Christmas.

      But, I also feel ethically obligated to give the benefit of doubt first, to people who seem clearly to be communicating simply that Christmas “just isn’t their thing.” And then, next, to be kind in a Golden Rule way, regardless of their views on Christmas and their reasons for those views.

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