It Is With Great Reluctance That Ethics Alarms Concludes That As Generally Repugnant And Vulgar The Term “Asshole” Is, Mayor Pete Buttigieg Is One.

If this was just disgraceful pandering, grandstanding, and shameless virtue-signaling, he would only  have proven himself to be a jerk—a big jerk, to be sure,  but still just a jerk. But it is far more.

The new fad contender for the Democratic Presidential nomination is returning thousands of dollars in donations because they came from two lawyers who had the audacity to represent Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as he attempted to defend himself against the contrived  ambush accusation of a sex crime, made in a Congressional hearing  on national television, a ploy designed to destroy his reputation. Buttigieg’s campaign said that it will not accept funds from people who helped secure the justice’s seat on the Supreme Court. You know. Dirty money.

Buttigieg’s campaign had received $7,200 from Alexandra Walsh, and $2,800 from Beth Wilkinson, Walsh’s law partner. Both represented Kavanaugh during his Senate confirmation ordeal. As I have vowed to point out every time some ignoramus asserts that lawyesr must be punished for the character, conduct or beliefs of the clients they represent and are responsible or culpable in any way for what those clients have said or done (or NOT done), it is a core and essential principle of our legal system that such an assumption is not only wrong but dangerous. It threatens the right of every citizen to receive competent legal representation and access to our laws and other rights.

Here, once again, is my favorite ethics rule, from the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct:

(b) A lawyer’s representation of a client, including representation by appointment, does not constitute an endorsement of the client’s political, economic, social or moral views or activities.

Whether the target is Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Elizabeth Warren, Harvey Weinstein’s defense attorneys (also here), Larry Tribe, Gitmo defense lawyers, or Clarence Darrow, Johnny Cochran, Leslie Abramson and other defense lawyers who defend murderers and worse, the false claim that lawyers who take on unpopular, repulsive or guilty clients have done anything less than protected  the Bill of Rights and the rule of law is either rank ignorance or a deliberate effort to reduce the civic literacy of the public.

Buttigieg isn’t a lawyer, but he is very well educated and has a reasonable claim to brilliance.  Thus he knows and understands what lawyers do, but is acting as if he does not, intentionally making the public stupid (or keeping it conveniently as stupid as it already is ) for his own benefit.


But that’s not all.

His campaign said in a statement,.

““With nearly 700,000 donors, a contribution we would otherwise refuse sometimes gets through. We believe the women who have courageously spoken out about Brett Kavanaugh’s assault and misconduct…“[Kavanaugh] should have never been put on the Supreme Court and this campaign will not accept donations from those who played a role in making that happen. Accordingly, we will be returning this contribution and others from this firm.””

The flat statement that Justice Kavanaugh was  guilty of an “assault and misconduct” is unforgivable. There wasn’t any evidence of  misconduct that would sustain charges, never mind a trial, and certainly not a conviction.  None of the accusers stated sufficient details to be credible.  Blasey-Ford, the primary accuser, couldn’t remember the  day, the event, the location, or even the year, which was decades ago if anything happened, and she provided nothing but her highly coached performance in the Senate hearings to suggest anything did. No witnesses confirmed her account. Her lawyer has admitted that Blasey Ford attempted to derail Kavanaugh’s career because of progressive fears that he might vote to over-rule Roe v. Wade—-in an unknown, speculative case some time in the distant future.

Yet Buttigieg rejects fairness, due process, logic and decency to declare a Supreme Court Justice with a history of  impeccable professional and personal conduct guilty of a crime without evidence, and further impugns the lawyers who helped protect him from a vicious political attack, all to suck up to the worst elements of the Democratic base.

This is signature significance. Pete Buttigieg is an asshole.

Good to know.


Pointer: Victory Girls


8 thoughts on “It Is With Great Reluctance That Ethics Alarms Concludes That As Generally Repugnant And Vulgar The Term “Asshole” Is, Mayor Pete Buttigieg Is One.

  1. This comes as no surprise. I am absolutely certain that the Supreme Court is going to be a major issue in next year’s campaign. It’s also well known, or should be since 2016, that a substantial portion of the left will not accept any result in anything except the result it wanted. The left did not accept the election, it did not accept any of the president’s appointments, especially the two to the Supreme Court, and it will not accept the result when the current impeachment mess dies in the Senate. It certainly won’t accept the results if Trump is reelected. Of course anyone who dares be on the wrong side of any of these things is dirty and not worthy of anything other than contempt.

    A lot of the left doesn’t just want the right opposed, or even defeated. A lot of the left wants the right GONE and they don’t care how they get it gone. You saw the craziness on inauguration day, and you saw protesters assaulting the doors of the Supreme Court building. These are the folks that Pete is trying to appeal to, and I really fear for American democracy if they get real power.

  2. Consider this a nomination for former Mayor Buttigieg for 2019 Asshole of they Year.

    Buttigieg’s apparent position is that it is irrelevant if these two female lawyers share his view of the world. It is not enough to be merely be an avowed Leftist. In order to have the honor of donating to his campaign, your entire past must be free of any taint of ethical behavior toward conservatives. Judging from this, no matter what penitence these two women do, they will never be good enough to donate to his campaign.

    As I said, an Asshole of the Year nominee. In fact, I consider him the front-runner, but I doubt it will last to the end of the year.

  3. P.S. His staff just cheered on has-been Martin O’Malley’s verbal assault on Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli. I still can’t figure this behavior out. O’Malley wouldn’t talk to the news networks when approached for comment, which leads me to believe he might have been drunk. Frankly, he’s lucky KC kept his temper, he’d have been well within his rights to punch O’Malley’s lights out or smash his head against the nearest hard surface.

    • Well, no, that would’ve been assault. You can’t beat somebody up for verbally abusing you.

      What Cuccinelli should’ve done was call the police, and ask the proprietor to remove O’Malley from the bar for disrupting it.

      • I think he should just put it in the book for now, and, a few years down the road, when he has less to lose, confront O’Malley, knock him down, and proceed to break his nose, break his jaw, break his eye socket, take him by the belt and the collar, run his head into the nearest dumpster, and leave him for dead. That would be the lesson in respect that asshole would need. Sometimes you just have to go full Andy Sipowicz.

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