Unethical Website of the Month: Dogsbite.Org [UPDATED]

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This despicable website, created by phobics, liars, fools and bigots to promote dog breed prejudice and persecution of responsible dog owners, is discredited by the vast, vast  majority of dog experts, breeders, and people with any knowledge of dogs. It is useful in a way, in that its rhetoric mirrors that of the anti-Jewish, final solution advocates of the Nazi regime, and the most virulent American racists, like the KKK. (A dog breed is exactly like a human race.) It also apes the logical fallacies of those who want to ban guns or engage in racial profiling.

Although a mass of data and history proves that pit bull-related breeds are no more inherently dangerous than any powerful breed and arguably less, Dogsbite.Org is leading a vendetta against both the breeds and lawful, loving owners, reasoning that dogfighting uses pit bull-type breeds, and pit bulls used for fighting are more likely to be dangerous (as any dog so abused  may be), so to kill two birds with one stone, it makes sense to wipe out not just any individual dangerous dog of the type but any dog that is a hybrid of the a “pit bull breed” and any dog that looks like what people think is a “pit bull”, in part because there is no such breed as “pit bull.”

Thus because some “pit bulls” are abused, all should be exterminated.This is essentially the argument of the unethical people at PETA, which announced that it is supporting DogsBite.Org with the batty, but no more so than many of  their positions, argument that we need to destroy the dogs in order to save them. 

Pretending that there is some dog-monster known as a The Pit Bull  is just one of the lies (or examples of reckless ignorance)  perpetrated by hysteric    and her deadly band of anti-dogowner fanatics on their website. Denver’s infamous pit bull ban, like Lynn, defines the “breed” as “an American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or any dog displaying the majority of physical traits of any one of those breeds.” This rigged methodology renders the statistics repeatedly cited by anti-pit bull bigots obvious nonsense. When one compares one distinct breed to many or more by falsely representing them as one breed, then it’s not hard to show that the fake breed is disproportionately aggressive. Says the site: “If it looks like a pitbull, then it is one.” It is because of this kind of “thinking” that my American Bull Dog-owning friend is forced to buy exorbitant insurance,  move, or have his family’s gentle companion killed.

Except that his dog is not a member of any of the breeds fairly belonging into the category called “pit bulls,” which are all terrier mixes.  There is no terrier in a bull dog.  Never mind, though: this is about hysteria, fear-mongering,  legislators who care more about votes than they do about fairness or dogs, official ignorance, and cowardice. This is another of DogsBite’s abundant lies: it claims that most people can identify a pit bull accurately. Even most dog owners are lousy at identifying breeds, and phobics, as well as people who have no experience with dogs, often can’t identify any breeds beyond beagles, Lassie, German Shepherds and maybe chihuahuas.

More people asked me if my English Mastiff was a pit bull than ever identified her correctly. I’ve owned Jack Russell Terriers for 25 years, and more people have asked me if they were pit bulls (actually, they are a lot closer to pit bulls than a mastiff is, or an American bulldog) over that time than identified their ( wonderful, merry, loving and frighteningly smart) breed correctly. The tendency of journalists and police to mistakenly attribute attacks to pit bulls is well-documented, but the website just denies it. It also falsely claims that the American Kennel Club has tried to confuse the public by re-naming breeds in order to disguise what really are pit bulls. The AKC breeds lumped into the imaginary pit bull category all predate pit bull hysteria. When I was growing up, everyone was terrified of Doberman Pinschers (another loyal, intelligent, loving breed.)

The misguided, unfeeling, reveling in ignorance fools who man this website share responsibility for the pain and misery that thousands of families have had to experience when their loving pets and companions have been taken from them by a local government and gassed simply because killing them is part of the warped pit bull “final solution.” Dogsbite.Org deals in bad statistics, debunked fallacies and anti-dog propaganda that has turned into cruel legislation in communities all over the country. Their tactics succeed because craven political hacks would rather kill harmless pets than risk losing the votes of PETA members, dog breed ignoramuses and bigots.

I’ve written a lot on this topic. This isn’t even a close call on the facts. Most of all, you should view the heart-breaking documentary, Beyond the Myth.

If  friends start repeating the DogsBite lies, introduce them to an American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire TerrierStaffordshire Bull Terrier, or any mixture thereof. I can take my Jack Russell to a dog park in Arlington, Virginia, where, on any nice day, between 10 and 30 of these terrific, playful, obedient dogs will be romping happily and harmlessly among other breeds, large and small, and young children. The key fact is that none of the owners are dogfighters, drug dealers or Michael Vick.

UPDATE 1: And then there’s this…

UPDATE 2(1/13/18):

In the future,  comments to this post that consist of nothing but repeating the same, disproven myths and ignorant beliefs about the various pit bull breeds will not get through moderation. Any serious, well-researched, civil comments presenting counter arguments and genuine statistics to the facts and expert opinion discussed in these posts are welcome. Citing dogsbite.org as authority will guarantee rejection. Lumping multiple breeds together as “pit bulls” proves laziness, bias and ignorance, and will also result in the comment being spammed. Dumb arguments like “You can’t prove they aren’t pit bulls!” will have the same results.

It is depressing how many people will hold on to a factually unsupportable bias despite every effort to enlighten them, but then prejudice against humans works the same way.


Sources: Huffington Post, Salon

348 thoughts on “Unethical Website of the Month: Dogsbite.Org [UPDATED]

  1. YES. I HATE THIS WEBSITE WITH A PASSION. It’s so incredible hateful and biased to the point of being untrue. They ignore ANY research or articles that disagree with their opinion that pit bulls are horrible creatures, and they ignore scientific evidence that is more recent and accurate than their old outdated information.

      • If pit bulls were a problem the little group you belong to would have more members and stop whining that their fundraising efforts are less than stellar. https://www.avma.org/KB/Resources/LiteratureReviews/Pages/The-Role-of-Breed-in-Dog-Bite-Risk-and-Prevention.aspx
        The peer reviewed scientific study conducted concluded that breed is not a predictor of aggression – in any way at all.
        The American Temperament Testing Society, Inc. confirms that Staffordshire Terrier (since Pit Bulls are not really a breed here people) is an amazing breed of dog – scoring better than most other dogs in temperament tests (these include aggression, fear and dependability with respect to response to stimuli, situation and people).
        Over a 17 year period in Canada (the entire country) there were 28 dog bite related fatalities. One of those fatalities was attributed to a “pit bull” type dog (actually a Staffordshire Terrier). The other 27 dog bite related fatalities were attributed to non-bully breeds.
        BSL has been proven ineffective in Canada, the USA, UK, Australia, Italy, Spain….I could go on. There are actual expert reports that I would be happy to provide the links for that confirm that BSL endangers the public and is completely ineffective. In fact, there is not a municipality, city of province that reaped any form of positive outcome from BSL – the dog attack/bite numbers either did not decrease or, in many cases, even worse – increased – sometimes exponentially.

        These are just the tip of the iceberg of the reasons why BSL should not be imposed anywhere, and why it should be repealed. Failure to repeal is akin to endangering the general public on the taxpayer’s dime.

    • Well of course you hate this because haters hate the truth. And outdated? Please like the haters don’t use outdated sources. And how about you look at recents ones. But you won’t? Why? Too afraid of the truth. Also prove that they are.

  2. Lipstick on a pig.
    No matter how you dress up your argument, the fact of the matter is these dogs/types of dogs/breeds are inherently dangerous. So much so, that the UK was wise and prudent enough to ban them. The Brits have no problem identifying them. Why cant you?
    In regards to ethics and morality, it is incumbent upon Pit owners to recognize the potential danger every one of those “lovable” dogs possess and protect the public from the danger.
    They WERE at one time nanny dogs, but many Pit owners have highjacked the breed for the menacing reputation it currently has.
    You argue the letter of the law, but you miss entirely the spirit of the law.
    So much of our social fabric is lost through “legalism”.

    • The fact of the matter is these dogs/types of dogs/breeds are inherently dangerous.

      Let me make a slight correction for you there. The fact is, they’re not. The fact is, you are an ignoramus, and are spouting off based on a comlete lack of knowledge and bigotry. Maybe stupidity too, it’s hard to tell. Probably.

      The breed was once suitable for babysitting, but magically isn’t because of…humans? Huh? This dovetails nicely into the question of the deterioration of the US education system. You’re an idiot. I’m sorry. That is, I’m sorry you’re an idiot, but your comment is proof.

      • The argument that I am a racist or a bigot is nonsense. Pits are a breed. Bred by humans, which are comprised of races of people. To put an animal on the level as a human is just kooky.
        If you want to protect the breed, why not breed out the dominant and agressive behavior.
        And what’s with the harness that is worn by so many pits, bulls, rotts, dobs, chows, etc., not to mention the menacing spiked collars, when owners “walk” these dogs?
        Obviously the owner can not control the animal, so the only safeguard between their dog and my flesh is the strength of the owner’s grip on the leash. Its intimidating, which is what owners get “off” about: Some sort of superiority complex or pyshological frustration that gets projected through the menacing animal, like the thrill someone gets when spooking another: Gotcha, Ha! Very funny.
        Juvenile to say the least.
        Ownig an animal like that is compensating for “something”, as the saying goes.
        So, lets just follow the NRA philosophy: What we need is more good guys with killer dogs to beat the bad guys with killer dogs.
        And oh yeah, not only are the Brits smart, but the armed forces of the good ‘ol USA have banned all aggressive breed dogs:
        03/16/09: Pet Policy Adopted for RCI Privatized Housing
        In January, the U.S. Army standardized its pet policy, banning breeds deemed “aggressive or potentially aggressive.” The breeds (and their mixes) include: pit bulls, American staffordshire terriers, bull terriers, rottweilers, doberman pinschers, chows, wolf hybrids and any others that display a dominant or aggressive behavior. The U.S. Army enacted the new policy to prevent pet owners from encountering uneven policies when moving between installations.
        If some kid gets ahold of a gun that doesn’t have a lock, and shoots himself or someone, the homeowner is held liable for that tragedy.
        Dog owners should have the same liability. The instances where dogs get out and maim or kill by “accident” is a convenient loophole for pet owner responsibility. Should a dog ever get out of a fenced area, off its leash; or a child ever get inside a fenced area, or within the radius of a leashed dog and the dog maims or kills the child, or a person or another animal, I propose placing the owner, unarmed, in a room with hungry junk yard dogs overnight until that owner learns his/her lesson.
        Then, upon being released the next morning, serve him/her papers for the lawsuit for 10 times the cost of damages, because surely the emotional scars from a dog attack far outlast the physical wounds even if they ever heal properly.
        Finally, I just don’t think a strong argument, or even a weak one and certainly even a viable argument could include resorting to name calling.

        • It’s nice that you are willing to display such utter ignorance for all to see. An idiot statement deserves the label “idiotic.” This isn’t name-calling. It is education.

          I’m not rehashing what has been well-documented, here and elsewhere. The short version: pit bull breeds are no more dangerous than any other large dog that has been similarly abused. Nobody, and that is nobody, who actually works with and knows these breeds regards them as vicious or dangerous. Your logic is self-debasing. I use a harness on my gentle Jack Russell Terrier. To you, that proves I think he’s deadly? wow. You use proof of ignorance, like with the military order, as validation of the ignorant belief! Incredible! Your complete confidence in falsity, with no experience whatsoever, is stunning.

          Dog owners who abuse dogs or whose dogs are not adequately contained have plenty of liability. This statement, however…

          I propose placing the owner, unarmed, in a room with hungry junk yard dogs overnight until that owner learns his/her lesson.

          ..marks YOU as vicious as well as a cretin. Well, continue being a breed bigot and phobic, and contributing to mindless fear of wonderful animals. It is far, I am sure, from the worst damage you will do.

        • Hmm, must be a relatively new military policy. During my stint as an M.P. at NS Roosevelt Roads, PR., we had all kinds of “pits”, Rotties, Dobermanns of every sort living in on-base housing, and we had no problems over the course of 3 years.

        • Yet again, the simple fact of the matter is that the people with power can do things…but often do not stop to ask if they should do them.
          As far as the pet policy goes, well, that is the way the ball bounces if you choose to be employed and housed by your employer…many simply make the obvious choice of residing off base (having seen how the base housing works here, that would be my first choice anyway). I notice that the list that you provided includes dogs that are not on the Ontario BSL list…strange, since the anti-pit bull lobby is very clear that “pit bulls” are the problem. I will state again, just because I think it is something that gets glazed over many times – in Canada we do not actually have a “pit bull” breed. In the UK yes…here no.

          Both of my dogs (90 lbs and 60 lbs) wear a harness. They wear these as it means that there is less chance of damage to my dogs’ neck muscles or throat if, for any emergent reason, I am required to pull back on them. I do find it disconcerting that you would describe a tool used to keep a dog both safe and healthy as some kind of “intimidation” type device. I would venture to say that speaks more about you than about the harness itself, the owner or the dog.

          As far as breeding out dominant or aggressive behaviour, I repeat again – the peer reviewed scientific study done on the specific matter that you claim exists (your claim: breed equals aggression) concluded, unequivocally, that breed is NOT a predictor of aggression:


          Now you have made a claim that has been scientifically proven to be incorrect. You have provided absolutely no peer reviewed science on the subject matter at hand to support your claim. I think that, in and of itself, speaks volumes.

          The issue at hand is simple – breed is not a predictor of aggression at all (scientific fact), and as such BSL endangers the public by lulling them into a false sense of security as it does nothing to address dangerous dogs and irresponsible ownership that leads to dangerous dogs.

          Does that explain it more concisely?

    • Let us start with the UK bans Pit Bulls, which are not actually a breed in Canada, and Dogos, which are not banned anywhere in Canada – but does not ban the Staffordshire Terrier – which is the breed actually most impacted in Canada. So, if we lift the ban on Staffordshire Terriers to match the UK ban…that would mean that almost every dog that would fall into the current BSL definition would be unrestricted….so I do not understand your link of our BSL and the UK BSL.

      Before you get too carried away, the American Temperament Test Society, Inc. results indicate that the Staffordshire Terrier and Dogo both scored better than most dogs in Temperament testing which included testing aggression, friendliness, ability to adapt to situations and environments that can reactions that are unpredictable and concerning. These breeds both rocked it.


      From there we will move to the fact that there has been legislation proposed in the UK to eliminate BSL, and there were studies conducted by the experts in the field in the UK which clearly state that BSL does not work and needs to be repealed. It would not be surprising to see this happen (once the Trump junk is done) in the UK.


      In fact the same conclusion was reached in the USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Australia…do you need me to continue? I can provide the links if you need them.

      As far as “pit bulls” being different from any other dog, well the peer reviewed scientific studies conducted have confirmed that breed is never a predictor of aggression…so a dog is a dog is an individual:


      From there we move to your statement about following the “letter of the law” and the “spirit of the law”…. to this I will respond that often times people with a little bit of power are so punch drunk happy about the things that they think that they can do, they never really stop to think about whether they should do it or not. Hitler would be an obvious choice to point to, but then there is also slavery, racism, genocide…so the letter of the law and the spirit of the law are not without error in judgement. Again, sometimes the knee jerk reaction of power needs a little bit of brain added to it. When BSL was enacted, the party that did so did not take the time to consider the science, to review the facts and to wonder whether this was something they should do – they were just to punch drunk happy that they had the power to do it. It will be repealed…and we will all have learned to watch, to listen and to be heard if it is ever brought forward again against any breed.

      • Thanks, Chandra. But these people don’t want to learn, don’t care about research, don’t care about dogs, or training, or fairness or anything else. It is literally like arguing with a brick wall. People have been hurt by dogs that look to someone like “pit bulls” and its in the newspaper so “ARRGGGHHH! Do SOMETHING!” They are hopeless.

        • Jack, when I sat in court in November for the hearing of the application for intervener status for the 21 Chatham dogs, and the presiding justice reserved his judgement, I was devastated! 20 + years of working in the legal field, I knew that he had done so due to the publicity and the potential immediate backlash. I knew that that the application was denied. Devastated is actually an understatement. I said nothing about this on the way back home – 6 hours away. I was right, the application was denied – as we all found out much later (an attempt to reduce the backlash against the court and politicians).

          What I did not understand at the time, Jack, was how far the message had gone. The groups involved who spoke up, the wonderful people at Dog Tales Rescue, Best Friends Animal Society, the vast numbers of people who stood up and screamed – NO!

          In fact, the reason why those 21 dogs (and the pups that were born in the hell hole OSPCA holding cages) are now in the United States is this:

          The OSPCA’s entrenched desire to kill those dogs led to people looking more closely at the OSPCA. Did you know that the OSPCA receives in excess of $5,000,000 of our tax dollars EVERY SINGLE YEAR? Now to most that is not offensive – until you consider that there is absolutely NO OVERSIGHT as to where these funds are spent. In fact, the Provincial Minister who is responsible for the OSPCA has been very clear that he will do nothing to institute oversight over our Five Million Dollar per year taxpayer funding of the OSPCA.

          So then everyone started to look at what the actual costs of just the 21 Chatham Dog case would have been to the OSPCA…include in that the legal fees in their court application to kill these dogs for no other reason than they are “pit bull” type dogs; the OSPCA moved them off property and refused to let anyone (not politicians, not judges, nobody) to see them for in excess of a year (in fact at court I was asking if anyone independent could confirm that the dogs were still alive as I had my doubts). The food and staffing costs….

          Next they considered this – Dog Tales had applied for intervenor status wherein they agreed to take complete custody, control and responsibility for the dogs (right from the time the OSPCA filed its application).
          Dog Tales hired the most reputable people in the field for the purposes of testing these dogs for aggression, etc. The OSPCA refused to allow that to happen – Dog Tales told those experts to hang in….but do not go away.
          Dog Tales hired a world renowned animal behavioural specialist…and asked her to please be available.
          Dog Tales bought at shelter in the USA so that the dogs would be removed from Ontario.
          The OSPCA said no (because they could, not because they should have), and continued to waste hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars on this entire battle. They held press conferences where they lied through their teeth….again, no oversight.

          The application was lost. But Dog Tales has the dogs…it took many more months. Consider this, a justice advised Dog Tales that it had no status (basically the OSPCA did not have to give them the dogs, access to the dogs or information about the dogs).

          Then it happened, the floodgates opened, the people put their foot down and made sure their voices were heard this time. It seems that there was a floodtide of people and organizations who all stood up at once and said “HELL NO”. The court supported the OSPCA, the Liberal Party supported the OSPCA – but the people did not!!! When the voices got louder, when the people did not stop, when they continued to push forward – the OSPCA crumbled. The Liberal Party needs to hear that voice now! BSL is going to be repealed! The people have not even really begun to speak…but they will, Jack, they will:-)

          • You’re an Ethics Hero, Chandra, for taking the time and effort to get this down, and this is a Comment of the Day. I’m very grateful to you. And it give me hope that some of the truth is getting over and around the brick walls.

            (As I’m writing this, my old Jack Russell—who has been mistaken for a “pit bull”!—is snoring on my desk.)

  3. 03/16/09: Pet Policy Adopted for RCI Privatized Housing
    In January, the U.S. Army standardized its pet policy, banning breeds deemed “aggressive or potentially aggressive.” The breeds (and their mixes) include: pit bulls, American staffordshire terriers, bull terriers, rottweilers, doberman pinschers, chows, wolf hybrids and any others that display a dominant or aggressive behavior.

    • Morons. This will also mean pitbull mixes, American bulldogs, and anything that vaguely resembles any of them. It was remarkable: in the Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl,” more than half the puppies involved were pibulls or pitbull mixes. The cutest ones too.

  4. NOTE: I just banned yet another comment about “no real facts.” The slander against the breeds on dogsbite.org are not merely fact free, for counterfactual. Most if not all of the posts on this topic can be found here, with copious facts that the entire educated canine-literate community including breeder and owners agree with 100%.

    I will continue to ban such comments, unless they find and post specific rebuttals to the data. Not statistics that lump multiple breeds together, and not individual anecdotes, and not bigotry or deliberate ignorance. As for insults, it is far shorter to write “you’re an idiot” than you’re an ignorant, breed-phobic hysteric who is enabling the killing of innocent animals because you are adopting an ugly position based on bad information and emotion.” And the short version is an accurate definition of the second.

  5. The banned anti-pitbull bigot John Parffrey—I hope I misspelled his name—offered as authority for his fact-free phobia an article from—-Dogsbite,com! You know, the adamantly dog-ignorant site this post was about.

    In 9 years, no commenter has ever been that desperate before.

    Or stupid.

    Normally, once a post starts attracting nothing but stubborn, logic-and- rationality=rejecting fools like this, I close the comments. But this is too much fun. And educational. It’s important to know the depths of vile ignorance in your culture, and this post attracts the inflicted like sugar attracts flies.

      • John, I believe it is entirely fair for the moderator to make it clear to posters that any debunked junk (which is unscientific drama with no foundation in fact) will not be permitted on his/her page. If what you are posting has no basis in science or fact, then it is only your unfounded opinion you want to share. That is not something that everyone should be forced to hear….if you have peer reviewed scientific studies on the topic at hand specifically – I am sure that the moderator would be open to seeing same. Please note I used these words “peer reviewed scientific studies on the topic at hand”. I would think anything that contains a “bias” where the “breed of dog was not independently verified” can safely be considered useless as this appears to be the topic at had.

    • .Yes, of course they are dangerous and should be banned. This is a public safety issue. The innocent public and their children and pets before the rights of some clueless fur mommy to own the most prolific canine KILLER of Americans for decades.

      Pit Bull control is an illusion. Just over 50% of the Americans that they kill are their owners, the owner’s child, or the elderly parent of the owner.

      These dogs are beyond ordinary dog owners.

      Their work, fighting to death in the pit, has been BANNED in all States, and no work whatsoever has been done on their powerful purposeful bloodthirsty genetics, yet here they are among us; bored, cheated, treated like lapdogs.

      This is why they attack, maul and kill Americans, pets, livestock and wildlife. They are REDIRECTING onto other viable victims.

      You can take the dog from his Pit, but the power of the pit remains powerful and deadly in these dogs.

      It is nothing to do with how they are raised, it’s how they are. Millions upon millions of other breed dogs are abused, ill-treated, ignored, unloved, not socialised, sick, stressed, chained and despised, but THEY very rarely maul someone or kill them.

      All dogs can bite, most choose not to. Pit Bulls don’t bite, they tear chunks of living flesh from struggling bones, they eviscerate, they scalp, they pull away faces and jawbones, they decapitate children.

      They are not like other dogs and they aren’t meant to be like other dogs.

      All the protestations, ignorant claims, Nanny dog myths, deadly Chihuahua stories, abuse of those who speak the truth about them, is NEVER going to alter the facts. No dog is more dangerous. No dog uses the most terrible and violent modus operandi during attack, no other dog does not WANT to stop an attack once it begins, and no other dog KILLS more Americans annually than Pit Bulls.

      Only one catalyst is needed for a Pit Bull attack to commence, and that is opportunistic proximity to another living creature, and that includes us.

      If one type of dog is causing the most damage and causing the most deaths, it is not ‘racist’, scapegoating or ‘blaming innocent dogs’, it is sound common sense for the greater good of the peaceful, innocent majority of people and their pets.

      • Just of note: There is peer reviewed scientific data that confirms that breed is not a predictor of aggression, and I suggest everyone read it:


        There are the results of the American Temperament Test Society, Inc. which confirm that those dogs commonly referred to as “pit bulls” (there is truly no pit bull breed in Canada) scored among the best of the best when it comes to temperament, aggression, how they process and handle stress, changes, interact with people, other dogs and life’s little surprises that can come up when you are out and about with your dog. They rocked it!


        It has been confirmed that over a 17 year period in Canada (yes the entire country) there were 28 dog bite related fatalities – yes, less than 2 per year…not all the large numbers that uneducated hippy’s make up. One of the 28 dog bite related fatalities was attributed to a Staffordshire Terrier – the other 27 Dog Bite Related Fatalities were attributed to non-bully breeds. Without a denominator one cannot express what percentage of any breed is responsible for deaths, but given the number of deaths and the breeds involved, “pit bull” type dogs are quite obviously not running around killing everyone as the weird hippy and his group suggest. Such drama!

        As far as your statement about the dog you call a pit bull that says “Their work, fighting to death in the pit, has been BANNED in all States”, please consider how ridiculous your statement sounds. Did the dogs collect a paycheque? Did it mean that they might be able to take the limo out and grab dinner and drinks at the new club in town? Did they buy tickets to the next football game with their earnings? You and your ilk really need to roll your words around in your mouth a little bit before you set the free…kind of back to the statement about people who do things “just because they can” and “not because they should”. The only being that profits from dog fighting is the biped. So, your statement seems to be, yet again, sooooo dramatic.

        Did you know that “pit bull” type dogs make excellent therapy dogs, K9 police officers, service dogs, they attend schools and daycares to facilitate reading programs, they attending nursing homes to visit the elderly and improve their health, they attend hospitals to provide much needed support to the sick and infirm. These dogs shine.

        Perhaps, instead of following the weird and uneducated hippy with no expertise in science, animals or data collection who makes his numbers up by surfing social media (yes he told Radio Canada that himself…so his words not mine), check out a bit of the science, see what the actual animal experts and scientists say. The people who have credentials support repealing BSL everywhere…and we are thankful for their support.

      • Well, well, well. Welcome back Craig Brown – a.k.a. Drake Ramoray….still stalking people’s Facebook pages are we? Hey Craig, how did the charges in Pinellas County Florida go for you? Why is it I am never surprised to find out that another one of the anti-pit bull bloggers from DBO is a criminal who cannot get a job due to his/her criminal record…why? Oh yes, because only a “certain type” of person would actually be simple enough and sick enough to buy into the weird uneducated and thoroughly debunked hippy’s junk…those being the criminal element who actually are a parasite on society and provide no actual benefit to society…it would be nice if you could just try to do your share of covering what you cost society Craig.

        Again, Craig/Drake, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support your wildly inaccurate claims above. In fact, the science clearly states that there is absolutely, unequivocally, no link between breed/DNA and aggression. The link to that peer reviewed scientific study can be found in multiple posts within this string.

        Further, the peer reviewed science below clearly states that there is actually no discernible difference between the bite of a legislated dog breed and a non-legislated dog breed:


        This is not surprising as every expert in the field has concluded the same thing on this subject matter – in fact, a dog bite does not provide the examiner with any evidence of breed involved whatsoever…the only thing that a dog bite provides is evidence of the dog’s intention.

        The fact that the Canadian Ombudsman response to Clifton November 22, 2016, clearly confirms that you have been running around wasting your time supporting an uneducated and thoroughly debunked hippy with no scientific, animal or data collection expertise, instead of looking for some form of method by which to pay back society for the parasitic lifestyle you lead is just sad.

        Click to access Ombudsman%20review%20Merritt%20Clifton2.pdf

        So Craig/Drake – perhaps now you could do something with your life, you know, like get a job or something…

  6. You once again cited the website that’s the subject of this post.
    Also, the first of many flaws readily evident in those “studies” is their reference to pit bulls. It’s not even a breed. On that basis alone, the studies are useless.

  7. It’s defenders of bull terriers that are misguided. In a week two incidents where pit bull types and Staffordshire’s have killed an elderly ladies pet and injured another as well as biting an owner and causing injury to a passer by. Then a Staffordshire has attacked a one year old child on a playground causing terrible injuries. Yet these breeds are defended.

    • Yes, they are defended because the breeds have nothing to do with it. You literally don’t know what you are talking about, but thanks: I was deciding whether to post on teh latest scientific debunking of propaganda like yours, and your ignorant comment settles it.

      • They’re not only defended, their mutilating attacks, even fatal ones are justified. Pit bull advocacy has pushed the limit on this dog breed’s alleged gentleness and it’s backfiring badly on them. They can’t control the reality of mass overpopulation and fatalities associated with this breed. They just don’t get it–people are sickened by the propaganda that has done nothing but push dangerous dogs into our communities.

        • scolbydoo, many Pit lovers agree with you that over-population of Pit/mixes is a major problem, one that extends to many other dog “breeds.” Strictly-enforced spay/neuter and animal-treatment regulations would go a long way to preventing the (already extremely rare) tragedies you refer to, as well as eliminating a huge amount of animal suffering.

    • I find it funny that you follow the media so closely, yet fail to read the science or review the informed opinions of the experts….so, when you have a broken arm, will you ask the reporter what to do instead of the doctor?

      Media releases are, unfortunately, all about being the first to get the story and rarely about being the one to get the story right. The little box that nobody really ever sees that says “Correction Notice” is simply overused to the point of distraction – if they bother. Usually, if a media outlet makes a mistake an nobody challenges it they do not even waste the ink on the “Correction Notice”.

      You may be interested to note that misidentification is also dealt with in the attached peer reviewed scientific study that confirms that breed is not a predictor of aggression at all.:


      Oh, how rude of me….did you have any peer reviewed science to share on this specific subject matter that may support your unfounded opinion? Please, do tell.

  8. The proof that Blacks are natural-born killers is that O.J. killed two people. And you can tell that a person really is black just by looking at him. He has really curly hair. Or possibly wider lips. You don’t need any of that DNA or genealogy stuff because you can tell by looking. Just listen to the news and you’ll hear about some black guy committing a crime. Or getting killed by cops. As far as I’m concerned that proves it.

      • Most of the anti-Pit (and pro-Pit, for that matter) arguments I’ve encountered are instances of the inclusion fallacy – i.e. “My sister’s neighbor knows someone whose cousin’s baby was eaten (or saved from drowning) by a Pitbull.” My comment was intended as an illustration of the fact that the plural of anecdote is not data … with a little thrown in about the impracticality of using phenotype as a proxy for genotype. The disconnect is especially pronounced in regard to dog “breeds,” for reasons biological, historical and sociological.

  9. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve seen what “sweet” pit bulls are capable of. The aggression of deleting what you don’t want to agree with is typical of the pit bull fanatic. There are plenty of news stories that document info on dogsbite.org. Here’s more:
    There are plenty of folks who have had terrible experiences and are going to disagree with you. They don’t need insults.

    • No, they need lessons in logic, statistics and research. Obviously, anyone who has bitten or attacked is not going to be rational or objective. And anyone who has been mugged by a black man is likely to be driven by the same human instincts. Just listing news stories of dog attacks—we know there are dog attacks, and dog attacks by dogs correctly identified as pit bull breeds or mixed–isn’t an argument, a rebuttal, or anything responsive to the post. The fact that you, or anyone else thinks it is just shows that you are aren’t reading and comprehending, that you want to fear what you want to fear and that’s that, facts don’t matter. Fine. But you are feeding bias and ignorance

    • Deb, let us be a little more honest here…Wikipedia is a page that is open to edits and references anyone who takes the time to submit whatever their opinion on a subject matter may be…not a scientific go to kind of source if you know what I mean.

      As far as “there are plenty of news stories that document info” what you mean to say is there are plenty of news stories that use the word pit bull. That is not the same as “document info”. Your statement is indicative of the problem the entire little blog group has.

      Again, my request made to just about every member at this point (on most of their back up social media pages too), can you please provide this blog with the peer reviewed science on the subject matter at hand that supports your opinion? In fact, you could go and check through the blogger groups 6 different social media accounts to see if there is even one single peer reviewed scientific study on the subject matter that supports anything the little blogger group puts out there. Please post it here, in a response…I have asked for three years but your fellow members do not seem to be able to find anything of the sort that supports the dbunked junk from that group.

      And please, the DBO we are victims junk is old. You all need a new schtick. Asking for your little blogger group to provide scientific evidence supporting your position is not picking on you. If you have a problem with the request it speaks to the lack of science in support of your opinion. Now if you had scientific studies to support your opinion, it could move from “opinion” to “position”.

      I await any peer reviewed science on the subject matter as requested. Thanks.

      • “Wikipedia is a page that is open to edits and references anyone who takes the time to submit whatever their opinion on a subject matter may be…not a scientific go to kind of source if you know what I mean”…..which is why most university professors don’t allow Wiki articles to be used as sources in papers.

  10. It’s easy to identify a pit bull. The only “trouble” comes from confusion with RELATED breeds. Newsflash – this happens with EVERY breed. Put a picture of a border collie against an aussie, a rough collie, a Welsh sheepdog, a mcnab and a Koolie and loads of people are going to mix them up and call most or all of them border collies (because it’s the most common out of the bunch). It doesn’t really matter if they do, because behaviour across these related breeds is very similar (since they are related and used for the same purposes). Even with hundreds or thousands of people getting confused between aussie and BCs we still don’t have the number of fatal dog attacks attributed to collie types that pit bull types have.

    • Amazingly enough there was a study conducted by the BCSPCA wherein they rehomed 40+ dogs, half of which were what you would call “pit bulls”, the other half were non bully breeds including your general herders (who by the way alternate with hunters for top of the dog bite lists annually in Calgary, AB). The purpose of the study was to see which breeds exhibited aggressive behaviours (adoption, although fantastic, can be an extremely stressful event for a dog).

      At the conclusion of the study, the BCSPCA released the results. Not one of the “pit bull” type dogs had exhibited ANY signs of aggression at all, and not one of the “pit bull” type dogs was returned to the shelter.

      Now, for the non-bully breeds (including your herders), it would appear that there were reports of aggression by these dogs, some where the new homes decided to retain the dog and work with a trainer to address the aggression, and some where the dogs were simply returned to the shelter.

      Surprised? I was not, because the peer reviewed scientific study on this specific subject matter confirms that breed is not a predictor of aggression (AVMA Dog Bite Risk Prevention: The Role of Breed). The American Temperament Testing Society, Inc. results confirm that “pit bull” type dogs rock temperament testing because they are such positive, responsive, intuitive and wonderful dogs. I am sure you will be quite dismayed to see where your herders landed when it comes to temperament (which includes aggression)….seems they did not score quite as well as the bully breeds. But a dog is a dog is an individual, so.

      In fact, they beat out all of your herders when it comes to temperament.

      Please, though, by all means…reply with the peer reviewed science on the specific subject matter that supports your opinion…I have been waiting for this group to come up with something, anything, for years now….still waiting.

  11. So you bitch because you don’t like the fact that most of the dogs featured on this site are pit bulls?
    Most post are accompanied by independent news articles.
    Sorry you don’t like the truth but pit bulls are dangerous.
    Maybe it’s bad owners but it doesn’t change the fact that they maim and kill more people every year than any other breed.
    This is why people want them outlawed.
    Or you know, make people take classes and train their animals correctly so they are not a menace to society.

    • This is a useful comment, as it encapsulates the typical reasoning skills of the anti-pit bull hysterics and bigots on that site.

      1. No, you moron, I am pointing out that the site doesn’t know what a pitbull is.
      2. Most posts are accompanied by news articles that often misidentify the dogs, and are written by ignoramuses. Sloppy reporting is a lot of the problem.
      3. Later, you write that it’s the owners. The science is absolutely clear: no dog breed is more”dangerous” than any other regarding temperament. Big dogs can hurt you more than small dogs. A pit bull breed is no more dangerous than a Rotty, a German shepherd or a Saint Bernard.
      4. “They” are five to 10 breeds and mixes dog bigots call “pitbulls”. As the posts states. You didn’t read the post.
      5. By your silly logic we should ban fast cars because bad drivers make them dangerous.
      6. Any untrained dog is potentially dangerous, just like badly raised kids are dangerous.

      Again, thanks for providing a classic example of the type of ignorant blathering by people who know nothing about dogs, pit bull breeds, statistics or reality.

  12. Jack Marshall is the moron. Clearly, he understands statistics, as do I. I do know I am more likely to die in an automobile accident than in my own yard, except for one thing: my neighbor’s stupid fucking dog. Actually, it’s my stupid fucking neighbor’s two dogs. Ouch! Did I call my neighbor fucking stupid? Maybe. I now have three reasons to die in my own yard….Whatever! None of them, including the owner, is a pit-bull, though all three are untrained. I do know that about 30 to 35 people die each year, and about 500,00 people (mostly children) go to emergency rooms each year from dog bites. I don’t care about the breed. I just want my neighbor to keep his dogs in his yard and away from me and my grandkids. I want people like Jack Marshall to quit defending dog breeds. Whereas, statistics don’t lie, he did acknowledge that owners need to be responsible and keep their pets within the confines of their own yard. Including my chickens, which I will let out, and keep in my own yard, as soon as my neighbor keeps his dogs in.
    Jack Marshall is an idiot masquerading as a savant. Don’t let him bring you down, Circe

    • Internally inconsistent and incoherent comment of the decade. Congratulations. I’d guess that your inability to read or reason clearly is more likely to get you killed than the owner or the dogs, but the statistics are lacking. Good luck!

      And you’re banned, of course.

    • It would appear you have an animal control problem, or you need a fence…but this does not seem to apply to the subject matter at hand.

      The Calgary Model includes responsible ownership and is very successful (Calgary has been contacted by various European countries hoping to use the same model actually). The one thing the Calgary Model does not include is BSL.

      As far as getting what you want

      – “my neighbor to keep his dogs in his yard and away from me and my grandkids” …again call animal control or put up a fence.
      – “people like Jack Marshall to quit defending dog breeds”…well now, does this mean you believe that you should be able to control not only the breed of dog a responsible adult owns, but their thoughts and speech as well. Sounds strangely familiar, and history seems to indicate that type of thought pattern ends badly for the person who suffers from it.

  13. And DBO, famous for making any attack a pit bull attack has done it already this year. On July 11 Vinson Tucker was killed by a pack of dogs. No source anywhere at all describes a pit bull being involved (even DBO’s own sourced and cited data), police did not release the breeds involved, but DBO lists it as a pit bull attack because a Facebook post said the guy who owned some of the dogs happened to have a pit bull.

    But they aren’t making up things as they go along at all.

      • Useless comment to you because you don’t know better. Discredited you say? LOL, not hardly. In all but 2 states over the past 4 years, DBO has managed to get anti-BSL legislation tabled. And let’s not forget the vote by the people in Miami and Aurora to keep their ban, plus Springfield Mo this week, and any role that DBO played in that. DBO tells the truth, people know it and now DBO is knocking off the big money of the pitters. LOL, yep right, facile and useless, not quite.

        • You know, Harve, the fact that ignorant people panicked by disinformation and fear-mongering by dog-dolts like you does not have any evidentiary value regarding reality at all. Your theory would hold that as long as a majority of people believe the world is flat, it is. DBO is a repository of lies, phobia and stupidity, and there isn’t a dog-breeder, zoologist or geneticist that would endorse any of it. Your comment is res ipsa loquitur for bigotry. And you’ve used up your dummy allowance. Next post that uses fallacies like this one gets you dinged. Life’s too short to waste time on dog-killers.

        • Hey Harve, you should probably take a minute and read the Canadian Ombudsman’s opinion of your fearless weird uneducated hippy dude..seems she find his junk to be just that – junk and without any credibility at all. November 22, 2016. Check it out.

    • Why hello again Harve…things slow on the DBO club day plan?

      Really, you DBO types need a new schtick…the victim stuff is old and dried out.

  14. Your name and face is subject of jokes on facebook pages.. You can ban everyone of us, but you”ll be laughed and teased as you deserve! 😂😂😂

    • That was better—glad you’re learning to proof-read. Yes, those who are ignorant about basic logic and values seem to take being exposed badly. Those are real classy sites. They do not cause me to lose a wink of sleep, and their dearth of intelligence and integrity are laughably obvious. Read the Comment policies: I only ban trolls, racists, and fools.

      You are banned, of course.

    • To have an impact, Anna, the person to whom you have directed the childish little post above would actually have to value your opinion. I do not think that it is having the intended effect my dear.

      I am sure everyone that you say that to is able to look at the source and file it accordingly…my garbage bin is full of appropriately filed grade 4 taunts from the little DBO play group.

  15. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/pit-bull-ban-toronto-dog-bites_us_56c8cd2ce4b0928f5a6c218e
    Breed specific bans do nothing to stop dog bites because the same idiots who USED to get the “banned breed” just go out and get a different breed. They STILL don’t bother to socialize or train their dogs. They still beat and abuse their dogs and THEN you have the NEW dog acting just like the breed that’s been banned.
    There is NOTHING WRONG WITH PITBULLS and Pitbull attacks do not even signify in the statistical TOP KILLERS OF CHILDREN!
    The top killers are car, drowning, burns, falling down and poisonings.
    So.. of the top five killers of kids? Cars are at the top so LET’S BAN CARS, right? No. That’s ridiculous.
    Ok, that won’t work SO let’s make it ILLEGAL for children to ride in cars, right? No, that’s stupid too.
    Banning Pitbulls because of an isolated Pitbull attack is like outlawing cars because car accidents kill 1600 children annually.
    If you ask me, we need better educated dog owners, PERIOD.
    If you ask me, we should make dog socialization and training mandatory (like rabies shots).
    BUT we should NOT outlaw breeds of dog. It doesn’t work because the idiots who made a dog vicious dog before, just get another breed of dog and make the new dog vicious.
    Not damning an entire breed.
    This is the idiocy that ran the United States when wolves and numerous other species were made extinct and it’s ILLOGICAL AND STUPID!
    Look at the people on here pushing for breed specific legislation! They pull out an isolated incident (usually with a child involved) and start screaming, “the children! the children!”
    The FACT is pitbull haters, IT’S NOT ABOUT THE BREED! It’s about a BAD OWNERS!
    FACT: The “children” won’t be safe until the people who are bad dog owners are stopped from owning dogs and the way to do that is to push for stricter dog ownership laws.
    Someone wants to own a dog? Great but they have to have their dogs vaccinated and TRAINED AND SOCIALIZED. If they can’t do that? Then they don’t get to own a dog.
    This is what we do with cars, btw. You have to LEARN TO DRIVE, right?
    Same with dogs.
    My two cents.
    PS That doesn’t mean the person can’t socialize and train their dog at home either. It means there should be a test (like the test we give for people to drive only the OWNER AND THE DOG come in and take it together).

  16. It’s interesting, how this post not only still generates comments, but that those comments seem to come in bursts of several individuals…almost like a “raid”.

  17. Pit Bulls should be neutered/spayed and the breed allowed to fade away. This breed is the most over hyped, lied about breed that ever existed.
    Of course there are good individuals. How they are raised does NOT completely affect their reactions. They were bred to kill and they are very good at it. Genetics don’t lie and traits can skip generations, only to resurface. This is scientific and provable. Not like your fake facts.
    The traits they were bred for are barbaric and illegal. They were never “nanny” dogs. Just another Pit nutter story.
    In my state pit bulls have killed two children in the past week. Add that to the known totals (not to mention the pets that they kill). No other breed even comes close.

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