Comment Of The Day: “Fun With Witch Hunts! If The Harvey Weinstein Ethics Train Wreck Has To Run Over Someone, Roy Moore Is A Great Choice, But Still…[UPDATED]”

OK, it could have been worse…

 I occasionally will vary from EA’s usual practice of publishing outstanding comments as Comments Of The Day to select one of the comments that is illuminating in a different way. This one, for example. Despite the Washington Post’s story featuring four romantic targets of Roy Moore from when he was a thirtyish Assistant DA who ranged from 18 to (oh-oh) 14, many of Moore’s conservative, evangelical, anti-gay, anti-US Supreme Court fans in Alabama…

….don’t seem fazed a bit. How can this be? The comment by Kat gives us a troubling glimpse into a) the kind of reasoning that leads to incompetents like Moore reaching high elected office; b) the typical level of discourse in the comments of most blogs and websites; c) the comments that I typically veto as not adding anything to the discussion here, and d) the end product of the U.S. public school system.

Here is Kat’s Comment of the Day, and yes, I sure as shootin’ will be back at the end…

Are you serious it has to be true because Moore is a bad guy why because he has Ethics and a Christian, give me a break. If the allegations are true that this girl has accuse pastors of the same thing then truth will come out! And to be credible I don’t believe her to be credible whatsoever if this horrible thing happened to her at 14 you don’t wait 38 years to say anything you tell your parents right away you tell the school made an interest in the other women all work for the Democrats and Hillary. I’ve seen many allegations against other Republicans come to be false! I am a woman I know women can say anything doesn’t mean it’s true ! To say you believe this just because you don’t like the guy try actually finding some evidence that’s what I noticed this country doesn’t do it believes any stupid thing someone says without actual any evidence and that’s dangerous ! When I find is not credible if someone waits for women wait until the month before the election and come out with us for 38 years no one says anything give me a break !


I’m back!

I know that a comment written like this is res ipsa loquitur, and probably need no rebuttal. Still, a couple of points scream to be made.

1 The proclivity of the ostentatiously religious to engage in immoral sexual activity is a matter of record. That Moore is religious doesn’t make him more or less believable in his denials.

2. Roy Moore’s ethics are incomprehensible. This is one of main reasons he was kicked off the bench twice. When someone exhibits the unethical instincts of Roy Moore, this does affect his credibility negatively.

3. The conservative attempts to discredit the former 14-year old, primarily come from the Gateway Pundit, an Ethics Alarms Unethical Website Of The Month that has even less credibility than Roy Moore. It says,

“Corfman has been divorced three times, filed for bankruptcy three times and has reportedly “claimed several pastors at various churches made sexual advances at her.”

Her marital and financial problems do not suggest that she is not credible. The claim about her accusing pastors is unsourced: we are told that this “appears on Moore’s Facebook page.”  I would never assume such accusations were unjustified. The pastor at my own church growing up was fired for making sexual advances to several women. My father-in-law, a veteran Methodist minister, related the cases of several colleagues who earned such accusations.

4.  We have seen that many victims of sexual assault wait a long time before coming forward. As discussed at length at Ethics Alarms, I find the practice is often unfair and subject to abuse, especially after so many years. However, the fact that a victim has waited a long time doesn’t mean that the accusation itself is false.

5. I doubt that Leigh Corfman, when she was 14, understood how wrong Moore’s conduct was. Her mother had apparently allowed her to go on a date with a middle aged man.

6. No, “all the women; did not “work for Hillary.” One apparently did, and that is, as discussed in the previous post, completely irrelevant. It suggests no bias against Moore whatsoever.

7. The fact that there have been other false allegations by women doesn’t mean that allegations by women are presumptively false.  It means that any allegation or accusation, by man or women, should be judged on its merits, and supported by evidence.

8.  So far, the evidence suggests that Moore’s accusers are truthful. Moore’s contradictory, evasive responses to Sean Hannity made it pretty clear that he sought relationships with teens while he was an assistant district attorney.  This doesn’t make him a criminal (his supposed touching of the 14-year old would), but it does make him creepy and strange. A colleague of Moore’s has confirmed to The Hill that it was “common knowledge” that Moore dated teens.

9. I don’t believe the four women because I don’t “like” Moore. I don’t believe Moore because he’s a zealot, an egomaniac, a bigot, appears to lack integrity and respect for the law, and isn’t very bright. But even if every one of the women were revealed as Russian agents, it wouldn’t change the fact that Roy Moore is one of three or four most disgraceful candidates for the U.S. Senate offered by any party in any state. Making an argument to the contrary, as Kat does, is signature significance for someone whose right  to vote is a blight on competent democracy.

10. “Give me a break” is not an argument, though it may be her best one.

11. Punctuation and the ability to write standard English sentences is a necessary skill if one’s opinions are to be taken seriously.

15 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Fun With Witch Hunts! If The Harvey Weinstein Ethics Train Wreck Has To Run Over Someone, Roy Moore Is A Great Choice, But Still…[UPDATED]”

  1. I remember when the Cosby accusations surfaced, I didn’t want to believe them because first, i grew up on the Cosby show and my parents’ tapes of stand-up bits/ Second, he had recently said some things that got the PC crowd all riled up, and it was easy to believe that this was an attempt to discredit him. But as the accusations and evidence mounted, I had to come to terms with the fact that he was not the person I had grown up believing he was.

    Yeah, it’s tempting to want to circle the wagons when one of “your” guys get hammered with an accusation, especially if they have opposition ready to use that accusation for their own gain, but that doesn’t automatically mean the accusations are false. Furthermore, if one of “your” guys turns out to be a a bad guy, then it’s better to amputate the limb, no matter how much you value it, before it infects the body.

    • The teens who weren’t molested had no complaints. That’s three. The 14 year old? I assume that the Post got a tip that Moore liked teens in his 30s, and they went looking for some of his dates. And found a jackpot with the 14 -year-old. These weren’t victims who went to the press. The press came to them.

      I think the Post was gunning for Moore. Sure, it was a hit job. That doesn’t mean the hit wasn’t factual.

  2. [yyyYYYAAAAWWWWNNNNNnnnn…] Commenter inarticulately rambles about a few maybe arguable points, plus a few maybe inarguable points.

    By all means (as if those weren’t being employed already), let the propcasters continue their War on Fetal Children, and on white male heterosexual Christians, on anyone who has guns or likes guns who is not an approved and super-vetted employee of the federal Executive Branch, and on Republicans, and on any candidate for office in Alabama who isn’t in lockstep with those Coastal Paragons of Leftist Correctness.

    I hope Roy Moore, and his election to the Senate, sends a big FUCK YOU to all his ideologically polluted and poisoned detractors.

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