Gallup’s 2020 Trust In Occupations Poll

I usually cover this interesting poll when it comes out in early January; somehow I missed it this year., and am getting it in right under the January wire. The results don’t change much from year to year, as you will see,  and this year was no different.

As the have for many years now, nurses, once again, top the list.

The biggest drop was for journalists, as I would have hoped, since they richly deserve it. For some mysterious reason, members of Congress had the largest positive improvement, from a tie with car salesmen to an abysmal one percentage point below insurance salesmen. Next in inexplicable improvements were the clergy, since 2019 was another disturbing year in child molestation revelations, and lawyers, who, like the clergy, rose four points.

Sometimes I think the lawyer rating depends on what TV episodes and lawyer movies those polled have seen.

Only six professions rated as more than 50% “high” or “very high” for honesty and ethical standards: nurses, engineers, medical doctors, pharmacists, dentists,  and police officers.

Two profession in the top six last year, military officers, and grade school teachers,were left out of the poll this year for some reason, as dentists (not many anti-dentites in the polling group, apparently) and engineers were added after a two year hiatus.

Who knows how Gallup decides such things? I would have loved to see the trust vote on President Trump:(U.S. Presidents is an occupation, if an unusual select one); I suspect it would have easily topped the House’s pathetic 12%. I would have also liked to see a number for TV news hosts, late night comedians, professional athletes and Hollywood actors. 

Also pollsters.

You can study the complete question responses and trends here.

4 thoughts on “Gallup’s 2020 Trust In Occupations Poll

  1. Readers Digest used to do a similar list here in Oz, but with specific names, top One Hundred Trusted People.

    I always considered it complete rubbish.

    Half the top fifty were professional liars, that is, actors.

    Dr. Fiona Wood topped the list a couple of years running. Please understand I am actually not suggesting any criticism of Dr. Wood. At the time she got quite a lot of publicity because of her invention of spray on skin for burns victims. The point is that neither I, nor any of those that did the survey, have any idea of how trustworthy Dr. Wood is. For all we know she could have stolen the idea from one of her staff! Again, I’m making a hypothetical point; I have not heard the slightest shade of criticism of her, and I suspect she is worthy of the respect.

    Clergy always came well down the list. That is hardly surprising, given that the majority of the population have virtually no contact with clergy, and therefore must get their opinions from the news, which only reports on the tiny minority who are manifestly evil, or TV/movies where ‘typecasting’ of Clergy as hypocritical, mealy-mouthed wusses, is pretty much universal. Then consider that the names are always of someone who has been in the media eye, never a Godly, hard working local pastor!

    Politicians always come near the bottom. Lets face it, they have lost fifty percent of the vote immediately because they come from that mob of stinking, witless, hypocrites that is the ‘other’ party. Then, add to that the fact that they actually make decisions that affect our lives! Every single decision is going to be ‘wrong’ for twenty percent of the population, and so it doesn’t take much to get them into the bottom of the table.

    Comparing people who actually make decisions affecting us with people of whom we have no knowledge, people we only know by media hype, those who merely entertain us, etc is a complete crock! It’s right up there with ‘reality TV’ when it comes to being worthy of our attention, and yet it no doubt influences our opinions.

    I must finish by again recommending that people watch ‘The Orville’, Season 1, Episode 7, “Majority Rule”. It speaks to the modern Twitter/Facebook culture, and to true Democracy, as opposed to the Republican system most Western Democracy’s share, brilliantly.

    • That was a good, and thought provoking presentation of alarming trends. I will miss the 3rd season as it went to a streaming service and I will not support this nickel and dime walling off of mass media.

  2. I think I would put college professors quite a bit lower on the list, especially those not teaching in the STEM fields. The great majority of them are woke leftists who see it as their primary mission to indoctrinate underclassmen and to stifle dissent.

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