Ethics Quiz For Rep. Weiner Defenders: Would You Still Think He Shouldn’t Resign If He Did THIS?

Just add his daughter's head, and you have Rep. Gerber's fantasy date.

The Sixth District Court of Appeal in San Jose just ruled that Joseph Gerber, a California man who used his computer to create sexually explicit photos by pasting images of his 13-year-old daughter’s head onto the fully mature, naked bodies of porn performers in lewd poses, was wrongly convicted of possessing child pornography. After all, the pictures didn’t show minors engaging in sex acts, just fully legal adults with his daughter’s head, which apparently really turned Dad on.

The decision is unquestionably correct from a legal standpoint: no children were harmed to create the photos, and they did not depict child porn of any kind, except in Mr. Gerber’s fatherly mind.

Thus the Ethics Alarms question for Alec Baldwin and the reported 56% of New Yorkers who say that sexting, lying Representative Anthony Weiner should not resign his position because of his personal habit of sending smiling photos of his penis and other body parts to porn actresses, scheduling skype phone sex while his pregnant wife is away, and other similar activities, lying it all the while until lies became impossible:

Would this completely legal conduct, if engaged in by a Congressman, justify the conclusion that he was a disgrace to his office, too irresponsible to serve, and pathologically twisted to the extent that he should not be representing New York, the United States, the House of Representatives, or anything else requiring more judgment, honor, and dignity than a mud wrestling tournament?

Well, why would this be any different from the conduct you readily excuse in Weiner? Arguably, it is less offensive and more ethical, once you discard, as you do, the little matter of bringing shame and disrepute upon Congress.  Gerber, after all, never had sexually gratifying contact with any real people. He didn’t send his lewd photographs to others, or put them on Twitter. If you are so willing to say that what a Congressman does in his down time matters not one whit to his ability to do the work of the people, go ahead: now tell me that you would say the same about Congressman Joseph Gerber.

   What’s that? You can’t answer until I tell you what party Gerber belongs to?

I thought so.

7 thoughts on “Ethics Quiz For Rep. Weiner Defenders: Would You Still Think He Shouldn’t Resign If He Did THIS?

  1. The more I heard of Weiner’s conduct, the less I was OK with it. It’s the same thing that happened with Tiger Woods, as details of the depth of the offense come out, it becomes less and less acceptable.

  2. Sexual deviance (and that’s what we’re talking about here, in both cases) is one of those fundamental character flaws… one which is indicative of a broad range of other flaws, while being despicable in itself. It should be noted that some of Weiner’s “posts” went out to females still legally minors. Gerber’s twisted fantasy can only be indicative of full blown pedophilia to any but, it seems, a liberal judge who holds the protection of childhood in no great respect. Both of these men are elected officials in whom citizens have placed the reins of leadership in their names, trusting to their character and integrity. Yet, would any sane parent allow either to babysit their own children? This should be the acid test in voting for any public official. I’ll predict this, too. In both cases- and if an investigatory team were allowed to access their files, both physical and cybernetic- they would find a vast “library” of pornography… to include child porn. For obsessed degenerates, this invariably is the case.

  3. As usual, MARK TWAIN may have had the definitive words on the subject:

    “America has no native criminal class, except Congress.”

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